CheriBSD packages: CheriBSD:20220314:aarch64c

Total number of packages: 8725.
Last updated: Thu Feb 1 10:51:58 GMT 2024.

Name Version Website CheriBSD port Description
0d1n 2.3 website port Open source web HTTP fuzzing tool and bruteforcer
2048 0.9.1 website port Command line version of 2048
2bsd-diff 2.11.1_1 website port 2.11BSD diff utility
3proxy 0.9.4 website port Proxy servers set (support HTTP(S), FTP, SOCKS, POP3, TCP & UDP)
44bsd-rdist 20001111_2 website port The traditional 4.4BSD rdist
9e 1.0 website port Explode Plan9 archives
ADMsmb 0.3 website port Security scanner for Samba
ADMsnmp 0.1 website port SNMP audit scanner
Atlas 0.5.2_2 website port C++ reference implementation of the Atlas protocol
Atlas-devel 0.6.4_2 website port C++ reference implementation of the Atlas protocol
CLDR 40.0_1 website port Unicode Common Locale Data Repository
DFileServer 1.1.3_1 website port Compact webserver designed to make sharing files easy
HVSC-Update 2.8.7 website port Update program for the HVSC C= 64 SID tune collection
Judy 1.0.5_3 website port General purpose dynamic array
LLnextgen 0.5.5 website port Extended LL(1) parser generator
MST-Bench website port Maximum sustainable throughput benchmark
Maaate 0.3.1_5 website port MPEG audio analysis toolkit
MathJax 2.7.8 website port Cross-browser JavaScript display engine for mathematics
MathJax3 3.1.2 website port Cross-browser JavaScript display engine for mathematics
O2-tools 2.01 website port Huge image processing tools and libraries
OpenCorsairLink g20191001 website port Support for CorsairLink Devices
OpenSP 1.5.2_3 website port Collection of SGML/XML tools
PHPUnit_MockObject 4.0.1 website port Mock Object library for PHPUnit
SamDruckerClientShell 0.2.6 website port Client for sending package information to SamDrucker
SearchAndRescue-data 1.3.0 website port The data files for SearchAndRescue flight simulator
Sockets website port C++ wrapper for BSD-style sockets
UCD 14.0.0 website port Unicode Character Database
WWWdb 0.8.3_2 website port Perl based generic WWW DB interface / frontend
WordNet 3.0_4 website port Dictionaries and thesauri with devel. libraries (C, TCL) and browsers
a2pdf 1.13_2 website port Text to PDF converter
aacgain 1.8_2 website port Normalizes the volume of MP3 and AAC (MP4/M4A/QuickTime) media files
aamath 0.3_4 website port Renders ASCII art from mathematical expressions
abcselect 1.5 website port Extract parts, movements, etc from abc music files
abduco 0.6 website port Session management in a clean and simple way
accrete 1.0 website port Physical simulation of solar system planet formation
aclgen 2.02 website port Optimize Cisco routers IP access lists 3.0.2 website port ACME protocol client written in shell
acpica-tools 20210930 website port Tools from the ACPI Component Architecture (ACPICA) project
acsccid 1.1.8 website port PC/SC driver for CS CCID smart card readers
activitymail 1.26 website port Program for sending email messages for CVS repository commits
acts 1.4.2 website port Another Calendar-based Tarsnap Script
adcomplain 3.52 website port Complain about inappropriate commercial use (f.e. SPAM) of usenet/e-mail
add 20220117 website port Full-screen editing calculator
add-css-links 1.0_1 website port Add one or more CSS elements to an XHTML document
addts 1.0 website port Prepend current timestamp to every line of input text
adsuck 2.3_9 website port DNS relay for ad blocking
adzap 20110915_2 website port Filter out animated ad banners from web pages
aee 2.2.22 website port Easy editor with both curses and X11 interfaces
aescrypt 0.7_1 website port Command-line AES encryption/decryption suite
aewan 1.0.01_1 website port Curses-based program for the creation and editing of ASCII art
afio 2.5.2 website port Archiver and backup program with builtin compression
afm 1.0_1 website port Adobe Font Metrics
aft 5.098_1,1 website port Document preparation system using an Almost Free Text input format
aget 0.4.1_1 website port Multithreaded HTTP download accelerator
agrep 2.04_2 website port Approximate grep (fast approximate pattern-matching tool)
ah-tty 0.3.12_3 website port Automatic helper for command prompts and shells
aha 0.5.1 website port Ansi HTML Adapter
aiksaurus 1.2.1_3 website port Set of libraries and applications which provide a thesaurus
aish 1.13 website port Ish/uuencode/Base64 converter
akpop3d 0.7.7 website port POP3 daemon aimed to be small and secure
aldo 0.7.7_3 website port Morse code training program
alfio 0.3 website port Services manager to choose which services start at boot time
alienarena-data 2013.766_2 website port Alien Arena (data)
alienwave 0.4.0 website port Shoot'em up game written using ncurses
align 1.7.5 website port Text column alignment filter
alignmargins 1.0_1 website port Utility script to generate custom margins in PPDs for CUPS
alpine 2.25 website port Mail and news client descended from Pine
alsa-seq-server 1.0.8 website port ALSA MIDI sequencer server
amanda-perl-wrapper 1.01 website port Perl wrapper to use with Amanda (with* linked)
amath 1.8.5 website port Simple command line calculator
amavis-logwatch 1.51.03_1 website port Amavisd-new log parser
amigadepacker 0.04 website port Tool for depacking some compressed Amiga formats
amphetadesk 0.93.1_7 website port RSS client that serves HTTP to your local web browser
ample 0.5.7 website port Allows you to listen to your own MP3's away from home
amrstat 20070216_1 website port Utility for LSI Logic's MegaRAID RAID controllers
amtterm 1.6 website port Serial-over-lan client for Intel AMT
anacron 2.3_7 website port Schedules periodic jobs on systems that are not permanently up
and 1.2.2_1 website port Auto Nice Daemon
android-tools-fastboot 29.0.6_1 website port Android Fastboot protocol CLI tool
animorph 0.3_8 website port Morphing engine for MakeHuman
ann 1.1.2_1 website port Library for Approximate Nearest Neighbor Searching
anomy-sanitizer 1.76_6 website port Sanitize and clean incoming/outgoing mail
ansifilter 2.18 website port Customizable ANSI Code Converter
ansiprint 1.0 website port Prints through a terminal with ANSI escape sequences
antivirus 3.30_10 website port Sendmail milter wich uses McAfee Virus Scan or clamav
antiword 0.37_4 website port Application for displaying Microsoft(R) Word documents
anvil 0.0.19 website port Tools for distributing ssl certificates
aop 0.6_2 website port Ncurses based arcade game with only 64 lines of code
apache-mode.el 2.0_1 website port Emacs major mode for editing Apache configuration files
apcctrl 0.8.21_1 website port Fork of apcupsd 3.14.x with support for Brazilian APC nobreaks
apcupsd 3.14.14_4 website port Set of programs for controlling APC UPS
apngasm 2.91 website port Create Animated PNG from a sequence of files
apngdis 2.9 website port Deconstructs APNG files into individual frames
aprsc 2.1.10 website port Plain APRS-IS server
aprsd 2.2.515_2 website port Server daemon providing Internet access to APRS packet data
arc 5.21p website port Create & extract files from DOS .ARC files
arc-gruvbox-theme g20161220 website port Gruvbox variation on Arc Black Ubuntu theme
archimedes 2.0.1 website port Semiconductor device simulation software
archivesmtp 1.2_3 website port SMTP mail archiver
archlinux-keyring 20211028 website port Arch Linux PGP keyring
archmbox 4.10.0_1 website port Email archiver that parses mailboxes and performs actions
arduino-core 1.6.18_1 website port Core board support for Arduino devices
arduino-ctags 5.8_1 website port Feature-filled tagfile generator used by Arduino 1.6
arduino-sevseg 3.7.0 website port Arduino seven segment display library
ares 1.1.1_1 website port Asynchronous DNS resolver library
argtable 2.13_2 website port ANSI C library for parsing GNU style command line arguments
aribas 1.64 website port Interpreter for big integer/multi-precision floating point arithmetic
arpdig 0.5.6 website port ARP Digger utility
arping 2.21 website port ARP level "ping" utility
arpoison 0.7 website port UNIX arp cache update utility
arprelease 1.2_4 website port Libnet tool to flush arp cache entries from devices (eg. routers)
ascii-invaders 1.0.1_1 website port ASCII-art game like Space Invaders using Curses
ascii2binary 2.14_1 website port Convert between textual representations of numbers and binary
asciiquarium 1.1_1 website port Aquarium/sea animation in ASCII art
asignify 1.0 website port Yet another signify tool
aslookup 0.13d website port Tool that searches the sequence of AS numbers
asm2html 1.7 website port Converts NASM syntax assembly code to HTML code
asmx 1.8.2_2 website port Multi-CPU macro assembler for many major 8-bit and 16-bit CPUs
asn1c 0.9.27 website port Modern ASN.1 to C compiler
aspell 0.60.8_1,1 website port Spelling checker with better suggestion logic than ispell
aspell-ispell 0.60.8 website port Ispell compatibility script for aspell
asql 1.7 website port Query Apache logfiles via SQL
asr-manpages 20000406 website port alt.sysadmin.recovery man page distribution
asr10 1.0 website port Access to Ensoniq EPS/EPS+/ASR devices and image files
atlast 1.2 website port Autodesk Threaded Language Application System Toolkit
atlc 4.6.1_1 website port Tool to calculate the impedance of transmission lines
atom 1.0 website port Converts text files to html with special attributes
atool 0.39.0 website port Manage file archives of various types
atop 2.0.2.b3_3 website port ASCII Monitor for system resources and process activity
atp 1.50_2 website port QWK message packet reader and composer for FreeBSD
aub 2.2_1 website port Assemble usenet binaries
aumix 2.9.1_1 website port Audio mixer for X11, terminal, or command line
auto-admin 0.7.10 website port Portable tools for automating systems management
autobook 1.5 website port GNU autoconf, automake, and libtool - The Book
autocd 3.02.12b_3 website port (in Russian) Compact disc control utility
autoconf-wrapper 20131203 website port Wrapper script for GNU autoconf
automounter 1.5.1 website port Provides scripts to dynamically configure amd
avahi-header 0.8 website port Install an avahi-gtk* header to avoid conflict
avanor 0.5.8 website port Rogue-like game with easy ADOM-like user interface
avarice 2.14 website port Atmel AVR JTAG programmer and debugging interface for avr-gdb
avce00 2.0.0 website port OpenSource C library convert Arc/Info Vector Coverages to E00
avir 3.0 website port High-quality image resizing/scaling C++ library
avra 1.4.2 website port Macro Assembler for Atmel AVR microcontrollers
awka 0.7.5_1 website port Converts the AWK script to C, then compiles it
awstats 7.8,1 website port Free real-time logfile analyzer to get advanced web statistics
axTLS 1.4.9_2 website port SSL/TLS client/server library implementation
axel 2.4_2 website port Download accelerator
axfr2acl 1.01 website port Transfer A records from DNS zones and convert to BIND ACLs
b2sum 20190724_1 website port Fast secure hashing
babel 1.6_4 website port Converts among various molecular file formats
babeld 1.10_1 website port Distance-vector routing protocol
backuppc 3.3.2_5 website port Multi-platform backup to disk-based storage
backuppc4 4.4.0 website port Multi-platform backup to disk-based storage
bacula11-docs 11.0.5 website port Bacula document set
bacula9-docs 9.6.7_1 website port Bacula document set
balance 3.57 website port Simple but powerful generic TCP proxy with round robin features
banihstypos 0.2 website port Simple game to teach you typing, fast
bar 1.4 website port Cat with ASCII progress bar
bas2tap 2.6 website port Convert 48k/128k ZX Spectrum BASIC text files to TAP files
base-audit 0.5 website port Daily periodic check of vulnerabilities in base system
base64 1.5_1 website port Utility to encode and decode base64 files
base91 0.6.0 website port Utility to encode and decode base91 files
battmond 0.4_1 website port Daemon monitoring the battery level of ACPI-enabled laptops
bayespam 0.9.2_1 website port Qmail spam filter written in Perl using Bayesian classification
bbe 0.2.2_2 website port Sed-like editor for binary files
bbjd 1.01_1 website port Beat the blackjack dealer
bchunk 1.2.2 website port Converts .bin/.cue files to .iso/audio
bcpp 20210108 website port Utility similar to indent for C++ code
bcrypt 1.1 website port Cross-platform blowfish encryption utility
bcwipe 1.9.13 website port BCWipe securely erases data from magnetic and solid-state memory
bdelta 0.3.1 website port Advanced delta creator, patcher, and library
bdes 1993 website port Encrypt/decrypt using the Data Encryption Standard (DES)
bdfresize 1.5_2 website port Tool for resizing BDF format font
bdftopcf 1.1_2 website port Convert X font from BDF to PCF
beadm 1.3.2 website port Solaris-like utility to manage Boot Environments on ZFS
beadm-devel website port Solaris-like utility to manage Boot Environments on ZFS
beanstalkd 1.10 website port Fast, distributed, in-memory workqueue service
bearssl 0.6 website port Implementation of TLS/SSL in C
beav 1.40.18_3 website port Binary Editor And Viewer, a full featured binary file editor
bestfit 0.2.0 website port Optimally choose files to be put on a CD (or other media)
bfc g20150417 website port Correct sequencing errors from Illumina sequencing data
bfhist 0.4 website port Statistics generator for BinkleyForce FTN mailer
bforce-kst website port Simple ifcico like Fidonet technology mailer
bg-hyphen 4.3_1 website port Bulgarian hyphenation rules
bg-mythes 4.3_1 website port Bulgarian thesaurus
bgpq3 0.1.36 website port Lightweight prefix-list generator for various routers
bib2html 6.7 website port BibTeX to HTML Translator
bibclean 3.06 website port Prettyprinter, portability verifier, and syntax checker for BibTeX
bibcursed 2.0.1 website port Simple curses-based editor for BibTeX bibliography files
biblical-curse 0.02 website port Fake biblical curse generator
bicom 1.01 website port Data compressor in the PPM family
bigyear 20010226,1 website port Program to print a large (one month per page) calendar
binclock 1.5 website port CLI binary clock
bindtest 1.56_1 website port Test bind() semantics of IPv6 sockets
binkd 1.0.4_1 website port Fidonet TCP/IP mailer
bioawk 1.0.7 website port BWK awk modified for biological data
biorythm 1.1.4 website port Simple biorhythm calculation program
bip 0.9.0.r4 website port Simple IRC proxy with SSL support
birthday 1.6.2 website port Outputs reminders for upcoming events (e.g. birthdays)
bitchx 1.2.1_2,1 website port Feature-rich scriptable IRC client
bitcollider 0.6.0_4 website port Bitzi metadata generator
bitedit 0.9.4 website port Simple ncurses file editing program
bitflu 1.52 website port BitTorrent client written in Perl
bitmap-graphics-library g20181222_1 website port Minimalistic library manipulating 24-bit per pixel bitmap images
bitstream 1.5 website port Binary MPEG, DVB, IETF, etc. structures access library
bittwist 1.1 website port Libpcap-based Ethernet packet generator, with PCAP editor
bkmrkconv 1.12 website port Netscape bookmarks.html converter
bkpupsd 1.0a website port Simple UPS daemon for APC BK Pro(TM)
bksh 1.7 website port Backup-only shell
blame 1.3.1 website port Display last modification for each line in an RCS file
blender-doc 2.3 website port Blender Documentation
blind 1.1 website port Collection of command line video editing utilities
bliss-graph-tool 0.73 website port Tool for computing automorphism groups and canonical forms of graphs
block 0.6 website port Small text based maze game
bluegps-linux 2.0 website port Command line tool to download datalogs from the Royaltek RBT-3000 bluetooth GPS receiver
bluemoon 2.12 website port Blue Moon card solitaire
bluez-firmware 1.2 website port Firmware for the D-Link BCM2033 bluetooth adaptor for use by bcmfw(1)
bmfdec g20211007 website port Decompile binary MOF file (BMF) from WMI buffer
bmkdep 20140112 website port Construct Makefile dependency list
bnc 2.9.4 website port Simple IRC relay proxy with support for virtual hosting
bogosort 0.4.2_2 website port Sort (or not) stdin using the bogo-sort algorithm
boiling-egg 0.02_1 website port Front-end of Egg V4
bonnie 2.0.6_1 website port Performance Test of Filesystem I/O
boost-docs 1.72.0 website port Documentation for libraries from
boost-jam 1.72.0 website port Build tool from the
boot-extract g20190614 website port Android Boot image extraction tool
bopm 3.1.3_3 website port Open proxy and DNSBL monitor designed for use with ircds
bossa 1.9.1 website port Flash programmer for Atmel SAM microcontrollers
bottlerocket 0.04c_2 website port Home Automation Software for the X10 FireCracker kit
bounce 1.0_8 website port Bounce TCP connections to another machine/port
bozohttpd 20210227 website port Bozotic HTTP server from NetBSD
bpatch 1.0_1 website port Hex editor that doesn't load the whole file at once
bpl+ 1.0_1 website port B Plus file transfer protocol
braincurses 1.1.0_5 website port Clone of the Mastermind game
bredbandskollen 0.20190705_1 website port Command line tool to check internet connection speed
brogue-nox11 1.10.1 website port Much-loved minimalist roguelike game (community edition)
bruteblock 0.0.5_9 website port Software for blocking bruteforce attacks with ipfw
bsd-diff 20120705_2 website port BSD-licensed version of diff from OpenBSD
bsd-splash-changer 060211 website port Boot Splash Image Changer
bsdadminscripts2 0.4.2 website port BSD Administration Scripts 2
bsdbuild 3.1 website port Portable BSD-style build system
bsdcflow 0.0.6_1 website port Call graph generator for C and assembler code
bsdconfig 0.9.0_1 website port Utility to configure various aspects of FreeBSD
bsdcrashtar 0.1.3_1 website port Archive FreeBSD kernel crash files
bsddialog 0.0.0.g20211213 website port Text User Interface Widgets
bsdec2-image-upload 1.4.5 website port Tool for creating Amazon EC2 AMIs
bsdhwmon 20151206 website port Hardware sensor monitoring utility for FreeBSD
bsdinfo 0.22_2 website port Simple utility to display system-based information
bsdrcmds 20171003.01 website port FreeBSD rcmds (rcp/rlogin/rlogind/rsh/rshd)
bsdsfv 1.18 website port Flexible SFV checksum utility
bsdstats 7.0_2 website port Monthly script for reporting anonymous statistics about your machine
bsdtris 1.1_2 website port BSD version of text-based Tetris game
bsmtp 1.02_5 website port Batch SMTP support for sendmail, incoming and outgoing
bsmtrace 1.4_1 website port BSM based intrusion detection system
bsmtrace3 3.1 website port BSM based intrusion detection system
bsod 0.1 website port Experience the authentic Microsoft Windows experience
bsp 5.2 website port Node builder for Doom
btoa 5.2_1,1 website port Encode/decode binary to printable ASCII
btparse 0.35_1 website port C library for parsing and processing BibTeX data files
btsixad 0.1.1 website port Driver for Sixaxis gamepad connected over Bluetooth
buddy 2.4_2 website port Binary Decision Diagram library
buffer 1.19 website port Buffer sporadic I/O for faster tape and pipe throughput
bulk_mailer 1.13_1 website port Speeds delivery to mailing lists by sorting & batching addresses
bvi 1.4.0 website port Vi-like binary file (hex)editor
bwbasic 3.20 website port Bywater Basic interpreter
bwm-ng 0.6_2 website port Small and simple bandwidth monitor
bwping 2.5 website port Tool to measure bandwidth and RTT between two hosts using ICMP
byacc 20220128 website port Best yacc variant available
byaccj 1.15 website port Java extension of BSD YACC-compatible parser generator
bzip 0.21_1 website port Block-sorting file compressor
bzip2 1.0.8 website port Block-sorting file compressor
c-a-i-r 2.19 website port Content Aware Image Resizer is an implementation of seam carving
c-ares 1.17.2 website port Asynchronous DNS resolver library
c-nocem 3.7_4 website port NoCeM for C News and INN
c2mdoc 20040302_1 website port Script to generate mdoc(7) markup from C functions
ca_root_nss 3.76 website port Root certificate bundle from the Mozilla Project
cabextract 1.9.1 website port Program to extract Microsoft cabinet (.CAB) files
cadaver 0.23.3_4 website port Commandline client for DAV
cadical 1.0.3_1 website port Simple CDCL satisfiability solver
cadubi 1.3.4 website port ASCII drawing utility
caesarcipher 1.1 website port Caesar cipher cryptography tool
cal 4.1 website port Enhanced color version of standard calendar utility
calamaris 2.59_2 website port Perl script to produce statistics out of Squid log files
calc website port Interactive CLI arbitrary-precision calculator
calendar 0.9.2 website port Port of the FreeBSD calendar program
calendar-data 2020.10 website port Calendar files for the BSD calendar program
calife 3.0.6_1 website port Lightweight alternative to sudo
cam 1.02 website port Cpu's Audio Mixer [curses based]
canta-icon-theme 2020.05.17 website port Flat icons for Canta GTK theme
cardpics 0.4 website port Free cards for your free card games!
catgirl 2.1_1 website port TLS-only terminal IRC client
ccache 3.7.12_3 website port Tool to minimize the compile time of C/C++ programs
ccache-static 3.7.12_3 website port Tool to minimize the compile time of C/C++ programs
cccc 3.1.6 website port C and C++ Code Counter
ccd2iso 0.9_1 website port CloneCD to ISO converter
ccdoc 0.8r41 website port Extracting comments from C++ source and generating HTML
ccid 1.4.36 website port Generic driver for USB CCID and ICCD
cclient 2007f_5,1 website port C-client mail access routines by Mark Crispin
ccmath 2.2.1_3 website port Mathematics library with many different functions
ccrypt 1.11 website port Command-line utility for encrypting and decrypting files and streams
ccsrch 1.0.3_1 website port Is a tool that searches for credit card numbers (PAN) and track data
ccxstream 1.0.15_4 website port Stream media files to XBox Media Center via XBMSP
ccze 0.2.1_5 website port Fast log colorizer
cd-discid 0.9 website port Backend utility to retrieve CDDB discid information
cd2mp3 0.82_4,1 website port Easy to use CD Ripping and MP3 Encoding tool
cdargs 1.35 website port Navigate the filesystem using a menu interface or a bookmark system
cdbfasta 2010.07.22 website port Fast indexing and retrieval of FASTA records from flat file databases
cdeploy 0.2.1 website port Deploy a set of configuration files to a target file system
cdif 2.14.20170401 website port Word context visualizer of DIFF output
cdircmp 0.3 website port Compare directories and select files to copy
cdk 5.0.20161210,1 website port Curses Development Kit for speedy development of full screen programs
cdlabelgen 4.3.0 website port Generate postscript for frontcards and traycards for CDs
cdparanoia 3.9.8_10 website port CDDA extraction tool (also known as ripper)
cdpd website port Daemon to send CDP/LLDP announces over ethernet
cdpr 2.4 website port Cisco Discovery Protocol Reporter
cdroot 1.2.6 website port Scripts automating setup of a bootable CD-ROM based FreeBSD system
cflow 2.0_1 website port Call graph generator for C code
cflow2vcg 0.5_1 website port Convert the result of the cflow utility in a VCG format
cfortran 4.3 website port Easy-to-use powerful bridge between C and FORTRAN
cg 0.4 website port Semi-automatic newsgroup binary downloader
cgi-lib 1.4_1 website port ANSI C Library for CGI Programming
cgi-lib_pl 2.18_1 website port De facto standard library for creating CGI in perl
cgichk 2.60_1 website port Web site vulnerability scanner
cgiirc 0.5.12 website port IRC web gateway written in Perl
cgilib 0.7_1 website port Library of procedures for developing CGI programs in C
cgiwrap 4.1 website port Securely execute Web CGI scripts
chaco 2.2 website port Software for partitioning graphs
chaosreader 0.96 website port Tool to extract data from tcpdump logs
check_multi 0.26_1 website port Multi-purpose wrapper plugin for Nagios
check_nwc_health website port Nagios plugin to monitor network equipment via SNMP
check_ups_health website port Nagios plugin to check various UPS systems
checkbot 1.80_2 website port WWW link verifier, similar to momspider
checkheaders 1.0.1_1 website port Checks headers in C/C++ programs
checkmate 0.21 website port Command-line utility for checking mp3 files for errors
checkpassword-pam 0.99_1 website port Implementation of checkpassword authentication program
checkrestart 0.5.0_1 website port Find processes that need restarting after an upgrade
chexedit 0.9.7_2 website port Full screen text mode Hex editor using the [n]curses library
chgrep 1.2.4 website port Fast string substitution across multiple files
chicken5 5.3.0 website port Scheme-to-C compiler
chipvault 200607 website port Project organizer for VHDL and Verilog RTL hardware designs
chkrootkit 0.55 website port Tool to locally check for signs of a rootkit
chmlib 0.40_1 website port Library for dealing with Microsoft ITSS/CHM format files
chntpw 140201 website port Utility to set the password and edit registry on Microsoft NT system
choparp 20150613 website port Simple proxy arp daemon
chordpack 0.8.1_2 website port Script to convert ChordPro files to HTML, ASCII, and TeX
chpasswd 2.2.4_1 website port Allow users to change their Squid or Web password using the browser
chrony-lite 4.2 website port System clock synchronization client and server (lite)
chroot_safe 1.4_1 website port LD_PRELOAD wrapper to safely chroot(2) any program
chrootuid 1.3 website port Simple wrapper that combines chroot(8) and su(1) into one program
chu 0.1.29 website port Synchronise computer clock to CHU radio station
chyves 0.2.0 website port bhyve front-end manager
cidr 2.3.2_1 website port RFC 1878 subnet calculator / helper
cim 3.37_2 website port Compiler for the SIMULA programming language
cinny 1.8.2 website port Yet another Matrix client for the web
ciso 1.0.0_2 website port Tool to compress ISO images to CSO format
ciso-maker 1.02 website port Tool to compress ISO images to CSO format
cityhash 1.1.1_1 website port Family of hash functions
ckeditor 4.17.1 website port WYSIWYG editor to be used inside web page
cksfv 1.3.15 website port Create or manipulate Simple File Verification (SFV) checksum files
cl-alexandria 1.2,1 website port Collection of portable public domain utilities for Common Lisp
cl-asdf,2 website port System definition facility for Common Lisp
cl-babel 2010.01.16_2 website port Charset encoding/decoding library written in Common Lisp
cl-cffi 0.16.1 website port Portable foreign function interface for Common Lisp
cl-infix 19960628_3 website port Lisp macro for reading math expressions in infix form
cl-lml 2.5.7_2 website port Lisp Markup Language
cl-md5 1.8.5_1 website port Native MD5 implementation in Common Lisp
cl-meta 0.1_3,1 website port Parser generator for Common Lisp
cl-port 2002.10.02.1_3 website port Cross-Lisp portability package
cl-ppcre 2.1.1 website port Portable Perl-Compatible Regular Expression for Common Lisp
cl-split-sequence 20011114.1_2 website port Partitioning Common Lisp sequences
cl-trivial-features 2010.01.16_1 website port Ensures consistent *FEATURES* in Common Lisp
cl-trivial-gray-streams 2008.11.02_1 website port Thin compatibility layer for Gray streams
clamd-stream-client 1.3 website port Standalone clamav client
claws-mail-plugins 3.18.0 website port claws-mail plugins meta-port
claws-mail-themes 20140629 website port Claws Mail icon themes
cld2 20150505 website port Compact language detector library
clean 3.4 website port Automatically remove unwanted files
clearsilver 0.10.5_1 website port Fast, powerful, and language-neutral template system
clex 4.6.9 website port Command line file manager
cligen 4.8.0 website port Command-line interface generator
clipp 1.2.3 website port Command line interfaces for modern C++
clips 6.30 website port Tool for Building Expert Systems
clisp-hyperspec 7.0 website port Common Lisp reference in HTML format, from LispWorks Ltd
clone 1.0.8 website port File tree cloning tool
clonehdd 2.0.3_1 website port Tool for clone HDD on FreeBSD
cloudabi 0.19 website port Constants, types and data structures used by CloudABI
clthreads 2.4.2_1 website port C++ wrapper library around the POSIX threads API
clustal-omega 1.2.4 website port Multiple alignment of nucleic acid and protein, replaces clustalw
clustalw 2.1_2 website port Multiple alignment program for DNA or proteins
cmake-fedora 2.9.2 website port Set of cmake modules for fedora developers
cmdftp 0.9.8 website port Command line shell-like FTP client
cmdwatch 0.2.0_2 website port Watches the output from a command at specified intervals
cmios9 2.1 website port Ftp-like access to Fairlight image files and devices
cmph 2.0_1 website port Minimal perfect hashes for C
cmunge 1.0_2 website port Tool for encrypting and compacting C source code
cnd 0.7_1 website port Console network display
cnews cr.g_18 website port News server
cntlm 0.92.3 website port NTLM / NTLM Session Response / NTLMv2 authenticating HTTP proxy
cocor 1.7_3 website port Compiler generator that combines the functionality of lex and yacc
cocot 20120313_1 website port Code Converter on TTY
code2html 0.9.1_1 website port Sourcecode to HTML converter
codeworker 4.5.3 website port Versatile parsing tool and source code generator
coffeebreak 0.1.1 website port Pretend your machine is busy with a fake FreeBSD installer
coin-or-Data-Netlib 1.2.9 website port COIN-OR netlib models
coin-or-Data-Sample 1.2.12 website port COIN-OR data samples
coin-or-Data-Stochastic 1.1.7 website port COIN-OR stochastic models
coin-or-asl 2.0.0 website port COIN-OR autotools harness to build AMPL Solver Library
coin-or-creme g20210114 website port Randomized thermal relaxation method for MaxFS problems
color g20210207 website port C++ header-only library for color conversion and manipulation
colordiff 1.0.20 website port Tool to colorize diff output
colorgcc 1.4.5 website port Perl script to colorize the terminal output of GCC
colorize 0.3.4_1 website port Robust log colorizer
colwide 0.01 website port Utility which outputs a number of characters to the screen
commoncpp 1.8.1_3,2 website port GNU project portable class framework for C++
comserv 1.4.4 website port Access local serial ports via network connections
conauto 2.03 website port Program for graph isomorphism testing & automorphism group computation
concorde 20031219 website port Combinatorial Optimization package
cons 2.2.0_3 website port Perl-based Make Replacement
cons-test 2.2.0_4 website port Test bed for `Cons' development
convmv 2.05 website port Convert filenames from one encoding to another
coovachilli 1.0.12_1 website port Access controller for wired & wireless clients
coreutils 8.32 website port Free Software Foundation core utilities
corkscrew 2.0_1 website port HTTP tunnelling utility for SSH
countrycodes 1.0.6 website port ISO 3166 country code finder
courier-unicode 2.2.3 website port Courier implementation of Unicode Standard related algorithms
cowpatty 4.8 website port Brute-force dictionary attack against WPA-PSK
cowsay 3.04_2 website port Configurable talking characters in ASCII art
coxeter 3.1.20210124 website port Library for the study of combinatorial aspects of Coxeter group theory
cp2fwb 0.6_1 website port Checkpoint FW1 to Firewall Builder ruleset converter
cp2k-data 7.1.0 website port Data for cp2k quantum chemistry package
cpan-upload 2.2_2 website port Script for uploading distributions to CPAN
cpan-upload-http 2.4_1 website port Perl script to upload one or more files to CPAN, using PAUSE
cpdup 1.22 website port Comprehensive filesystem mirroring and backup program
cpige 1.5_1 website port Icecast/Shoutcast stream ripper
cpipe 3.0.2 website port Benchmarking tool for pipes
cplanet 0.9_2 website port RSS Feed Aggregator that generates static HTML
cpmtools 1.1_1 website port Utility to transfer files from/to CP/M (R) diskettes
cpmtools2 2.22 website port Tools to access CP/M disks and disk images
cppi 1.18_1 website port Tool to indent the C preprocessor directives
cppunit 1.15.1 website port C++ port of the JUnit framework for unit testing
cproto 4.7k website port Generate C function prototypes and convert function definitions
cpulimit 2.2 website port Limit the CPU usage of a process
cracklib 2.9.7_1 website port Password-checking library
cramfs 1.1_1 website port Linux Compressed ROM FileSystem
crashme 2.4_1 website port Tool to test an operating system's robustness
create-cert 2.9 website port Create openssl client key and certificates
createtorrent 1.1.4 website port Create BitTorrent files from the command line
credis 0.2.3 website port Library for communicating with Redis servers
crex 0.2.5_2 website port Explore, test, and check regular expressions in the terminal
crf++ 0.59_1 website port Yet Another CRF toolkit
crm114 20100106_6 website port Markov based SpamFilter
cronolog 1.6.2_6 website port Web log rotation utility that provides datestamp filenames
cronolog-devel 1.7.1_1 website port Web log rotation utility that provides datestamp filenames
crunch 3.6 website port Charset-based wordlist generator
crw 1.03_3 website port Utility to process Canon camera RAW (.crw) files
cryptcat 1.2.1,1 website port Standard netcat enhanced with twofish encryption
cryptopp 8.6.0 website port Free C++ class library of Cryptographic Primitives
cryptoslam 1.2 website port Curses-based tool for creating and solving the cryptograms
cs-hunspell 2.0 website port Czech hunspell dictionaries
cs-hyphen 2.0 website port Czech hyphenation rules
cs-mythes 2007.09.26_1 website port Czech thesaurus
cscope 15.9 website port Interactive C source code browser
csmith 2.3.0 website port Generates random C programs that conform to the C99 standard
csoap 1.1.0_3 website port Client/server SOAP library written in pure C
csocks 1.7_1 website port SOCKS Client v4/v5 RFC Compliant with many features
css-mode-elisp 0.11_2 website port CSS(Cascade Style Sheet) editing mode for Emacsen
csstidy 1.4 website port Opensource CSS parser and optimiser
cstream 3.2.1 website port Like dd(1) tool, precise bandwidth limiting/reporting, fifo, TCP
csvdiff 1.7_1 website port Compare/diff two (comma) separated files with each other
ctags 5.8 website port Feature-filled tagfile generator for vi and emacs clones
ctcs 1.4.1_1 website port CTorrent monitoring and managing interface
ctl-sat g20200210 website port CTL (Computation Tree Logic) SAT solver
ctm 2.0_2 website port Generate, receive and apply FreeBSD source updates per mail
ctorrent 3.3.2_4 website port BitTorrent Client written in C for FreeBSD and Linux
ctrace 0.9_1 website port Multiprotocol traceroute tool
ctris 0.42.1 website port Colorized, small, and flexible Tetris(TM)-clone for the console
ctronome 0.5.6 website port Programmable console-based metronome
cudd 3.0.0 website port Package for the manipulation of Binary Decision Diagrams (BDDs), etc
cue2toc 0.1 website port Perl script that converts CUE files into TOC files for cdrdao
curl 7.81.0 website port Command line tool and library for transferring data with URLs
currtime 0.2.5 website port Enhanced command-line operated real time clock
cursive 0.11,1 website port Create ASCII character cursive handwriting
cursor-ardoise-theme 3.6 website port Ardoise X cursor theme
cursor-chameleon-anthracite 0.5_1 website port Chameleon Xcursors theme
cursor-chameleon-darkskyblue 0.5_1 website port Chameleon Xcursors theme
cursor-chameleon-skyblue 0.5_1 website port Chameleon Xcursors theme
cursor-jimmac-theme 0.1_3 website port Beautiful Jimmac X cursor themes
cursor-neutral-white-theme 1.1.1 website port White cursor theme based on neutral
cutmp3 3.0.1_2 website port Small and fast command line MP3 editor
cvs 1.20120905_7 website port Version control system
cvs+ipv6 1.20120905_3 website port IPv6 enabled cvs. You can use IPv6 connection when using pserver
cvs2cl 2.73 website port CVS-log-message-to-ChangeLog conversion script
cvsadmin 1.0.3_2 website port Simple program to administrate users of a CVS repository
cvsbook 1.21_3 website port Tutorial and reference for CVS
cvschk 1.12 website port Quick offline checker for CVS modifications
cvsd 1.0.24 website port CVS pserver daemon
cvsdadm 0.3.2_1 website port Tool for CVSd pserver user administration
cvsdiff2patch 1.0.1 website port Turn cvs diff output into patch input
cvslines 1.6.9 website port Wrapper to ease merging of changes between CVS branches
cvsmail 2.2 website port Small program to add cvsweb links to FreeBSD commit messages
cvsps 2.1_2 website port Create patchset information from CVS
cvsps-devel 2.2.b1 website port Create patchset information from CVS
cvsutils 0.2.6,1 website port CVS utilities which facilitate working with local working directories
cvsweb 2.0.6_2 website port WWW CGI script to browse CVS repository trees
cvswrap 0.2 website port Helper for multiple CVS repositories
cvsync 0.25.0 website port Portable CVS repository synchronization utility
cw 1.0.16_1 website port Non-intrusive color wrapper for common commands
cweb 3.64a.a website port Literate programming tools for the C language
cyberchef 9.32.3 website port Cyber operations within a web browser
cyrus-sasl 2.1.28 website port RFC 2222 SASL (Simple Authentication and Security Layer)
cyrus2courier 1.4_1 website port Cyrus-IMAP to Maildir++ conversion utility
cyrus2dovecot 1.3 website port Convert Cyrus folders to Dovecot
dMagnetic 0.32 website port Magnetic Scrolls Interpreter
daa2iso 0.1.7e_1 website port Convert PowerISO DAA files to ISO9660
dadadodo 1.04 website port Text processor which analyses text and generates random sentences
dae 0.9 website port List and control system daemon
dagrab 0.3.5_1 website port Read audio tracks from a CD into wav sound files
dailystrips 1.0.28_1,1 website port Utility to download or view your favorite online comic strips daily
dancer 4.16_1 website port IRC bot written in C for UNIX, Windows, and AmigaOS
dante 1.4.3 website port Circuit-level firewall/proxy
darkbot 6f6.r6_3,1 website port IRC talking bot with a fast algorithm for its database
darkhttpd 1.13 website port Simple, static web server
darkice 1.4_2 website port IceCast, IceCast2, and ShoutCast live audio streamer
dash website port POSIX-compliant implementation of /bin/sh
dasm website port Macro assembler with support for several 8-bit microprocessors
datadraw 3.1.1_1 website port Feature rich persistent database generator
datamash 1.7 website port Numeric, textual, and statistical operations on text files
datapipe 1.0_1 website port Bind a local port and connect it to a remote socket
db 1.27,2 website port Manipulate db(3)'s btree(3) and hash(3) databases - NetBSD port
dbeacon website port Distributed multicast beacon server
dbf 0.9.0_3 website port Show and convert the content of dBASE III, IV, and 5.0 files
dbh 5.0.22_1 website port Disk Based Hashtables
dbview 1.0.4 website port View dBase III files
dc20pack 1.0 website port Digital camera control and download tool for Kodak DC20/25 camera
dc3dd 7.2.646 website port dd program useful for computer forensics
dcd 0.99.2_2 website port Simple, programmable, intelligent CD player
dcetest 1.2 website port Utility to dump MSRPC endpoint information from Windows systems
dcw-gmt 1.1.4 website port Digital Chart of the World for GMT 5 or later
ddate,3 website port Command to print the date in Discordian date format
ddclient 3.9.1 website port Update dynamic DNS entries
ddns 1.0 website port Lightweight UDP-based dynamic DNS updater
ddpt 0.97 website port dd tool that specializes in files that are block devices
ddrescue 1.25 website port Data recovery tool
de-dict 1.2 website port Simple English/German dictionary
de-dtaus 0.9 website port Belegloser DatenTraegerAUStausch
de-eric6 21.11 website port de i18n package for Eric6 IDE
de-hyphen 2007.02.17_1 website port German hyphenation rules
de-mythes 2021.12.26 website port German thesaurus
de-phone 1.20170802 website port German phone code / Deutsche Telefonvorwahl (AVON)
deb2targz 20100710 website port Command-line utility for converting a Debian .deb file to a .tar.gz
debhelper 13.6 website port Helper programs for debian/rules
debugedit 20170411.1 website port ELF file debug information extractor and editor
deco-misc 3.9_5 website port Demos Commander, a free Norton Commander clone
delatt 1.1.3_1 website port Strip attachments from email
delay 1.6 website port Delay program with feedback to the user
delta 2006.08.03_1 website port Heuristically minimizes interesting files
desktop-installer 0.7.7 website port Quickly configure a FreeBSD desktop system
destroy 20130926 website port Securely destroy files on the hard disk
dev86 0.16.20 website port 8086 development tools
devel-replay 1.0.4 website port Program that helps you fix a build interactively
devmon 0.3.1.b1_4 website port Device monitoring addition to Xymon/Hobbit/BigBrother
devstat 0.3.3_1 website port Utility to display device statistics
devtodo 0.1.20_3 website port Tool to effectively maintain todo lists aimed at developers
dfu-programmer 0.7.2 website port Device Firmware Update based USB programmer for Atmel chips
dfu-util 0.11 website port Device firmware update (DFU) USB programmer
dfuife-curses website port DFUI curses frontend
dgd 1.4.23 website port Dworkin's Game Driver
dgd-kernel 1.3.4_2 website port Kernel mudlib, for use with DGD
dhcp_probe 1.3.1 website port Attempts to discover DHCP and BootP servers on a network
dhcpcd 9.4.1_2 website port DHCP/IPv4LL/IPv6RS/DHCPv6 client
dhcpd 6.6.20200413 website port OpenBSD dhcp daemon
dhcpd-pools 3.1 website port Tool to analyze isc-dhcp pool usage based on leases
dhcpdump 1.8 website port Decode and diagnose sniffed DHCP packets
dhcping 1.2 website port Send DHCP request to DHCP server for monitoring purposes
dhcprelya 6.1_1 website port Lightweight DHCP relay agent (Yandex edition)
dhex 0.69 website port Ncurses-based hex-editor with diff mode
dhrystone 2.1_2 website port Computing benchmark for integer operations
dht 0.26 website port Mainline variant of Kademlia Distributed Hash Table (DHT)
dhttpd 1.02a_1 website port Minimal secure webserver. Fast and efficient, no cgi-bin support
dia2code 0.8.8 website port Small utility used to generate code from a Dia diagram
dialog4ports 0.1.6_1 website port Console Interface to configure ports
diff-so-fancy 1.3.0 website port Fancier diff output formatter
diffmark 0.10_2 website port XML diff and merge package
diffsplit 1.0 website port Splits a unified diff into pieces which patch one file each
diffstat 1.64 website port Makes a histogram summarizing "diff" output
diffutils 3.8 website port GNU differential compare utilities
digestpp g20200907 website port Experimental C++11 header-only message digest library
digitemp 3.7.2 website port Dallas Semiconductor 1-wire device reading console application
dim 1.1 website port Directory lister which sorts the file list in 2D
ding-libs 0.6.1 website port Collection of useful libraries for developers
dirac 1.0.2_5 website port Open source video codec from the BBC
direvent 5.3 website port Per-directory file system event monitor
dirvish 1.2.1_2 website port Network backup system based off of rsync
discid 1.3_1 website port Identify audio cd in your drive
disco 1.2_2 website port IP discovery and fingerprinting utility
discount 2.2.7_1 website port C implementation of the Markdown markup language
diskcheckd 20150220 website port Daemon to check for disk read errors
diskimage-tools 0.2 website port Convenience tools for manipulating disk images
diskscrub 2.6.1 website port Writes patterns on files to make retrieving the data more difficult
disktype 9 website port Disk formatting type autodetector
distcache 1.5.1 website port Distributed OpenSSL session caching tools
distorm 20121220.r230_2 website port Fast x86 and x86-64 disassembler library
dkfilter 0.11_1 website port Domainkeys filter for Postfix
dkftpbench 0.45_2 website port FTP benchmark program
dkimproxy 1.4.1_1 website port DKIM filter for Postfix
dlint 1.4.1 website port Lint for DNS zones (Domain Name Server zone verification utility)
dma 0.13.20220128_1,1 website port DragonFly Mail Agent, a small MTA for local/outbound mail
dmg2img 1.6.7 website port DMG2IMG convert tool
dnrd 2.20.3_1 website port Proxy DNS daemon
dns2blackhole 0.1 website port Malware Prevention through Domain Blocking
dnsblast 0.0.2016060901 website port Simple load testing tool for DNS resolvers
dnsdbck 1.01 website port Verify consistency of DNS information in an SQL database
dnsdbflex 1.0.6 website port Tool to use the DNSDB Flexible Search API extensions
dnsdbq 2.6.0 website port DNSDB API Client, C Version
dnsenum website port Enumerate DNS information and discover non-contiguous IP blocks
dnsflood 1.20 website port DNS flood detector
dnsmap 0.30 website port DNS domain name brute forcing tool
dnsmax-perl 1.0.1 website port DNSMax-perl is a perl DNS update client for the REST DNSMax protocol
dnsreflector 1.02 website port Listens for DNS queries on a UDP port and change the answer
dnstop 20140915 website port Captures and analyzes DNS traffic (or analyzes libpcap dump)
dnstracer 1.10 website port Trace a chain of DNS servers to the source
dnswalk 2.0.2_3 website port DNS debugger - requests a zone transfer and analyzes the result
doas 6.3p6 website port Simple sudo alternative to run commands as another user
docbook 1.5 website port Meta-port for the different versions of the DocBook DTD
docbook-sgml 4.5_1 website port DocBook SGML DTD
docbook-xml 5.0_3 website port DocBook XML DTD
docbook-xsd 1.0.b1 website port DocBook W3C XML Schema
docbook-xsl 1.79.1_1,1 website port XSL DocBook stylesheets
docbook-xsl-ns 1.79.1 website port Namespace-aware DocBook XSLT stylesheets
docbook2mdoc 1.1.0 website port Convert DocBook refentry to mdoc
doinkd 0.02 website port Daemon that logs out idle users and those users hogging resources
dojo 1.12.2 website port Open-source DHTML toolkit written in JavaScript
dolly 0.58.c website port Program to clone harddisks/partitions over a fast switched network
domc 0.8.0_4 website port Lightweight implementation of the DOM in ANSI C
doom-data 1.0_1 website port Shareware data files for Doom, Doom II, Hexen, Heretic, and Strife
doom-freedoom 0.12.1 website port Complete Doom-based game IWAD that is Free Software
doom-hacx 1.0 website port Full TC using the Doom II engine
doom-hr 1.0_1 website port Hell Revealed is a megawad, a 32-level replacement for DooM II
doom-hr2 1.0 website port Hell Revealed II is a megawad, a 32-level replacement for DooM II
doom-wolfendoom 1.0 website port Wolfenstein 3D levels ported to Doom II
dosunix 1.0.14 website port Manipulation of text files in a mixed DOS/Windows and Unix environment
dotconf 1.3_1 website port Simple, powerful configuration-file parser
downtimed 1.0 website port System downtime monitoring and reporting tool
dparser 1.33 website port Simple but powerful tool for parsing
dpinger 3.2 website port IP device monitoring tool
dragon 1.5.5 website port Combined C++ scanner/parser generator for LR compliant grammars
drm-kmod g20190710_1 website port Metaport of DRM modules for the linuxkpi-based KMS components
drool 1.1.0 website port Replay DNS traffic from packet capture files
dropbear 2020.81 website port SSH 2 server, designed to be usable in small memory environments
dropbox-api-command 2.13,1 website port Dropbox API wrapper command
dsbdriverd 1.1 website port Hardware detecting, device driver loading daemon
dsbwrtsysctl 0.1.5 website port Changes variable=value pairs in sysctl.conf, or adds them
dsssl-docbook-modular 1.79_1,1 website port DSSSL stylesheets for the DocBook DTD by Norman Walsh
dsvpn 0.1.4 website port Dead Simple VPN
dtach 0.9 website port Emulates the detach feature of screen
dtcpclient 20151002_1 website port Dynamic Tunnel Configuration Protocol client
dtd-catalogs 1.2 website port SGML DTDs catalogs
dtdparse 2.00_1 website port Parse a DTD and produce an XML document that represents it
dte 1.9.1 website port Small and easy to use console text editor
dtmfdial 0.2 website port Generate DTMF dial tones from the command line
dtpstree 1.0.3 website port Display a tree of processes
dtv-scan-tables 20220307 website port Digital TV scan tables from
du2ps 3.1 website port Filter for converting output of du to PostScript file
duff 0.5.2_2 website port Duplicate file finder
duhdraw 2.8.13 website port ANSI graphic drawing program
duktape 2.7.0 website port Embeddable Javascript engine
duktape-lib 2.7.0 website port Embeddable Javascript engine (shared lib)
dumb 0.9.3_5 website port IT, XM, S3M, and MOD player library
dumpasn1 20210212 website port Dumps the contents of an ASN.1 encoded file, e.g. an SSL certificate
dungeon 3.2_1 website port Text adventure which became Zork I-III
dungeoncrawl 4.0.0.b26 website port Old school roguelike game
duplo 0.2.0 website port Find duplicated code blocks in large C/C++/Java/C
dupmerge 1.73_1 website port Searches for files with equal content
dvb-apps website port Linux DVB API applications and utilities
dvbsnoop 1.4.50 website port DVB stream analyzer / MPEG analyzer
dvdbackup 0.4.2_7 website port Backup content from DVD to hard disk
dvdid 0.2.0a_2 website port Tool for calculating dvdids
dvdimagecmp 0.3 website port Simple tool for comparing an image to a burned disc
dvdread g20160701_2 website port Utility to create ISO images of encrypted DVDs
dvi2tty 5.3.4 website port DVI file previewer for text only devices
dvips2ascii 1.3 website port PostScript (created by dvips) to ASCII converter
dvorak7min 1.6.1_1 website port Ncurses-based Dvorak typing tutor
dvtm 0.15 website port Tiling window management for the console
dwatch 0.1.1_1 website port Daemon Watcher
dwatch-gource 0.9 website port FreeBSD dwatch profiles for creating gource logs
dwatch-json 0.4.1 website port FreeBSD dwatch profiles to produce JSON logs
dwatch-pwsnoop 0.1.1 website port FreeBSD dwatch profile for snooping passwords
dwz 0.14 website port DWARF optimization and duplicate removal tool
dxa65 0.1.4 website port Disassembler for MOS 6502 and compatible CPUs
dynip 0.0 website port Dynamic IP Address Updater
dzip 2.9 website port File compression utility specializing in Quake demo compression
e00compr 1.0.1 website port Library to Read/Write Compressed E00 Files
e16-themes 1.0.2 website port Set of themes for the e16 window manager
easy-rsa 3.0.8 website port Small RSA key management package based on openssl
easyexif 1.0 website port Tiny ISO-compliant C++ EXIF parsing library
easygit 0.98 website port Easy wrapper for git
easylatex 0.080 website port Perl script which transforms "pseudo-LaTeX" into proper LaTeX
easysoap 0.8.0_6 website port C++ SOAP library based on Expat
eawpats 12_4 website port Eric A. Welsh's collection of Gravis Ultrasound MIDI patches
eawplus 12.1_3 website port E.A.W.+Izumo+Tamuki collection of Gravis Ultrasound MIDI patches
ebnf2yacc 0.1.1 website port EBNF to YACC
ebook2cw 0.8.2_2 website port Convert text files into cw as an mp3 or ogg file
ebsnvme-id 1.0.1 website port Exposes information about NVMe disks on EC2
ec2-scripts 1.10 website port Startup scripts for FreeBSD/EC2 environment
ecce 2.9.d website port Edinburgh Compatible Context Editor
ecgi 0.6.3 website port Library for the creation of CGI-based Web applications
echat 0.04.b1 website port LAN chat program over the TCP/IP networks
eclat 2.1 website port Amazon EC2 command line administration tool
ecos 2.0.10 website port Lightweight conic solver for second-order cone programming
ed2k-hash-openssl 1.4 website port Calculates 'eMule' hashes or producing ed2k:// file links
edflib 1.21 website port C library to read/write EDF+/BDF+ (medical data series) files
edid-decode 0.1.20220301 website port Decodes binary EDID information from monitors
editline 1.17.1 website port Minix editline: A free readline() for UNIX
edonkey-tool-hash 0.4.0 website port Both calculates 'eDonkey/Overnet hashes' producing ed2k:// file links
eflite 0.4.1 website port Speech server for Festival Lite used by yasr and Emacspeak
eggdrop 1.9.2 website port Popular Internet Relay Chat (IRC) bot
eglexternalplatform 1.1 website port EGL External Platform interface
egypt 1.11 website port Create call graphs of C programs
ehnt 0.3_8 website port Simple Cisco NetFlow data collector
eif 1.3.4_4 website port Empire text client
eights 1.0 website port Text based card game, the objective is to get rid of all your cards
eiskaltdcpp-cli 2.2.10_20 website port EiskaltDC++ client command-line interface
eject 1.5_4 website port Utility for ejecting media from CD or optical disk drive
ekhtml 0.3.2_2 website port El-Kabong is a speedy, yet forgiving, SAX-style HTML parser
el-data,1 website port Eternal Lands data, sound, and music files
el-hyphen 2005.10.17_1 website port Greek hyphenation rules
elasticsearch-plugin-head 2015.12.16 website port ElasticSearch Head Plugin
electricfence 2.2.2_2 website port Debugging malloc() that uses the VM hardware to detect buffer overruns
element-web 1.10.7 website port Glossy Matrix collaboration client for the web
elf 0.5.4p1_5 website port Commandline based ELF header analyzer
elfio 3.10 website port Small C++ library for reading and generating ELF files
elfkickers 3.2 website port Collection of programs to manipulate ELF files
elfsh 0.51b3_5 website port Attractive toolkit for the analysis of ELF object files
emacs-koi8u 1.0_1 website port KOI8-U coding system for [X]Emacs
emacs-lisp-intro 2.04_1 website port Introduction to Emacs Lisp programming
emil 2.1b9_1 website port Mail format/encoding converter
emovix 0.9.0_2 website port Mini Linux distro to create bootable video CDs
empty 0.6.20b website port Expect-like tool for pure shell
en-hunspell 2020.12.07 website port English hunspell dictionaries
en-mythes 2006.12.08_1 website port English thesaurus
enchive 3.5 website port Tool to encrypt files to yourself for long-term archival
endgame-singularity-music 007_1 website port Music pack for endgame-singularity
endian 1.1 website port Report endianness of a system
enet 1.3.17,1 website port Simple and robust communication library based on UDP
enma 1.2.0_6 website port Sender authentication milter supporting SPF and Sender ID
enscript-a4 1.6.6_3 website port ASCII to PostScript filter
enscript-letter 1.6.6_3 website port ASCII to PostScript filter
enscript-letterdj 1.6.6_3 website port ASCII to PostScript filter
ent 0.20080128_1 website port Entropy calculation and analysis of putative random sequences
enteruser 1.0 website port Extensible script for adding new users
envsubst 0.1 website port Perform variable substitutions on input
enygma 1.04 website port Text-based puzzle game
epm 4.5.1 website port Free UNIX software/file packaging program
epos 2.5.37_1 website port Language independent Text-to-Speech (TTS) system
eps 1.7_2 website port Email Parsing System
epstools 1.8 website port EPS (Email Parsing System) sample tools
erkale-pseudopotentials g20200426 website port Pseudopotentials for Erkale, the quantum chemistry program
erlang-doc 24.2 website port Erlang documentation
erlang-man 24.2 website port Manual pages for Erlang/OTP
es 0.9.b1_6 website port Extensible shell, derived from plan9's rc
es-eric6 21.11 website port es i18n package for Eric6 IDE
es-hunspell 2.2 website port Spanish hunspell dictionaries
es-hyphen 2013.09.01,1 website port Spanish hyphenation rules
es-mythes 20140516 website port Spanish thesaurus
eschalot website port Vanity onion address generator for Tor
etcupdate 1.1 website port Manage updates to /etc automatically
eterm-bg 0.9.6 website port Image files for background of Eterm
ethname 2.0.1 website port MAC-based network name pinning
eval 113_2 website port Full featured floating point expression evaluator
evdev-proto 5.8 website port Input event device header files
eventxx 1.0.1_5 website port C++ wrapper for libevent
evhz g20210920 website port Tool for measuring evdev event rate (mouse polling rate)
evtViewer 0.6 website port Ms event log viewer
execline website port Lightweight non-interactive sh(1)-like scripting language
exercisix 1.2 website port Innovative lightweight unit-test framework for C++
exhaust 1.9.2 website port Redcode simulator easy to embed into applications
exhaust-doc 1.9.2 website port Redcode simulator easy to embed into applications (docs)
exhaust-ma 1.9 website port Redcode simulator easy to embed into applications
exif 0.6.22 website port Command line utility to read and manipulate EXIF data
exifprobe 2.0.1 website port Probes JPEG or TIFF images and reports contents and structure
exiftags 1.01 website port Parses a specified JPEG file for a JPEG APP1 section containing Exif data
exim-doc-html 4.95 website port Documentation for the Exim MTA in multiple formats
exim-doc-pdf 4.95 website port Documentation for the Exim MTA in multiple formats
exim-doc-postscript 4.95 website port Documentation for the Exim MTA in multiple formats
exipick 20100323.0 website port Display messages from Exim queue based on a variety of criteria
expat 2.4.7 website port XML 1.0 parser written in C
expiretable 0.6_2 website port Utility to remove entries from the pf(4) table based on their age
exprtk g20210303 website port C++ mathematical expression library
extract_url 1.6.2 website port Perl script that extracts URLs from email in MIME or plain text format
ezjail 3.4.2_1 website port Framework to easily create, manipulate, and run FreeBSD jails
ezxml 0.8.6 website port Easy to use C library for parsing XML documents
f77flow 0.12_1 website port Analyze the structure of a fortran77 program
fairymax 5.0b.20160316.1_1 website port Chess engine for shatranj, courier chess, and others
fakeident 2.7 website port Tool that replies with a standard answer to incoming identd requests
fakeroot 1.23 website port Simulate the root user behaviour
fand 0.2.3 website port PWM cooling fan control daemon
fanout 0.6.1 website port Tool to run commands on multiple machines
fasd 1.0.1 website port Shell helper program to autocomplete paths faster
fasta 21.1.1 website port Collection of programs for searching DNA and protein databases
fasta3 36.3.8 website port Collection of programs for searching DNA and protein databases
fastahack 1.0.0 website port Utility for indexing and sequence extraction from FASTA files
fastdfs 6.0.6 website port High performance distributed file system (DFS)
fastdnaml 1.2.2_2 website port Faster DNAML, makes phylogenetic trees using maximum likelihood
fastool 0.1.4 website port Simple and quick FastQ and FastA tool for file reading and conversion
fatal 2022.03.14.00 website port Library for fast software prototyping in modern C++
fc++ 1.5 website port Functional Programming in C++
fcgi-devkit 2.4.0_5 website port FastCGI Development Kit
fcheck 2.07.59_1 website port Intrusion detection and Policy enforcement / auditing software
fcode-utils 1.0.2 website port Utilities to process FCODE, OpenFirmware's byte code
fconfig 20080329 website port Read and modify RedBoot embedded boot configuration
fconv 1.1_2 website port Converts DOS or Mac-style files to Unix format, and vice-versa
fcrackzip 1.0_1 website port Portable, fast, and featureful ZIP password cracker
felis 1.0_1 website port Displays one or more files as a single line of text
fennel 1.0.0 website port Lisp that compiles to Lua
ferite 1.0.2_7 website port Embeddable scripting language
festlex-cmu 1.95 website port CMU American English pronunciation dictionary for Festival
festlex-czech 0.2.1 website port Czech language support for Festival
festlex-poslex 1.4.1_2 website port English lexicon for Festival
festvox-kal16 1.4.0 website port American English male voice, sampled at 16 kHz, for Festival
festvox-kal8 1.4.0_1 website port American English male voice, sampled at 8 kHz, for Festival
festvox-ked16 1.4.0_1 website port American English male voice, sampled at 16 kHz, for Festival
festvox-ked8 1.4.0_1 website port American English male voice, sampled at 8 kHz, for Festival
fetchlog 1.4 website port Fetch and convert new messages of a logfile
fetchmail 6.4.28 website port Batch mail retrieval utility for IMAP/POP3/ETRN/ODMR
fex 2.0.0_1 website port Powerful field extraction tool
ffproxy 1.6 website port Filtering HTTP proxy server
fhourstones 3.1_2 website port Integrated benchmark program
fiche 0.9.1_3 website port Command line pastebin for sharing terminal output
fig2sxd website port Convert .xfig files to the OpenOffice draw format
figlet 2.2.5 website port SysV banner-like program prints strings in large fancy ASCII art
figlet-fonts 20121202 website port Assorted fonts for the figlet(6) program
file2pcap 1.29 website port Tool to make packet captures containing the content of specified file
filedupe 1.1_4 website port Utility for quickly finding duplicate files
filepp 1.8.0 website port Generic file preprocessor
fileprune 1.12 website port Prune a file set according to a given age distribution
filetype 0.1.3 website port New file-type detection system
filevercmp g20151117 website port Compare version strings as in sort --version-sort
filewatcherd 1.0.b3,1 website port Daemon that watches files and runs commands when they change
find_zlib 1.9 website port Scans files for statically linked zlib (libz) code
findmaildirs 0.4 website port Simple utility to create list of maildirs for mutt
findmtu 0.9 website port Tool for performing IPv6 path MTU discovery on *NIX
findutils 4.9.0 website port GNU find utilities
finfo 0.1 website port Finfo displays potentially useful information about a file
fio 3.29 website port Flexible IO tester
firedns 0.9.12 website port C library for handling asynchronous DNS queries
firestring 0.9.12 website port Library to make string handling easier in C
firmware-utils 20111222 website port Create device firmware images
firstboot-freebsd-update 1.3 website port Update the system using freebsd-update when it first boots
firstboot-growfs 1.0 website port Expand / when the system first boots
firstboot-pkgs 1.6 website port Install packages when the system first boots
fist 4.0 website port Emphatic message generator
fistgen 0.2.1 website port Language for describing stackable filesystems
fixrtf 0.1.20060303_3 website port Patch making it possible to embed PNGs into RTFs
fl0p 0.0.2.b website port Passive L7 flow fingerprinting tool
flac 1.3.4 website port Free lossless audio codec
flag 1.0.5 website port Turn the hostname into a colourful and visually distinctive ansi flag
flasher 1.3 website port Monitors log or mail files for writes, and flashes a keyboard LED
flat-remix-gtk-themes 20220215 website port Flat Remix is a GTK application theme inspired by material design
flat-remix-icon-themes 20220304 website port Icon theme inspired by material design
flatery-icon-themes 2022.01.17 website port Flatery is an icon theme for linux in flat style
flexbackup 1.2.1_7 website port Perl-based flexible backup system that can use dump/afio/cpio/tar
flite 2.1 website port Small run-time speech synthesis engine
flock 2.37.2 website port Manage locks from shell scripts
flog 1.8 website port Small STDIN-to-file logger with support for log rotation
flops 2.2 website port Floating point benchmark to give your MFLOPS rating
fluctuate 1.40 website port Program to fit population models
fluid-soundfont 3.1 website port Fluid R3 sound fonts (GM/GS)
flvstreamer 2.1.c.1_1 website port Open source command-line RTMP client
fmake r250982 website port Legacy FreeBSD pmake
fmirror 0.8.4_4 website port Program for mirroring files and directories from FTP server
fmtlatex g20130930 website port Reformat LaTeX documents suitable for version control
fnord 1.11 website port Small and fast webserver with CGI-capability
fondu 051010 website port Series of programs to interconvert between mac fonts
font-alias 1.0.4 website port X.Org Font aliases
font-util 1.3.2 website port Create an index of X font files in a directory
fonteditfs 1.2 website port Full screen syscons font editor
foomatic-db-engine 4.0.13,2 website port Foomatic database engine
foremost 1.5.7 website port Console program to recover files based on their headers and footers
forkbomb 1.4_1 website port System stress testing tool
fortran-utils 1.1 website port Tools for use with Fortran code, from 4.4BSD
fortune-mod-bible 1.0_1 website port King James V Bible in fortune file format
fortune-mod-bofh 2.0_3 website port Compilation of excuses from the "Bastard Operator From Hell"
fortune-mod-epictetus 0.2 website port Quotes from Epictetus
fortune-mod-freebsd-classic g20171128 website port Classic FreeBSD fortunes (including offensives)
fortune-mod-futurama 0.2_4 website port Compilation of quotes from the TV series "Futurama"
fortune-mod-psalms 1.0 website port Psalms from the Douai Bible in fortune file format
fortuneit 1.99 website port Funny fortune file in Italian
fortunelock 0.1.2 website port Locks a terminal while showing fortunes
fossil 2.18,2 website port DSCM with built-in wiki, http interface and server, tickets database
foswiki 2.1.6_1 website port Free and open source enterprise wiki
fowsr 2.0 website port Fine Offset Weather Station Reader
fpdns 20190131 website port Fingerprinting DNS servers
fpp 1.1_1 website port Fortran preprocessor for FORTRAN 77 and Fortran 90 programs
fprobe 1.1_1 website port Tool that collects network traffic data
fr-hunspell 6.4.1 website port Modern French hunspell dictionaries
fr-hyphen 3.0 website port French hyphenation rules
fr-mythes 2.3 website port French thesaurus
fr-verbiste 0.1.47 website port French verb conjugator/deconjugator
fragrouter 1.6 website port Tool for testing network IDS implementations
free-sa-devel 2.0.0b6.7 website port Statistic analyzer for daemons log files similar to SARG
freebee 2.0 website port Multi-platform ncurses-based console client for Free Bee
freebsd-13-mixer 13.0.0 website port Original mixer(8) from FreeBSD 13.0
freebsd-8k-wallpapers-kde 2.1 website port Collection of simple FreeBSD wallpapers
freebsd-release-manifests 20220317 website port FreeBSD release manifests
freebsd-snapshot 20091208.1_2 website port Convenience frontend tools for the management of UFS2 snapshots
freebsd-uucp 1.07.4_3 website port FreeBSD-modified Taylor UUCP (unix-to-unix copy program)
freecolor 0.9.3 website port Displays free memory as a bargraph
freedink-data 1.08.20170409 website port Game data for games/freedink (Dink Smallwood)
freedt 23 website port Experimental reimplementation of Dan Bernstein's daemontools
freepats 20060219 website port Free and open set of instrument patches
freeradius-client 1.1.7 website port Client library and basic utilities for RADIUS AAA
freesweep 1.0.2 website port Minesweeper-style game for text-mode terminals
freetype 1.3.1_5 website port Free and portable TrueType font rendering engine
freevrrpd 1.1_1 website port RFC 2338 compliant VRRP implementation
freexl 1.0.6 website port Library to extract valid data from within an Excel (.xls) spreadsheet
fretsonfire-data 1.3.110 website port Frets on Fire data files
frikqcc 2.6 website port Advanced QuakeC compiler/decompiler
frink 2.2.2p4_3 website port Tcl formatter and static tester
frotz 2.51 website port Infocom Z-machine games interpreter
fsbackup 1.2.1_3 website port File system backup and synchronization utility
fsc 1.2 website port FreeBSD Services Control family of utilities
fsom g20151117_2 website port Tiny C library for managing SOM (Self-Organizing Maps) neural networks
fstrm 0.6.1 website port Implementation of the Frame Streams data transport protocol in C
fstyp 0.1 website port Detect which filesystem type a device/partition contains
fswatch 0.02.b5_1 website port File system checksum checker
fswiki 3.6.2_2 website port FreeStyle Wiki (perl based wiki clone)
ftdi-eeprom 1.1_1 website port Tool to program the eeprom on FTDI usb devices
ftjam 2.5.2 website port Small build tool that can be used as a replacement for make(1)
ftnchek 3.3.1 website port Fortran 77 semantic checking utility
ftpfind 0.996 website port Find directory or file on FTP server
ftplib 4.0.1 website port Set of routines that implement the FTP protocol
ftpmirror 1.96_5 website port Utility to mirror directory hierarchy with FTP
ftpproxy 1.2.3_1 website port FTP proxy
ftpsesame 0.95 website port Helper for pf firewall to pass FTP protocol
ftpsync 1.3.06,1 website port Synchronizes a local and a remote FTP directory trees
fuzz 0.6_1 website port Tool for testing software by bombarding the program with random data
fuzzysearchdatabase g20201005 website port C++ single-header simple "fuzzy" search library
fxload 20140224 website port Firmware download for Cypress EZ-USB devices
fxt 2021.04.06 website port FFT code and related stuff
fzy 1.0 website port Interactive fuzzy text selector for the terminal
g-gcl 1.10 website port Sample counter scripts for Graphic Counter Language
gaffitter 0.6.0_1 website port Binary packing utility that uses a genetic algorithm
galaxis 1.10 website port Clone of the nifty little Macintosh game
gather 0.4.1 website port Utility to store and display system statistics
gaul 0.1849.0_5 website port Genetic Algorithm Utility Library
gcc-ecj 4.5 website port Eclipse Java Compiler used to build GCC Java
gccmakedep 1.0.3 website port Create dependencies in makefiles using 'gcc -M'
gcpio 2.13_1 website port GNU cpio copies files to and from archives
gdbm 1.23 website port GNU database manager
gdsreader 0.3.2_1 website port GDS2 stream file to Postscript and HP/GL converter
gdt 4.0.4 website port GDS2/GDT format translator
geany-themes 1.24_1 website port Additional color schemes for the Geany IDE
geekcode 1.7.3 website port Geek Code Generator
gemmlowp g20190812 website port Low-precision matrix multiplication library
gen6dns 1.3 website port Tool to generate static DNS records for IPv6 hosts using SLAAC
generand 0.1.2 website port Generate random genomic data in FASTA/FASTQ, SAM, or VCF format
generate 2.8_1 website port Simple text pre-processor
genie g2020082801 website port GENie Project generator tool
genpatch 1.40_1 website port Single patch generator tool compatible with makepatch format
genplist 1.2 website port Generates a static plist for a port
gensig 2.3_1 website port Random .signature generator
get_flash_videos 1.24.20120610 website port Download videos from various Flash-based video hosting sites
geteltorito 0.6,1 website port El Torito image extractor
getline 3.9 website port Small, portable, and easy to use command line library
getopt 1.1.6 website port Replacement for getopt(1) that supports GNU-style long options
getoptions 3.3.0 website port Elegant option parser for shell scripts
gettext 0.21 website port GNU gettext meta package
gettext-runtime 0.21 website port GNU gettext runtime libraries and programs
gettext-tiny 0.3.2 website port Replacements for tools typically used from the GNU gettext suite
gettext-tools 0.21 website port GNU gettext development and translation tools
gexpr 2.0.2_1 website port Shell calculator
gffread 0.12.7 website port GFF/GTF format conversions, filtering, FASTA extraction, etc
gh-bc 5.2.3 website port GNU compatible bc/dc calculator
giflib 5.2.1 website port Tools and library routines for working with GIF images
gifmerge 1.33 website port Tool for making a GIF Animation
giftool 1.0 website port Tool for GIF89a transparent option and interlace mode
git 2.36.0.rc0 website port Distributed source code management tool
gitflow 1.12.3 website port Git extensions to provide high-level repository operations
gitolite2 2.3.1_1 website port Access control layer on top of git
gitup 0.96 website port Minimalist, dependency-free program to clone/pull git repositories
gkermit 1.0 website port File transfer utility using the kermit protocol
glFlow 0.1.4,1 website port NetFlow tool for detecting DoS attacks
glademm 2.6.0_3 website port C++ code generator backend for glade and glade2
glbsp 2.20_1 website port BSP node builder for OpenGL ports of the DOOM game engine
glest-data 3.2.1 website port Glest data files
global-tz 2022.a website port Fork of the IANA Time Zone Database with expanded pre-1970 data
glrparser 1.4_1 website port Parser which works with the GLR(0) algorithm
glucose 4.1_3 website port Parallel SAT solver based on Minisat, with glue clauses
gmake 4.3_2 website port GNU version of 'make' utility
gmid 1.8.1 website port Simple and secure Gemini server
gmm++ 5.4 website port Generic matrix template library
gmp-api 92 website port Gecko Media Plugins API extracted from Firefox
gnetcat 0.7.1_5 website port GPL'ed re-write of the well known networking tool netcat
gnome-icon-theme-symbolic 3.12.0 website port GNOME Symbolic Icons
gnome-icons-aqua-fusion 20030216_4 website port AquaFusion Icons for Gnome
gnome-icons-crystal 1.2.0_5 website port Crystal SVG Icons for Gnome
gnome-icons-faenza 1.3.1 website port Faenza GNOME 2 icon themes
gnome-icons-gentoo-test 0.1_4 website port Gentoo-Test Icons for Gnome
gnome-icons-iris 20050420_2 website port Iris SVG Icons for Gnome
gnome-icons-lila 0.6.4_1 website port Lila Icons for Gnome
gnome-icons-luv website port Flat but complex icon theme for freedesktop environments
gnome-icons-noia-full 20041102_3 website port Noia Icons for Gnome
gnome-icons-noia-warm 20041102_3 website port NoiaWarm Icons for Gnome
gnome-icons-refined 20030203_4 website port Refined Icons for Gnome
gnome-icons-slick 20030209_4 website port Slick Icons for Gnome
gnome-icons-snow-apple 20030202_4 website port Snow-Apple Icons for Gnome
gnome-icons-stylish 20030129_3 website port Stylish Icons for Gnome
gnome-icons-ximian-south 1.3.6_4 website port Ximian-South Icons for Gnome
gnome_subr 1.0 website port Common startup and shutdown subroutines used by GNOME scripts
gnucflow 1.7 website port Tool to chart control flow within the C program
gnugo 3.8_1 website port The game of Go
gnugrep 3.7 website port GNU version of popular pattern matching utility
gnulibiberty 2.37 website port Miscellaneous GNU functions
gnuls 8.30 website port GNU colorized 'ls'
gnupg1 1.4.23_2 website port The GNU Privacy Guard (minimalist "classic" version)
goaccess 1.5.5 website port Real-time Apache web log analyzer
gobi_loader g20191227 website port Firmware Loader for Qualcomm Gobi USB Chipsets
gofish 1.1 website port GoFish Gopher Server
golded+ 1.1.5.a20170303 website port GoldEd+ (FTN message editor)
gone 1.3.6 website port Terminal locking utility with many improvements over lock(1)
goom 2k4.0_7 website port Visual effects library
goose 0.5_3 website port Command line Google search utility
gopher 3.0.6_1 website port Gopher client for access to a distributed document service
gophernicus 3.0.1 website port Modern full-featured and secure Gopher daemon
gopherus 1.2.1 website port Classic text interface to the gopherspace
gotmail 0.9.0_3 website port Script to fetch mail from a Hotmail or MSN mailbox
gotthard 1.3 website port Ssh through https proxy tunnel
gpart 0.1h_2 website port (outdated) Tries to recover lost partition tables and file systems
gpaw-setups 0.9.20000 website port Setups (data files) for py-gpaw, the DFT quantum chemistry software
gperf 3.1 website port Generates perfect hash functions for sets of keywords
gplink 1.5_1 website port GP32 USB linker tool
gpp 2.24 website port The Generic Preprocessor
gpx2map 0.2_1 website port Put GPX track on Google Map or OpenStreetMap
gracula 3.0_1 website port Graphic Counter Language compiler/interpreter
gradle-completion 1.4.1 website port Gradle tab completion for Bash and Zsh
grake 0.1.0_1 website port Command line tool for scanning webpages for Youtube links
granulate 0.2 website port Program for splitting files in place
grap 1.46 website port Implementation of Kernigan & Bentley's grap language
graphpath 1.2 website port Generates an ASCII network diagram from the route table
greed-game 4.2 website port Text puzzle game with the aim of clearing the game field
grepcidr 2.0 website port Filter IP addresses matching IPv4 CIDR/network specification
grepip 1.0_3 website port Print lines with IP addresses matching a pattern in CIDR format
greple 8.3304 website port Grep with multiple keywords
grepmail 5.3033_1 website port Search mailboxes for a given regexp and display matching emails
gron.awk 0.2.0 website port AWK implementation of gron, a JSON-to-greppable-text transformer
gruftistats 0.2.4_1 website port Produces a web page of statistics and quotes from IRC channel logs
gsfonts 8.11_8 website port Standard Fonts for Ghostscript
gsh 1.1.0 website port Program to run commands on multiple remote hosts
gshhg-gmt 2.3.7 website port Global Self-consistent, Hierarchical, High-resolution Geography
gsl 2.7.1 website port The GNU Scientific Library - mathematical libs
gsm 1.0.19 website port Audio converter and library for converting u-law to gsm encoding
gstopd 1.1 website port GEOM stop daemon
gtar 1.34 website port GNU version of the traditional tape archiver
gti 1.7.0 website port Just a silly git launcher, basically. Inspired by sl
gtk-E17-theme 3.22.2,1 website port Dark GTK theme for Enlightenment
gubby 0.5.5 website port Program showing where new mail has been placed
guetzli 1.0.1_5 website port Perceptual JPEG encoder
gup 0.4 website port Allows remote sites to change their newsgroup subscriptions
guspat 20000706_2 website port Izumo collection of Gravis Ultrasound MIDI patches
gwhich 2.21_1 website port GNU Which - Everything you never wanted in a which
gzip-hpp website port C++ header-only library for gzip compression and decompression
gzrecover 0.8 website port GZIP recovery toolkit
gzstream 1.5_3 website port Provides zlib functionality in an iostream
h2c 1.0 website port Provided a set of HTTP request headers, output a curl command line
ha 0.999b_2 website port File archiver based on HSC compression method
hackbot 2.21 website port Host exploration tool and bannergrabber
half 2.2.0 website port C++ library for half precision floating point arithmetic
halibut 1.2 website port Free document preparation system
hans 1.0 website port Hans makes it possible to tunnel IPv4 through ICMP
haproxy17 1.7.14 website port Reliable, high performance TCP/HTTP load balancer
haproxy18 1.8.30 website port Reliable, high performance TCP/HTTP load balancer
hapy 0.0.8_1 website port Runtime parser generator
hardening-check 2.6 website port Check binaries for security hardening features
hardlink 0.3.0 website port Replace file copies using hardlinks
hare 1.0 website port Small C client for sending ssh login notications to a hared server
hashcash 1.22 website port Anti-spam / denial of service counter-measure tool
hashtypes 0.1.1_3 website port Hash data types for PostgreSQL
hblock 3.3.1 website port Adblocker using automatically generated hosts file
hcidump 1.5.1 website port Bluetooth traffic dumper, similar to tcpdump
hcs12mem 1.4.1 website port Software to manipulate EEPROM/FLASH memory
hdf-szip 2.1.1 website port Lossless compression library for scientific data
hdrecover 0.5 website port Attempts to recover a hard disk that has bad blocks on it
health-nut 20.1_1 website port Nutrition software to record what you eat
heirloom-doctools 160308_1 website port Portable and enhanced troff, nroff, and related utilities
heirloom-mailx 12.4_10 website port BSD mail utility with MIME, IMAP, POP3, SMTP, and S/MIME extensions
hello 2.11 website port Utility for saying hello to the world and reading email
help2man 1.49.1 website port Automatically generating simple manual pages from program output
heme 0.4.2 website port Small and fast console hex editor for Unix-like systems
hexcompare 1.0.4 website port Compare and identify differences between two binary files
hexcurse 1.60.0 website port Versatile ncurses-based hex editor
hexd 1.0.0_3 website port Colourful, human-friendly hexdump tool
hexer 1.0.3_1 website port Multi buffer editor for binary files
hexinject 1.6 website port Versatile packet injector and sniffer
hexpeek 1.0.20200804_4 website port Hex file editor
hexpert 2.4.1 website port Simple but flexible binary file editor
hextools 1.2 website port Useful tools for dealing with hex files
hfsutils 3.2.6_3 website port Utilities for accessing Apple's HFS volumes
hhdate 3.0.1 website port Date and time library based on the C++11 (and beyond) header
hicolor-icon-theme 0.17 website port High-color icon theme shell from the FreeDesktop project
highlnk 0.2 website port Tool to save disk space on hard disks by using hardlinks
hilite 1.5 website port Command-line utility to highlight anything printed to stderr
hinversi 0.8.2_2 website port Reversi/Othello clone
histring website port Highlight strings using the ANSI terminal escape sequences
hlextract 2.4.6 website port Utility to extract data from various Half-Life file formats
hlfl 0.60.1_1 website port High Level Firewall Language
hllib 2.4.6 website port Library to work with various Half-Life file formats
hlmaster 0.9.3 website port Half-Life game master server daemon
hnb 1.9.18 website port Hierarchical NoteBook a data organizer
hobbes-icons-xpm3 1.0_1 website port Collection of over 3000 icons in XPM3 format
host-setup 4.0.2 website port System configuration setup/management utility
hostapd 2.10 website port IEEE 802.11 AP, IEEE 802.1X/WPA/WPA2/EAP/RADIUS Authenticator
hostapd-devel 2022.03.14 website port IEEE 802.11 AP, IEEE 802.1X/WPA/WPA2/EAP/RADIUS Authenticator
hostdb 1.004_1 website port Generate DNS and DHCP config files from single source
hping3 20051105 website port Network auditing tool
hploscripts 3.0_2 website port HP Lights-Out management perl scripts
hppsmtools 1.1,1 website port Tool for HP PhotoSmart C5340A and Konica Q-EZ digital cameras
hsflowd 1.24.1 website port Agent that exports metrics using the sFlow protocol
hsftp 1.15_3 website port FTP emulator that uses ssh to transport commands/data
htable 1.2 website port Lightweight implementation of hash tables in C
htdump 0.9y website port Tool to retrieve WWW data
html 4.01_2 website port All W3C published SGML DTDs for HTML
html-pretty 1.01_1 website port HTML and SGML prettyprinter and text-to-HTML/SGML converter
html-xml-utils 8.0 website port Utilities for manipulating HTML and XML files
html2fo 0.4.2 website port HTML to xsl:fo converter
html2hdml 1.0.5 website port I-mode HTML to EZweb HDML converter
html2latex 0.9c website port Convert HTML document into LaTeX
html2text 1.3.2a,1 website port Converts HTML documents into plain text
html2wml 0.4.11 website port CGI that can do on-the-fly HTML to WML conversion
htmlcxx 0.87 website port HTML and CSS APIs for C++
htmlise 0.2 website port Formats plain text as HTML
htpdate 1.2.3 website port Time synchronization over http utility
hts_engine-API 1.10 website port HMM-based speech synthesis system (HTS) engine and API
http-parser 2.9.4 website port HTTP request/response parser written in C
http_get 1.0.20140814 website port Dump http-contents to stdout
http_load 20160309 website port Multiprocessing http performance test client
http_ping 20050629_1 website port Measure HTTP Latency
http_post 1.0.20140814 website port Do a POST operation and dump http-contents to stdout
httplog 2.1_1 website port Apache log rollover program with strftime(3) filename support
httpry 0.1.8 website port Packet sniffer designed for displaying and logging HTTP traffic
httptunnel 3.3_3 website port Tunnel a TCP/IP connection through a HTTP/TCP/IP connection
httrack 3.49.2_1 website port Easy-to-use offline browser utility and website copier
htx 0.7.8 website port HTML to XHTML converter
hu-hunspell 1.6.1 website port Hunspell Hungarian dictionary
hu-hyphen 2007.05.17_1 website port Hungarian hyphenation rules
hu-mythes 2003.09.29_1 website port Hungarian thesaurus
huc 3.21 website port PC Engine C compiler which can create ROMs (hucard) or CD images
hulgalugha 1.0 website port Very jerky text filter
humanzip 0.5 website port Compresses text to human readable output
husky-huskylib 1.9.20191207 website port Husky generic FTN library
husky-smapi 1.9.20191207,1 website port Husky FTN MSGAPI library
hvl2wav g20180905 website port Tool for converting AHX sound modules to WAV
hw-probe 1.6.1 website port Probe for hardware, check operability, and find drivers
hwdata 0.357,1 website port Database of IDs used in PCI, PNP and USB devices
hwstat 0.5.1 website port Command line tool to display CPU temp and battery infos
hyphen 2.8.8 website port Library for high quality hyphenation and justification
i18n-man 1.1_1 website port Browse I18N capable UNIX manual pages with Mule, Emacs, and XEmacs
i2c-tools 4.1 website port Heterogeneous set of I2C tools
i3blocks 1.4.93 website port Define blocks for your i3bar status line
iat 0.1.7 website port Converter of many types of CD-ROM image file formats into ISO-9660
ibsh 0.3e_1 website port Restricted unix shell
icbirc 2.1 website port Proxy IRC client and ICB server
icc-profiles-basiccolor 1.2.0 website port CMYK ICC profiles for ISO Printing conditions (ISO 12647-2)
iceauth 1.0.8_2 website port ICE authority file utility for X
icegenerator 0.5.5.p2_2 website port Direct streaming generator for Icecast/Shoutcast
ices 2.0.3,1 website port Vorbis streaming source client for icecast 2
icewm-extra-themes 1.2 website port Big collection of IceWM window manager themes
icmpchat 0.6_1 website port Simple console-based chat that uses ICMP protocol
icmpinfo 1.11_1 website port Looks at the icmp messages received by the host
icmpmonitor 1.2 website port Multiple host icmp monitoring tool
icmpquery 1.0.3 website port Small utility for finding out time & netmask through ICMP
icon-naming-utils 0.8.90_1 website port Utilities of the Tango project
icons-human-azul 0.1_1 website port Set of icons from the Ubuntu human look
icpld 1.1.5_2 website port Internet connection performance logging daemon
icqlib 1.0.0_3 website port Library required by kicq (not libicq)
id-hyphen 2004.08.12_1 website port Indonesian hyphenation rules
id3ed 1.10.4 website port Id3 tag editor for mp3 files
id3el 0.05_1 website port Add-on to edit ID3 tags for mpg123-mode (mpg123.el) on Emacsen
id3lib 3.8.3_10 website port Library for manipulating ID3v1/v1.1 and ID3v2 tags
id3mtag 0.80 website port Mass tagging utility for audio files
id3ren 1.1b0 website port Rename MP3 files, edit tags, search, etc
id3tool 1.2a website port Utility for manipulating mp3 ID3 Tags
id3v2 0.1.12 website port Command line id3v2 tag editor
idea 1.2_1 website port Command-line IDEA encryption and decryption utility
identify 0.7 website port Client side ident protocol daemon wrapper
idnkit 1.0_7 website port Library to handle internationalized domain names
idnkit2 2.3_2 website port Internationalized Domain Name toolkit 2
idutils 4.6_5 website port The classic Berkeley gid/lid tools for looking up variables in code
ie-hunspell 1.0 website port Interlingue Hunspell dictionaries
ifdepd 20110412_1 website port Interface Dependency daemon
ifile 1.3.8 website port Application of machine learning to e-mail filtering
ifstat 1.1_5 website port Network interface statistics monitoring tool
ifstated 5.1_3,3 website port Interface state daemon
iftop 1.0.p4 website port Display bandwidth usage on an interface by host
igor 1.595 website port FreeBSD Documentation Project sanity check script
ii 1.9 website port Minimalist FIFO and filesystem-based IRC client
ilbc r3951_1 website port Internet Low Bit Rate codec (RFC3951)
im 153 website port Set of user interfaces of Email and NetNews
imap-uw 2007f_1,1 website port University of Washington IMAP4rev1/POP2/POP3 mail servers
imapproxy 1.0_1 website port Caching IMAP proxy daemon to be used with Horde/IMP
imapsync 2.178 website port IMAP synchronization, copy or migration tool
imds-filterd 0.1 website port Provides per user/group access controls to the EC2 IMDS
imerge 0.2.4 website port Tool to help merge one file to another interactively
inadyn 2.9.0 website port Dynamic DNS update client
indexinfo 0.3.1 website port Utility to regenerate the GNU info page index
info2html 2.0 website port Translate GNU info files into HTML pages
info2man 20040717_1 website port Translate GNU info files into man pages
info_to_html 0.9.6_1 website port Translate GNU info files into HTML pages
infobot 0.45.3_3 website port Bot written in Perl with a rabid AI
inilib 1.0.7b3 website port C++ lib which provides a method of saving the "state" of a program
iniparser 4.1 website port Free stand-alone ini file parsing library
initutil 2.1.b website port STL Container Initialization Library
inscript2 20210820 website port Enhanced Inscript keyboard layouts for Indic languages
intellij-pty4j 0.11.4 website port Pty4J's native library
interGif 6.15 website port Efficient animated GIF optimiser
interbench 0.31_1 website port Interactivity benchmark for Unix-like systems
intervaltree g20151213_2 website port Minimal C++ interval tree implementation
intltool 0.51.0_1 website port Tools to internationalize various kinds of data files
iodine 0.7.0_1 website port Tunnel IPv4 data through a DNS server
iograph 0.9.1 website port Creates HTML statistics of network transfer
iohyve 0.7.9 website port bhyve manager utilizing ZFS and other FreeBSD tools
ioping 1.2 website port Simple disk I/0 latency measuring tool
iozone 3.491 website port Performance Test of Sequential File I/O
iozone21 2.01 website port Performance Test of Sequential File I/O (older version)
ip4r 2.4.1_1 website port IP address and IP range index types for PostgreSQL
ip6_int 1.0 website port Convert an IPv4/IPv6 address to an PTR value
ipa 2.1.2_1 website port Pluggable accounting system
ipa_conv 1.1_2 website port IPA accounting/database module for converting statistics
ipa_sdb 1.1.1_3 website port IPA simple database module
ipacctd 1.47 website port IP accounting using divert socket
ipad_charge 2.0.1 website port Generic iPad USB charging utility
ipaudit 1.1 website port IP traffic summarizer
ipbt r8765 website port High-tech ttyrec player with improvements over ttyplay
ipcad 3.7.3_2 website port IP accounting daemon with Cisco-like RSH and NetFlow export
ipcalc 0.41_3 website port IP Calculator
ipdbtools 1.1.2_3 website port Tools for IP based Geo-blocking and Geo-routing
iperf 2.1.6 website port Tool to measure maximum TCP and UDP bandwidth
iperf3 3.11 website port Improved tool to measure TCP and UDP bandwidth
ipfilter2dshield 1.0_2 website port Official DShield client for ipfilter firewall logs
ipfw2dshield 0.5 website port DShield client for ipfw logs
iplike 2.2.0 website port C implementation of the OpenNMS iplike stored procedure
ipmitool 1.8.18_3 website port CLI to manage IPMI systems
iprange 1.0.4 website port Manage IP ranges
ipsc 0.4.3 website port IP Subnet Calculator
ipv6toolkit 2.0 website port Set of IPv6 security assessment tools
ircii 20210314 website port Small and high extensible IRC client
irssistats 0.75 website port Generate IRC statistics based on irssi logs
is-hyphen 2004.04.15_1 website port Icelandic hyphenation rules
isc-cron 4.1_2 website port ISC Cron, former Vixie Cron
iselect 1.4.0_2 website port Interactive Selection Tool
ish 2.01a5 website port Binary-to-text file-encoder
isic 0.07_4 website port IP Stack Integrity Checker
isnprober 1.02 website port PenTest tool for TCP Initial Sequence Numbers research
iso-schematron-xslt 20130313_1 website port The Leading Implementation of ISO Schematron
iso12083 1993_2 website port SGML DTDs from the The Electronic Publishing Special Interest Group
iso8879 1986_3 website port Character entity sets from ISO 8879:1986 (SGML)
isoqlog 2.2.1_1 website port Qmail, postfix, sendmail, exim MTA log analysis program
it-hunspell 2016.02.10 website port Italian hunspell dictionaries
it-hyphen 2016.02.10 website port Italian hyphenation rules
it-mythes 02.09.l_1 website port Italian thesaurus
itcl 3.4.1_1,1 website port Object-oriented extension to Tcl [incr Tcl]
itcl4 4.2.2 website port Object-oriented extension to Tcl [incr Tcl]
ivykis 0.42.4 website port Asynchronous I/O readiness notification library
iw-hspell 1.4 website port Hebrew spellchecker and morphology engine
iw-hunspell 1.4 website port Hebrew hunspell dictionaries
iwmbt-firmware 20210315 website port Intel Wireless 8260 bluetooth adaptor firmwares used by iwmbtfw(8)
ja-ASCIIdates98-fpw 1.0_1 website port Japanese dictionary for PC terms in '98 ASCII Dates Book (EPWING V1 format)
ja-CGdic-fpw 1.0_1 website port Japanese dictionary for CG (EPWING V1 format)
ja-ack 1.39_1 website port Kanji code converter
ja-ajaxzip2-core 20081102_1 website port ajaxzip2 (Japanese ZIP code utility) core scripts
ja-ajaxzip2-data 20200831 website port ajaxzip2 (Japanese ZIP code utility) ZIP data
ja-anthy 0.4_3,1 website port Another Kana-Kanji conversion system
ja-bible_names-fpw 1.1.3 website port Dictionary for HITCHCOCK'S BIBLE NAMES (EPWING V1 format)
ja-celrw 0.16 website port Cellular phone-number read/write tool (in Japan only)
ja-cmigemo 20141220 website port C implementation of Migemo Japanese incremental search tool
ja-cmigemo-dict 20141220 website port C implementation of Migemo Japanese incremental search tool
ja-csrd 1.0_1 website port Utility for Shogakukan Random House English-Japanese Dictionary
ja-ctags 5.8j2 website port Feature-filled tagfile generator with Japanese support
ja-devil-fpw 1.0.3 website port Devil's dictionary (EPWING V1 format)
ja-e2ps 4.34 website port Text file to postscript converter (with Japanese support)
ja-ebd-fpw 1.0_1 website port Easton's 1897 Bible Dictionary (EPWING V1 format)
ja-edict 19990714_5 website port Japanese-English dictionaries with access and maintenance utilities
ja-edict-fpw 1.2.2 website port Japanese <-> English Dictionary (EPWING V1 format)
ja-edyvalue 2007.01.06_1 website port Utility to print a statement of Edy card
ja-epwutil 1.1_1 website port Utilities to manage Japanese EPWING or Electric-Book based CD-ROM
ja-esecanna 1.0.1_6 website port Pseudo cannaserver which wraps some other input engines
ja-esecanna-module-vje25 0.14.6_2 website port Esecanna module for VJE-Delta 2.5
ja-esecanna-module-vje30 1.0.1_2 website port Esecanna module for VJE-Delta 3.0
ja-flower-fpw 1.0_1 website port Dictionary for flowers (EPWING V1 format)
ja-foldoc-fpw 1.0.2 website port Free On-line Dictionary of Computing (EPWING V1 format)
ja-freepwing 1.4.4_2 website port Free JIS X 4081 (subset of EPWING V1) Formatter
ja-fumeikai-fpw 1.0_1 website port Abbreviation (alphabet-->Japanese) dictionary (EPWING V1 format)
ja-hns 2.19.9_1 website port Hyper NIKKI System, a CGI system for Electric Diary Interchange
ja-icanna 0.9.0 website port Canna connector for yc.el via unix domain socket website port Perl library for Japanese character code conversion
ja-japaneseAFM 1.0 website port Japanese AFM fonts
ja-jargon-fpw 2.0 website port The famous jargon file (EPWING V1 format) 2.13_2 website port Perl library for Japanese character code conversion
ja-kbanner 2.1_5 website port Displays large Japanese letters on the standard output
ja-kcc 1.1 website port Kanji code conversion Filter
ja-kcode 1.0 website port Handy utility to show codepoint information of given characters
ja-less 382.262.03.01 website port Enhanced less(1) supporting iso-2022-jp and UTF-8
ja-libslang 1.4.5.j2_1 website port Library permits a programmer to develop software
ja-lipsf 2.00_1 website port Text to LIPS filter
ja-lsd-fpw 3.0.1 website port Japanese - English Dictionary for Life Science (EPWING V1 format)
ja-mecab 0.996_3 website port Yet Another Part-of-Speech and Morphological Analyzer
ja-ne 3.05 website port VZ-like full-screen text editor with Japanese support
ja-ng 1.4.4_2 website port Light Emacs-clone with Japanese support
ja-ng-devel 1.5.b1 website port Light Emacs-clone with Japanese support
ja-nkf 2.1.4,1 website port Network Kanji code conversion Filter
ja-p5-2chproxy 1.0.1 website port Proxy server for
ja-p5-Date-Japanese-Era 0.07 website port Conversion between Japanese Era / Gregorian calendar
ja-p5-Date-Japanese-Holiday 0.05_3 website port Perl module for Calculate Japanese Holiday
ja-p5-DateTime-Calendar-Japanese-Era 0.08001_2 website port DateTime Extension for Japanese Eras
ja-p5-Encode-EUCJPASCII 0.03 website port Perl5 module for eucJP-open
ja-p5-Encode-EUCJPMS 0.07_3 website port Perl5 module defining Microsoft compatible encodings for Japanese
ja-p5-Encode-ISO2022 0.04 website port Perl extension for ISO/IEC 2022 character encoding scheme
ja-p5-Encode-JP-Emoji 0.60_1 website port Perl extension for Emoji encodings and cross-mapping tables
ja-p5-Encode-JP-Mobile 0.30_1 website port Perl extension for encoding for mobile phones in Japan
ja-p5-HTML-MobileJp 0.08_1 website port Generate mobile-jp html tags
ja-p5-Jcode 2.07_1 website port Perl extension interface to convert Japanese text
ja-p5-Lingua-JA-Kana 0.07_1 website port Converts between Kanas and Romaji
ja-p5-Lingua-JA-Moji 0.36 website port Perl extension to handle many kinds of Japanese characters
ja-p5-Lingua-JA-Numbers 0.05 website port Converts numeric values to and from their Japanese string equivalents
ja-p5-Lingua-JA-Regular-Unicode 0.12_1 website port Perl extension to convert Japanese chars
ja-p5-Lingua-JA-Summarize-Extract 0.02_2 website port Summary generator for Japanese
ja-p5-MeCab 0.996_2 website port MeCab library module for Perl5
ja-p5-Number-Phone-JP 0.20190521 website port Perl5 module to validate Japanese phone numbers
ja-p5-PDFJ 0.90_3 website port PDFJ module provides methods to generate Japanese PDF file
ja-p5-Text-MeCab 0.20009_3 website port Alternate Interface To libmecab
ja-p5-Unicode-Japanese 0.49_1 website port Perl5 module to handle Japanese character encodings
ja-p5-WWW-MobileCarrierJP 0.65 website port Scrape Japanese mobile carrier information
ja-p5-mime_pls 2.02_2 website port Perl Library for MIME encode/decode
ja-p5-nkf 2.1.4,1 website port Perl extension module to use NKF
ja-pejv-fpw 1.0.4 website port Esperanto-Japanese dictionary (EPWING V1 format)
ja-plain2 2.54.1_2 website port Text converter from plain to any format
ja-prn 1.0_1 website port Yet another converter from text file to postscript (with Japanese support)
ja-qkc 1.0 website port Quick Kanji Code Converter (C version)
ja-quit 1.2a_1 website port Bicycle with trailers like "sl"
ja-roget-fpw 1.0.2 website port Roget's Thesaurus (EPWING V1 format)
ja-ryaku-fpw 1.0.1_1 website port Abbreviation (alphabet-->Japanese) dictionary (EPWING V1 format)
ja-skk-jisyo 201409 website port Jisyo (dictionary) files for the SKK Japanese-input software
ja-skk-jisyo-cdb 201409 website port CDB jisyo (dictionary) files for the SKK Japanese-input software
ja-skkserv 9.6_6 website port Dictionary server for the SKK Japanese-input software
ja-slrn website port Newsreader based on the S-Lang library
ja-suicavalue 2007.05.15 website port Utility to print a statement of Suica
ja-tegaki-zinnia-japanese 0.3 website port Handwriting Recognition Models for Tegaki
ja-tiarra 20100212_7 website port IRC Proxy software
ja-today 2.12_2 website port Tells you what day today is
ja-vera-fpw website port Virtual Entity of Relevant Aconyms (EPWING V1 format)
ja-wdic-fpw 1.4 website port Wired and Wireless Dictionary in Japanese (EPWING V1 format)
ja-web1913-fpw 1.1.2 website port Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913) (EPWING V1 format)
ja-wnn7egg 1.02_1 website port Wnn7 elisp client
ja-wordnet-fpw website port English - English Dictionary (EPWING V1 format)
ja-wwasw-fpw 1.0.2 website port Biographical dictionary (EPWING V1 format)
ja-zinnia 0.06_1 website port Simple, customizable, and portable online handwriting recognition system
ja-zipcodes 20200831 website port Japanese zipcode tables. includes both 3/5 and 7 digits form
jade 1.2.1_10 website port Object-oriented SGML/XML parser toolkit and DSSSL engine
jail-primer 0.2 website port Third Generation Jail System Solution
jailadmin 1.9 website port Jail management system with optional SNMP support
jailaudit 1.6.1 website port Script to generate portaudit reports for jails
jaildaemon 0.4 website port Fixed command-line interface for FreeBSD jails to their host system
jailme 0.2.0 website port Setuid version of jexec to allow normal users access to jails
jailrc 1.0 website port Improved jail startup/shutdown script
jailutils 1.7 website port Several utilities for managing jails
jam 2.6 website port Build utility like make(1)
jama 1.2.5 website port Java-like Matrix C++ Templates
jamlib 1.4.7_2 website port JAM subroutine library
jansson 2.14 website port C library for encoding, decoding, and manipulating JSON data
jargon 4.4.7 website port The famous jargon file
jattach 2.0 website port JVM dynamic attach utility
java-zoneinfo 2021.e website port Updated Java timezone definitions
javavmwrapper 2.7.8 website port Wrapper script for various Java Virtual Machines
jbig2dec 0.19 website port Decoder implementation of the JBIG2 image compression format
jbigkit 2.1_1 website port Lossless compression for bi-level images such as scanned pages, faxes
jclassinfo 0.19.1_1 website port Shows information about Java class, dependencies, and more
jday 2.4_1 website port Astronomical Julian date calculator
jdupes 1.19.2 website port Powerful duplicate file finder and an enhanced fork of 'fdupes'
jesred 1.2.1_1 website port Redirector for Squid
jimtcl 0.81 website port Small footprint implementation of the Tcl programming language
jitsi-meet 1.0.4048_2 website port Secure, Simple and Scalable Video Conferences
jkill 1.0 website port Shutdowns a running jail and all its processes
jlint 3.1.2_5 website port Java program analyzer and checker
jlj 2.12 website port Jerry's command-line entry system
jmref 19.0_1 website port JM Reference Software
jo 1.6 website port Small utility to create JSON objects
joe 4.6,1 website port Joe's Own Editor
jojodiff 0.8.1 website port Diff and patch utilities for binary files
jove 4.16_2 website port Jonathan's Own Version of Emacs
jps 1.0 website port Wrapper to ps(1) that maps pids to jails
jrefentry 1.1_2 website port DocBook XML JRefEntry DTD
jruls 0.2 website port Display and update FreeBSD jails resource usage
jsMath-fonts 1.3 website port Raster fonts pack for jsmath
jshon 20180209 website port JSON parser for the shell
jsmin 20130329 website port The JavaScript Minifier
jtc 1.76 website port CLI tool to extract, manipulate and transform JSON
jtop 1.0 website port Wrapper to top(1) that maps pids to jails
juke 0.7 website port Simple (n)curses based juke box program
jumpgate 0.7_1 website port TCP connection forwarder
jupp 3.1.38 website port Portable version of Joe's Own Editor from MirBSD
jwasm 2.14,1 website port Fork of OpenWatcom x86 assembler with AMD64 support
jwsmtp 1.32.15 website port C++ library for sending email
jzip 2.0.1g website port Text-mode Infocom game interpreter
kadnode 2.3.0_1 website port P2P name resolution daemon
kakoune 2021.11.08 website port Modal code editor with a focus on interactivity
kbdscan 20110507 website port Show scancodes of keys pressed and released
kc24 2.4.2_1 website port Console based password storing application
kde-icons-black-and-white 2.0.a website port KDE Black And White iconset
kde-icons-gartoon-blue-svg 1.3 website port KDE Gartoon Blue SVG iconset
kde-icons-gartoon-svg 1.3 website port KDE Gartoon SVG iconset
kde-icons-graphite-rade8 3.1 website port KDE Mac OS X like iconset, most from rad-e8 design
kde-icons-lime-rade8 3.1 website port KDE Mac OS X like iconset, most from rad-e8 design
kde-icons-lush 0.1.0 website port KDE Lush complete iconset
kde-icons-noia 1.00 website port KDE Noia complete iconset
kde-icons-nuoveXT2 2.2.2 website port KDE nuoveXT 2 iconset
kde-icons-nuvola 1.0_1 website port KDE Nuvola iconset, SVG evolution of SKY
kde_poster 1.0_1 website port KDE version of the poster utility
kdesdk 21.12.3 website port KDE Software Development Kit
keitairc 2.0 website port IRC proxy for mobilephone that have a web interface
kenny 1.7_1 website port Translate text both to and from KennySpeak
kerl 2.2.4 website port Virtualenv-like tool for Erlang/OTP
kexis 0.2.2 website port Lossless WAV file compressor
keychain 2.8.5 website port User-friendly front-end to ssh-agent(1)
keyprint 1.0_2 website port Print S/Key keys on a piece of paper, twice the size of a credit card
kiconvtool 0.99 website port Tool to preload kernel iconv charset tables
kismet 2016.07.r1_2,1 website port 802.11 layer2 wireless network detector, sniffer, and IDS
kissd 0.3 website port Daemon for providing multimedia files to KiSS DP-50x players
kldfind 0.61 website port Find kernel modules by string
kldpatch 20090116 website port Utility to patch modules and kernel
klish 2.1.4 website port Kommand Line Interface Shell
knc 1.7.1 website port Kerberised NetCat
knock 0.5_1,1 website port Flexible port-knocking server and client
ko-engdic 0.2_1 website port English dictionary utility for Korean
ko-h2ps 2.06 website port Formats an ASCII file for printing on a postscript printer with Korean char
ko-hcode 2.1.3_1 website port Hangul code conversion utility
ko-hmconv 1.0.3_1 website port Hangul code conversion utility for E-mail
ko-hpscat-jshin 1.3.1,2 website port Hangul Text Printing Utility
ko-munhwafonts-cid 1.0_3 website port Munhwa CID fonts collection(Basic set)
ko-nhpf 1.42_1 website port Hangul Printing Filter for Netscape with embedded font
ko-uniksc 0.9 website port Converts data between Korean KSC-5601 and Unicode 3.0 UTF-16
kripp 0.6.1 website port Lightweight network password sniffer
kstart 4.2_2 website port Automated Kerberos ticket cache and keytab management utilities
kyotocabinet 1.2.79 website port Straightforward implementation of DBM
l-smash 2.14.5 website port MP4 muxer and other tools
l0pht-watch 1.1_1 website port Program to report on what goes on in /tmp
l0phtcrack 1.5 website port Cracks SAMBA or Windows NT passwords
l2a 1.2 website port LaTeX to ASCII converter
l5 1.2 website port File Integrity Assessment Tool
la-capitaine-icon-theme 0.6.2 website port Icon pack designed to integrate with most desktop environments
lacheck 1.26_1 website port Tool for finding common mistakes in LaTeX documents
ladder 1.00_2 website port The old "ladder" game
lamarc 2.1.8_1,1 website port Package of programs for computing population parameters
lambda 0.1.4_2 website port Lambda calculus interpreter
lame 3.100_3 website port Fast MP3 encoder kit
laspack 1.12.2 website port Package for solving large sparse systems of linear equations
latd 1.31 website port Linux-DECnet project LAT protocol suite
latexdiff 1.3.2 website port Determine and mark up significant differences between latex files
lazyread 2.0 website port Lazyread can auto-scroll files on your screen in movie credit fashion
lbl-cf 1.2.5 website port Unix time to formatted time and date filter
lbl-hf 1.9 website port Address to hostname filter
lbrate 1.1_2 website port Extract/decompress CP/M LBR archives
lbzip2 2.5 website port Multi-threaded bzip2/bunzip2 filter
lc 1.0 website port Alternative to ls(1)
lcab 1.0b12 website port Microsoft .CABinet file creator
ldap-stats 5.2_1 website port Program to generate OpenLDAP statistics reports
ldapsh 2.00_4,1 website port Interactive shell used to administer ldap directories
ldns 1.8.1 website port Library for programs conforming to DNS RFCs and drafts
ldraw 20220211,1 website port LDraw-format CAD files representing many of LEGO bricks produced
leafnode 1.11.12 website port NNTP package for offline news caching and reading
leafpak 1.1.1 website port Graphic file cutter for LEAF/AQUAPLUS PAK format archives
leaktracer 2.4 website port Trace and analyze memory leaks in C++ programs
led 2.0_1 website port Tiny text editor, with a number of useful programming features
ledgersmb 1.2.26_2 website port Double entry accounting system
lemon 3.34 website port LALR(1) parser generator. Similar in function to yacc and bison
less 551_1 website port Better pager utility
lexter 1.0.3_6 website port Real-time word puzzle for text terminals
lfcbase 1.16.2 website port Collection of basic c++ classes, used for databases/cego
lfcxml 1.3.3 website port C++ XML library, used for databases/cego
lft 3.91,2 website port Layer 4 Traceroute program
lg 1.9.s20140622_1 website port Looking Glass written in Perl as a CGI script
lha 1.14i_8 website port Archive files using LZSS and Huffman compression (.lzh files)
lib1541img 1.1_1 website port Library for handling commodore 1541 disk images
lib765 0.4.2_2 website port Emulation of uPD765a Floppy Disc Controller
libCello 1.1.7_1 website port Higher level programming in C
libEMF 1.0.13 website port Enhanced Metafile Library
libFS 1.0.8 website port The FS library
libHX 4.3 website port C/C++ library with common data structures and functions
libICE 1.0.10,1 website port Inter Client Exchange library for X11
libSM 1.2.3,1 website port Session Management library for X11
libXau 1.0.9 website port Authentication Protocol library for X11
libXdmcp 1.1.3 website port X Display Manager Control Protocol library
liba52 0.7.4_3 website port Free library for decoding ATSC A/52 streams, aka AC-3
libac g20190308 website port C++ implementation of the Aho-Corasick (AC) string matching algorithm
libaec 1.0.6 website port Adaptive entropy coding library
libaiff 5.0 website port Read and write AIFF files
libantlr3c 3.4_1 website port ANother Tool for Language Recognition (C runtime)
libao 1.2.0_5 website port Portable audio output library
libarc 2.0.2_2 website port Tiny C decompression library for several popular compression formats
libarena 0.3.7 website port Custom Memory Allocator Interface
libargon2 20190702 website port Memory hard password hashing program and library
libarms 5.01_2 website port SMFv2/ARMS client library for C
libart_lgpl 2.3.21_3,1 website port Library for high-performance 2D graphics
libassa 3.5.1_1 website port C++ networking library and application framework
libatomic_ops 7.6.12 website port Atomic operations access library
libaudiofile 0.3.6_3 website port Sound library for SGI audio file
libaura 3.1.20051222 website port Library of Assorted Useful Reusable Abstractions
libavl 1.4.0_1 website port Library for balanced binary trees
libb64 1.2.1 website port Library for fast Base64 encoding and decoding
libbacktrace 1.0 website port C library that produces symbolic backtraces in C/C++ programs
libbegemot 1.11_5 website port Function library for begemot tools
libbgpdump 1.6.0 website port Analyzing dump files produced by Zebra/Quagga or MRT
libbigwig 0.4.6 website port C library for handling bigWig files (containing genomic data)
libbpfjit g2020082801 website port Just-in-Time compilation of bpf
libbpm 0.3_1 website port C-library contains low level beam position monitor signal processing
libburn 1.5.4 website port Libburnia library to read/write optical discs
libcabinet 0.30_2 website port Portable library and utility to use Microsoft cabinet files (.cab)
libcdaudio 0.99.12p2_3 website port Library for playing audio CDs
libcddb-doc 1.3.0 website port Libcddb documentation
libcii 1.1 website port Library from "C Interfaces and Implementations" by David Hanson
libcli 1.9.6_1 website port Emulates a Cisco style command-line interface
libcomprex 0.3.3_13 website port Transparently handles automatic compression and decompression of files
libconfuse 3.3_2 website port Configuration file parsing library
libcsv 3.0.3_3 website port Small, simple and fast CSV library
libdatrie 0.2.13 website port Double-array trie implementation library
libdbi 0.9.0_3 website port Database Independent Abstraction Layer for C
libdc1394 2.2.6 website port 1394-based DC Control Library
libdcadec 0.2.0_1 website port DTS Coherent Acoustics decoder with support for HD extensions
libdeflate 1.10 website port Fast, whole-buffer DEFLATE-based compression library
libdfui 4.1.20060122 website port Abstract user interface protocol library
libdiff 0.1.0 website port Library to generate arbitrary sequence diffs
libdisasm 0.23_2 website port Intel x86 instructions disassembler utility and library
libdjbdns 1.05_2 website port Public domain DNS client library
libdkim 1.0.21 website port DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) library
libdnsres 0.1a_10 website port Provides a non-blocking thread-safe API for resolving DNS names
libdomainkeys 0.69_1 website port DomainKeys library
libdombey 5.56 website port SCGI application server in a library
libdrizzle-redux 5.1.4_2 website port Client and protocol library for the Drizzle database
libdsk 1.4.2 website port Enables access to disks and disk images; also via serial line
libdssialsacompat 1.0.8a_2 website port Alsa compatibility library to build DSSI
libdvbcsa 1.1.0_1 website port Free implementation of the DVB Common Scrambling Algorithm
libdvbpsi 1.3.3 website port Library for MPEG TS and DVB PSI tables decoding and generation
libdvdcss 1.4.3 website port Portable abstraction library for DVD decryption
libdvdnav 6.1.1 website port Videolan version of the libdvdnav project
libdvdread 6.1.2 website port Videolan version of the libdvdread project
libdwarf 20161124 website port Library to analyze DWARF debugging information in ELF files
libdynamite 0.1.1_4 website port Decompress data compressed with PKWARE Data Compression Library
libeXosip2 5.3.0 website port GPL library that extends the capability of the oSIP library
libeatmydata 9 website port Small library designed to transparently disable fsync
libecwj2 3.3_3 website port Erdas ECW and JPEG2000 support library
libedit 3.1.20210910,1 website port Command line editor library
libelf 0.8.13_3 website port Public ELF file access library similar to libelf(3) in Solaris
libestr 0.1.11_1 website port Library for some string essentials
libev 4.33,1 website port Full-featured and high-performance event loop library
libevent 2.1.12 website port API for executing callback functions on events or timeouts
libexif 0.6.24 website port Library to read digital camera file meta-data
libexttextcat 3.4.6 website port Language guessing by N-Gram-Based Text Categorization
libfaketime 0.9.10 website port Modifies the system time for a single application
libfastcommon 1.0.43 website port C common functions library used mainly by FastDFS and FastDHT
libfb 2.0.2_2 website port FoneBRIDGE configuration library
libfilteraudio 0.0.1,1 website port Lightweight audio filtering library made from webrtc code
libfishsound 1.0.0_4 website port Programming interface to decode/encode audio data
libfontenc 1.1.4 website port The fontenc Library
libfortuna 0.1.1 website port Fortuna PRNG Library
libfpx website port Library routines for working with Flashpix images
libg15 3.0.6 website port API for control of LCD and the extra keys on Logitech keyboards
libg15render 3.0.4 website port Library to render the LCD screen on Logitech keyboards
libg19 1.1.1_1 website port G19 library
libg722 1.0.2_1 website port Software G.722 decoding/encoding library
libgal 0.5.0_1 website port General Astrodynamics Library
libgpc 2.32 website port Generic Polygon Clipper
libgta 1.0.8 website port Portable library that implements the GTA file format
libhdhomerun 20211212 website port Library and command line utility for interfacing with HDHomeRun device
libhoard 3.13 website port Fast, scalable, and memory-efficient allocator for MP
libhsclient website port Client Library of HandlerSocket Plugin
libiconv 1.16 website port Character set conversion library
libident 0.32_4 website port Small library to interface the ident protocol server (rfc1413)
libijs 0.35_5 website port C library that supports plugin printer driver for Ghostscript
libiptcdata 1.0.4_2 website port Library for manipulating IPTC metadata stored in image files
libircclient 1.10 website port IRC library to create IRC clients
libirman 0.5.2 website port Library for Evation's Irman infrared receiver
libisofs 1.5.4 website port Libburnia ISO9660 filesystem creation library
libjitterentropy 3.3.1 website port Hardware RNG based on CPU timing jitter
libk8055 0.2 website port Velleman K8055 USB experimental board support and command line tool
libkate 0.4.1_11 website port Codec for karaoke and text encapsulation for Ogg
liblinear 2.43 website port Library for Large Linear Classification
liblo 0.31_2 website port Lightweight Open Sound Control implementation
liblockfile 1.17 website port Standard lockfile library
liblogging 1.0.6 website port Easy to use system logging library
libltdl 2.4.6 website port System independent dlopen wrapper
liblzxcomp 20050705 website port LZX compression library
libmad 0.15.1b_7 website port Libmad library (part of MAD project)
libmaxminddb 1.6.0 website port Library for the MaxMind DB file format used for GeoIP2
libmba 0.9.1_1 website port Collection of C modules potentially useful to any project
libmdf 1.0.21 website port Millistream Data Feed API library
libmetalink 0.1.3 website port Metalink library written in C language
libmill 1.18 website port Go-style concurrency in CGo-style concurrency in C
libmilter 8.16.1 website port Library providing Sendmail Mail Filter API
libmimedir 0.5.1_2 website port Library for parsing RFC2425 MIME Directory Profile information
libmms 0.6.4_1 website port Library for parsing mms:// and mmsh:// type network streams
libmodplug website port ModPlug mod-like music shared libraries
libmorph 0.1.2_2 website port Library for loading (and saving) 3D modeller object files
libmowgli 1.0.0 website port Development framework for C
libmowgli2 2.1.3 website port Development framework for C
libmp3-archive-perl 0.9_1 website port Perl module to manipulate filenames containing music metadata
libmpeg2 0.5.1_6 website port Free library for decoding MPEG-2 and MPEG-1 video streams
libmpeg3 1.8 website port Advanced editing and manipulation of MPEG streams
libmrss 0.19.2_8 website port C library for parsing, writing, and creating RSS
libmspack 0.10.1 website port Library for Microsoft compression formats
libmtdev 1.1.6_1 website port Multitouch Protocol Translation Library
libnaji 0.6.4_1 website port Library that generates, converts, and filters files
libnatpmp 20220122_1 website port NAT-PMP lightweight library
libnet 1.1.6_5,1 website port C library for creating IP packets
libnfc 1.7.1_5 website port Near Field Communication (NFC) library
libnghttp2 1.46.0 website port HTTP/2.0 C Library
libnghttp3 0.2.0 website port HTTP/3 C Library
libngtcp2 0.2.1 website port Implementation of QUIC protocol
libnss-cache 0.20 website port NSS module for directory services using an indexed, local disk cache
libntlm 1.6 website port Library that implement Microsoft's NTLM authentication
libnumbertext 1.0.8 website port Number to number name and money text conversion libraries
libnxml 0.18.3_4 website port C library for writing XML 1.0/1.1 files or streams
liboauth 1.0.3_4 website port C library implementing the OAuth Core standard
libocas 0.96 website port Efficient training of SVM classifiers
libodbc++ 0.2.5_5 website port C++ class library and toolset for ODBC access to data sources
libogg 1.3.5,4 website port Ogg bitstream library
liboggz 1.1.1_4 website port Simple Ogg API
libopenbsd r298107 website port imsg and ohash routines from OpenBSD libutil
libopennet 0.9.9_1 website port Library for opening files over a network
liboping 1.8.0_2 website port Liboping, a C library, and utility to generate ICMP echo requests
libopusenc 0.2.1 website port High-level API for encoding .opus files
libosip2 5.3.0 website port Low layer of SIP implementation
libpafe 0.0.8_1 website port FeliCa read/write library for Sony RC-S320 USB FeliCa R/W(PaSoRi)
libparsifal 1.1.0_2 website port Lightweight XML Parser
libpasori 02_2 website port FeliCa read/write library for Sony RC-S320 USB FeliCa R/W(PaSoRi)
libpbl 1.04.04 website port Peter Graf's Program Base Library
libpcapnav 0.8_1 website port libpcap wrapper library
libpcd 1.0.1 website port Library for reading PhotoCD images
libpci 3.7.0_1 website port PCI configuration space I/O made easy
libpciaccess 0.16 website port Generic PCI access library
libpcl 1.12 website port Portable Coroutine Library for low level functionality for coroutines
libpdel 0.6.1 website port Packet Design multi-purpose C library for embedded applications
libpfctl 0.1 website port Library for interaction with pf(4)
libpo6 0.8.0 website port POSIX wrappers for C++
libpotrace 1.16 website port Library for transforming bitmaps into vector graphics
libproplist 0.10.1_3 website port Property library for gnome and Window Maker
libpthread-stubs 0.4 website port Weak aliases for pthread functions
libquvi 0.4.1_5 website port Cross-platform library for parsing flash media stream URLs
libquvi-scripts 0.4.21 website port Embedded lua scripts for libquvi and utility scripts
libquvi-scripts09 0.9.20131130_1 website port Embedded lua scripts for libquvi and utility scripts
libranlip 1.0_2 website port Random variate generator for Lipschitz-continuous densities
librcd 0.1.14_2 website port Library used by rusxmms for autodetection of Russian charset
libressl 3.4.3 website port Free version of the SSL/TLS protocol forked from OpenSSL
libressl-devel 3.5.1 website port Free version of the SSL/TLS protocol forked from OpenSSL
libressl-devel-libtls 3.5.1 website port Free version of the SSL/TLS protocol forked from OpenSSL
libressl-libtls 3.4.3 website port Free version of the SSL/TLS protocol forked from OpenSSL
libretls 3.5.0 website port TLS library designed to ease writing foolproof applications
libretro-2048 0.20210214 website port Port of 2048 puzzle game to the libretro API
libretro-a5200 0.20220113 website port Port of Atari 5200 emulator for GCW0
libretro-beetle_gba 0.20210131 website port Standalone port of Mednafen GBA to libretro
libretro-beetle_lynx 0.20210114 website port Standalone port of Mednafen Lynx to libretro, itself a fork of Handy
libretro-beetle_ngp 0.20210214 website port Standalone port of Mednafen NGP to the libretro API
libretro-beetle_pce 0.20210214 website port Standalone port of Mednafen PCE to libretro
libretro-beetle_pce_fast 0.20210214 website port Standalone port of Mednafen PCE Fast to libretro
libretro-beetle_pcfx 0.20200504 website port Standalone port of Mednafen PCFX to libretro
libretro-beetle_saturn 0.20210622 website port Standalone port of Mednafen Saturn to libretro
libretro-beetle_supergrafx 0.20210214 website port Standalone port of Mednafen supergrafx to libretro
libretro-beetle_vb 0.20210214 website port Standalone port of Mednafen VB to libretro
libretro-beetle_wswan 0.20200504 website port Standalone port of Mednafen WonderSwan to libretro
libretro-bluemsx 0.20210214 website port Port of blueMSX to the libretro API
libretro-cap32 0.20210110 website port Amstrad CPC computers emulator core for libretro API
libretro-core-info 1.10.0 website port Metadata about libretro cores
libretro-emux 0.20200504 website port Cross-platform emulator project supporting various machines
libretro-fceumm 0.20210214 website port Unofficial build of FCEU Ultra by CaH4e3
libretro-fmsx 0.20210214 website port Port of fMSX to the libretro API
libretro-freeintv 0.20210512 website port Libretro emulation core for the Mattel Intellivision
libretro-fuse 0.20210204 website port Port of the Fuse Unix Spectrum Emulator to libretro
libretro-gambatte 0.20210214 website port Libretro Implementation of libgambatte, a Game Boy Color emulator
libretro-genesis_plus_gx 0.20210214 website port Enhanced port of Genesis Plus
libretro-gw 0.20210129 website port Libretro core for Game & Watch simulators
libretro-handy 0.20210214 website port Atari Lynx emulator Handy for Libretro
libretro-mame2003 0.20210214 website port MAME 0.78 for libretro
libretro-mgba 0.20210128 website port Game Boy Advance Emulator for libretro
libretro-mu 0.20210214 website port PalmOS emulator to the libretro API
libretro-nestopia 0.20210214 website port NEStopia emulator for libretro
libretro-nxengine 0.20210214 website port Cave Story game engine clone for libretro
libretro-o2em 0.20210214 website port Port of O2EM to the libretro API, an Odyssey 2 / VideoPac emulator
libretro-prboom 0.20210214 website port Port of prboom to libretro
libretro-prosystem 0.20210214 website port Port of ProSystem to the libretro API
libretro-quicknes 0.20210214 website port NES emulator core for libretro
libretro-shaders-glsl g20200314 website port Collection of GLSL shaders for libretro
libretro-shaders-slang g20200225 website port Collection of slang (Vulkan) shaders for libretro
libretro-snes9x2005 0.20210214 website port Snes9x - Portable Super Nintendo emulator (1.43)
libretro-stella2014 0.20210214 website port Port of Stella (Atari 2600) to libretro (2014)
libretro-tgbdual 0.20210214 website port Open-source GB/GBC emulator with game link support
libretro-vbanext 0.20210214 website port Optimized port of VBA-M to Libretro, a Game Boy Advance emulator
libretro-vice-x128 0.20201218 website port Commodore C128 core for libretro API
libretro-vice-x64 0.20201218 website port Commodore C64 core for libretro API
libretro-vice-x64sc 0.20201218 website port Commodore C64 core for libretro API focused on accuracy
libretro-vice-xcbm2 0.20201218 website port Commodore CBM-6x0/7x0 core for libretro API
libretro-vice-xcbm5x0 0.20201218 website port Commodore C64 core for libretro API focused on accuracy
libretro-vice-xpet 0.20201218 website port Commodore PET core for libretro API
libretro-vice-xplus4 0.20201218 website port Commodore PLUS4 core for libretro API
libretro-vice-xscpu64 0.20201218 website port Commodore C64+SuperCPU core for libretro API
libretro-vice-xvic 0.20201218 website port Commodore VIC20 core for libretro API
libretro-virtualjaguar 0.20210214 website port Port of Virtual Jaguar to Libretro
libretro-yabause 0.20210204 website port Saturn emulator for libretro
librevisa 0.0.20130412_1 website port Library for interfacing test and measurement equipment
librevisa-vish 0.0.20130714_2 website port Open Source VISA shell for interfacing test and measurement equipment
librtfcomp 1.3_3 website port Library for handling compressed RTF documents
librtmp 2.4.20190330 website port RTMP stream library
libscrypt 1.22 website port C library for the scrypt key derivation function
libsdb 0.10.1 website port Simple database library
libsectok 20030619_2 website port ISO 7816 Smartcard API Library
libserialport 0.1.1_1 website port Framework for hardware logic analyzers, serial port support library
libshbuf 0.0.3 website port Library for Shared Buffer IPC
libshhmsg 1.4.2 website port Library for displaying messages
libshhopt 1.1.7_1 website port Library for parsing command line options
libshout 2.4.5 website port Connect and transmit data to an Icecast media streaming server
libsidplay2 2.1.1_9 website port Library to play Commodore 64 SID-tunes cycle accurately
libsieve 2.3.1_2 website port Library for parsing, sorting, and filtering mail
libsigsegv 2.14 website port Handling page faults in user mode
libsixel 1.8.6,1 website port Encoder/decoder library for DEC SIXEL graphics
libslang2 2.3.2_2 website port Routines for rapid alpha-numeric terminal applications development
libsmi 0.4.8_1 website port Library to access SMI MIB information
libsodium 1.0.18 website port Library to build higher-level cryptographic tools
libsoldout 1.4 website port Flexible C library for markdown
libspamtest 20080808 website port Kaspersky Anti-Spam 3.x library
libsphinxclient 2.0.9_1 website port Sphinx Full-Text Search Engine C++ client library
libspiro 20200505,1 website port Library to convert clothoid splines into Bezier splines
libsrs2 1.0.18_4 website port Sender Rewriting Scheme 2 C Implementation
libsrs_alt 1.0_2 website port Sender Rewriting Scheme C Implementation
libsrtp2 2.4.2 website port Secure RTP (SRTP) Reference Implementation
libssh2 1.10.0,3 website port Library implementing the SSH2 protocol
libstatgrab 0.92.1 website port Provides a useful interface to system statistics
libstatgrab0 0.17 website port Provides a useful interface to system statistics
libstdc++_stldoc_4.2.2 20071101_1 website port GNU libstdc++ API documentation
libstocks 0.5.0 website port C library which can be used to fetch stocks quotes
libstree 0.4.2_2 website port Generic Suffix Tree Library
libsunacl 1.0.1 website port Wrapper providing SunOS NFSv4 ACL API
libsvm 3.23 website port Library for Support Vector Machines
libswift 20190302_1 website port IETF Peer-to-Peer Streaming Peer Protocol implementation
libsysctlmibinfo 1.0.2 website port Sysctl MIB-Tree API
libsysinfo 0.0.3_2 website port GNU libc's sysinfo port for FreeBSD
libtasn1 4.18.0 website port ASN.1 structure parser library
libtextstyle 0.21 website port Text styling library
libthai 0.1.29 website port Thai language support library
libtheora 1.1.1_7 website port Theora video codec for the Ogg multimedia streaming system
libtpl 1.6_1 website port Library for serializing C data
libtre 0.8.0_3 website port Lightweight fully POSIX compliant regexp matching library
libtree 3.1.0 website port Show library info in a tree form
libtsm 3 website port Terminal-emulator state machine
libtubo 5.0.14 website port XFFM Interprocess Communication and Control
libtuner 1.1.5 website port Userspace drivers for various TV/radio tuner ICs
libublio 20070103_3 website port User space caching library
libukcprog 1.0.2_5 website port Generally useful low level routines
libunibreak 4.3,1 website port Implementation of the line and word breaking algorithm for Unicode
libunicode 0.4_11 website port Library for manipulating Unicode characters and strings
libuninameslist 20211114 website port Library of Unicode annotation data
libunistring 1.0 website port Unicode string library
libunp 1.0_1 website port The networking library used in UNIX Network Programming Volume 1 2e
libunrar 3.9.10,1 website port Library to work with RAR archives
libunrar6 6.1.6 website port RAR archive extraction library
libutf 2.10_3 website port UTF-8 character set support library, including regular expressions
libuutil 1.0.3 website port Illumos userland utilities library
libvanessa_adt 0.0.9_1 website port Library that provides ADTs (queues, dynamic arrays, and more)
libvanessa_logger 0.0.10_1 website port Library that provides a generic logging layer
libvanessa_socket 0.0.12_1 website port Library that provides a simple layer for TCP/IP socket operations
libvc 003_4 website port vCard library
libvisual 0.2.0_5 website port Abstraction library that sits between apps and visual plugin
libvisual04 0.4.0_6 website port Abstraction library that sits between apps and visual plugin
libvolume_id 0.81.1 website port Library to provide file system type information
libvorbis 1.3.7_2,3 website port Audio compression codec library
libwhisker 2.5_2 website port Perl module to create HTTP test scripts
libxalloc 1.0.4 website port Memory allocation library with error checking
libxdiff 0.23_1 website port Create file differences/patches to both binary and text files
libxlsxwriter 1.1.4 website port C library for creating Excel XLSX files
libxml2 2.9.12 website port XML parser library for GNOME
libxmp 4.5.0 website port Module rendering library for xmp
libxode 0.71_6 website port XML library which wraps expat
libxshmfence 1.3_1 website port Shared memory 'SyncFence' synchronization primitive
libyaml 0.2.5 website port YAML 1.1 parser and emitter written in C
libyubikey 1.13 website port Library for decrypting and parsing YubiKey One-Time Passwords
libzen 21.09 website port ZenLib used by MediaInfo and its library
libzmq2 2.2.0_3 website port ZeroMQ core library (Version 2)
libzvbi 0.2.35_3 website port Routines to access raw VBI capture devices
linklint 2.3.6.d website port Perl script that checks links on web sites
links1 1.04,1 website port Lynx-like text WWW browser
linrename 2.25.2 website port Rename multiple files using substitution
linuxdoc 1.1_2 website port The Linuxdoc SGML DTD
lion 20060630 website port Multi-platform, event-driven, simple networking library
lis 2.0.30 website port Library of Iterative Solvers for linear systems
listadmin 2.40 website port Command-line alternative to Mailman Web interface
liveMedia 2020.11.26,2 website port LIVE.COM Streaming Media
lizard 1.0 website port Efficient compressor with very fast decompression
ljclive 0.4.10_2 website port Command line client for posting LiveJournal entries
lla 0.99.1_1 website port Perl-based LDAP log statistics generator
lm-solve 0.8.4_1 website port Computerized Solver for Logic Mazes
lm4tools website port TI Tiva C ARM microcontroller tools
lmbench 3.0.a9_3,1 website port System performance measurement tool
lmdb 0.9.29,1 website port OpenLDAP Lightning Memory-Mapped Database
lmon 1.2_1 website port Near-realtime log monitoring tool, sends alerts on hits and misses
lndir 1.0.3_2 website port Create a shadow directory of symbolic links to another directory tree
lnphost 1.0a website port Lego RCX iinfrared communication API
locale-en_DK 0.1.1 website port Wonderful en_DK.UTF-8 locale
locator 0.1 website port Grid square calculator program used in Amateur Radio and GPS work
lockfile-progs 0.1.19 website port Programs for locking and unlocking files and mailboxes
log4c 1.2.4_1 website port Logging for C Library
log4cplus 1.1.2_3 website port Logging library for C++
log4cpp 1.1.3_2 website port Library of C++ classes for flexible logging
log4sh 1.4.2 website port Common logging library for Bourne shell scripts
log4shib 2.0.1 website port Library of C++ classes for flexible logging
logsurfer 1.8_1 website port Process logfiles and conditionally perform certain actions
logtool 1.3.1_1 website port Parse ASCII logfiles into ANSI, CSV, HTML formats
logtools 0.13e_2 website port Useful tools to deal with CLF files (Common Log File format)
loguru website port Lightweight and flexible C++ logging library
logwatch 7.5.1 website port Log file analysis program
loki 0.1.7 website port C++ library of common design patterns
lolcat 1.2.0 website port High performance implementation of the famous lolcat
lpc21isp 1.97 website port ISP programmer tool for flashing NXP and Analog Devices ARM7 CPUs
lr 1.5.1_2 website port List files, recursively
lrng 20130314 website port Uniform random number generators of P. L'Ecuyer and his colleagues
lrzsz 0.12.20_4 website port Receive/Send files via X/Y/ZMODEM protocol (unrestrictive)
lsblk 3.7 website port Lists information about block devices in the system
lsdvd 0.17_5 website port Print information about the contents and structure of a DVD
lsknobs 1.0 website port Simple script to help configure ports knobs and options
lsop 0.2 website port List all processes running with outdated binaries or shared libraries
lt-hyphen 2004.04.15_1 website port Lithuanian hyphenation rules
ltl2ba 1.3 website port Fast translation from LTL formulae to Buchi automata
ltxml 1.2.9_1 website port XML Toolkit
lua-rds-parser 0.06 website port Resty-DBD-Stream (RDS) parser for Lua written in C
lua51 5.1.5_9 website port Small, compilable scripting language providing easy access to C code
lua51-argparse 0.7.1 website port Feature-rich command line parser for Lua
lua51-bcrypt 2.1.4_2 website port Library providing OpenBSD's bcrypt hash function for Lua
lua51-bitlib 24_1 website port Tiny library for bitwise operations
lua51-bitop 1.0.2_2 website port Bitwise operations on numbers
lua51-cjson 2.1.0_1 website port Fast JSON parsing and encoding support for Lua
lua51-cqueues 20200726_1 website port Continuation queues module for Lua
lua51-gettext 1.6 website port Lua 5+ bindings for Gettext
lua51-iconv 7_4 website port Iconv binding for Lua 5
lua51-json 1.3.4_1 website port JSON parser/creator for Lua
lua51-libevent 0.4.6_2 website port Lua libevent binding
lua51-lpeg 1.0.2_1 website port PEG-based pattern-matching library for Lua
lua51-luaexpat 1.3.0_5 website port SAX XML parser based on Expat library
lua51-luafilesystem 1.8.0 website port Library to access directory structure and file attributes
lua51-luasec 1.0.2 website port Lua binding for the OpenSSL library to provide TLS/SSL communication
lua51-luasocket 3.0.r1_5,1 website port Socket support for the Lua language
lua51-luasql-odbc 2.6.0 website port Lua interface to ODBC
lua51-luasql-postgres 2.6.0 website port Lua interface to PostgreSQL
lua51-lyaml 6.2.4_1 website port LibYAML binding for Lua
lua51-mpd 0.1_1 website port Lua library for musicpd
lua51-pty 1.26 website port Pty (pseudo-terminal) bindings for Lua 5+
lua51-stdlib 41.2.2_1 website port Standard Lua Libraries
lua51-stdlib-debug 1.0.1_1 website port Debug hints management library for lua
lua51-stdlib-normalize 2.0.3 website port Collection of normalized lua functions
lua51-xapian 1.4.19 website port Lua binding for Xapian
lua52 5.2.4 website port Small, compilable scripting language providing easy access to C code
lua52-argparse 0.7.1 website port Feature-rich command line parser for Lua
lua52-bcrypt 2.1.4_2 website port Library providing OpenBSD's bcrypt hash function for Lua
lua52-bitlib 24_1 website port Tiny library for bitwise operations
lua52-bitop 1.0.2_2 website port Bitwise operations on numbers
lua52-cjson 2.1.0_1 website port Fast JSON parsing and encoding support for Lua
lua52-cqueues 20200726_1 website port Continuation queues module for Lua
lua52-iconv 7_4 website port Iconv binding for Lua 5
lua52-json 1.3.4_1 website port JSON parser/creator for Lua
lua52-libevent 0.4.6_2 website port Lua libevent binding
lua52-lpeg 1.0.2_1 website port PEG-based pattern-matching library for Lua
lua52-luacheck 0.25.g20200825 website port Linter and static analyzer for lua files
lua52-luaexpat 1.3.0_5 website port SAX XML parser based on Expat library
lua52-luafilesystem 1.8.0 website port Library to access directory structure and file attributes
lua52-luasec 1.0.2 website port Lua binding for the OpenSSL library to provide TLS/SSL communication
lua52-luasocket 3.0.r1_5,1 website port Socket support for the Lua language
lua52-luasql-odbc 2.6.0 website port Lua interface to ODBC
lua52-luasql-postgres 2.6.0 website port Lua interface to PostgreSQL
lua52-lunit 0.5 website port Unit Testing Framework for Lua
lua52-lyaml 6.2.4_1 website port LibYAML binding for Lua
lua52-pgsql 1.6.8 website port Lua binding for PostgreSQL
lua52-stdlib 41.2.2_1 website port Standard Lua Libraries
lua52-stdlib-debug 1.0.1_1 website port Debug hints management library for lua
lua52-stdlib-normalize 2.0.3 website port Collection of normalized lua functions
lua52-sysctl 2.1 website port Small sysctl(3) interface for lua
lua52-xapian 1.4.19 website port Lua binding for Xapian
lua53 5.3.6 website port Powerful, efficient, lightweight, embeddable scripting language
lua53-argparse 0.7.1 website port Feature-rich command line parser for Lua
lua53-bcrypt 2.1.4_2 website port Library providing OpenBSD's bcrypt hash function for Lua
lua53-bitlib 24_1 website port Tiny library for bitwise operations
lua53-bitop 1.0.2_2 website port Bitwise operations on numbers
lua53-cjson 2.1.0_1 website port Fast JSON parsing and encoding support for Lua
lua53-cqueues 20200726_1 website port Continuation queues module for Lua
lua53-iconv 7_4 website port Iconv binding for Lua 5
lua53-json 1.3.4_1 website port JSON parser/creator for Lua
lua53-libevent 0.4.6_2 website port Lua libevent binding
lua53-lpeg 1.0.2_1 website port PEG-based pattern-matching library for Lua
lua53-luaexpat 1.3.0_5 website port SAX XML parser based on Expat library
lua53-luafilesystem 1.8.0 website port Library to access directory structure and file attributes
lua53-luasec 1.0.2 website port Lua binding for the OpenSSL library to provide TLS/SSL communication
lua53-luasocket 3.0.r1_5,1 website port Socket support for the Lua language
lua53-luasql-odbc 2.6.0 website port Lua interface to ODBC
lua53-luasql-postgres 2.6.0 website port Lua interface to PostgreSQL
lua53-lyaml 6.2.4_1 website port LibYAML binding for Lua
lua53-stdlib 41.2.2_1 website port Standard Lua Libraries
lua53-stdlib-debug 1.0.1_1 website port Debug hints management library for lua
lua53-stdlib-normalize 2.0.3 website port Collection of normalized lua functions
lua53-sysctl 2.1 website port Small sysctl(3) interface for lua
lua53-xapian 1.4.19 website port Lua binding for Xapian
lua54 5.4.2 website port Powerful, efficient, lightweight, embeddable scripting language
lua54-argparse 0.7.1 website port Feature-rich command line parser for Lua
lua54-bcrypt 2.1.4_2 website port Library providing OpenBSD's bcrypt hash function for Lua
lua54-bitlib 24_1 website port Tiny library for bitwise operations
lua54-bitop 1.0.2_2 website port Bitwise operations on numbers
lua54-cjson 2.1.0_1 website port Fast JSON parsing and encoding support for Lua
lua54-cqueues 20200726_1 website port Continuation queues module for Lua
lua54-iconv 7_4 website port Iconv binding for Lua 5
lua54-json 1.3.4_1 website port JSON parser/creator for Lua
lua54-libevent 0.4.6_2 website port Lua libevent binding
lua54-lpeg 1.0.2_1 website port PEG-based pattern-matching library for Lua
lua54-luaexpat 1.3.0_5 website port SAX XML parser based on Expat library
lua54-luafilesystem 1.8.0 website port Library to access directory structure and file attributes
lua54-luasec 1.0.2 website port Lua binding for the OpenSSL library to provide TLS/SSL communication
lua54-luasocket 3.0.r1_5,1 website port Socket support for the Lua language
lua54-luasql-odbc 2.6.0 website port Lua interface to ODBC
lua54-luasql-postgres 2.6.0 website port Lua interface to PostgreSQL
lua54-lyaml 6.2.4_1 website port LibYAML binding for Lua
lua54-stdlib 41.2.2_1 website port Standard Lua Libraries
lua54-stdlib-debug 1.0.1_1 website port Debug hints management library for lua
lua54-stdlib-normalize 2.0.3 website port Collection of normalized lua functions
lua54-sysctl 2.1 website port Small sysctl(3) interface for lua
lua54-xapian 1.4.19 website port Lua binding for Xapian
lurker 2.3_3 website port Mailing list archiver
lv 4.51.20200728 website port Powerful Multilingual File Viewer
lwp 2.8 website port Userspace thread library
lxde-icon-theme 0.5.1 website port LXDE Icon Theme
lxsplit 0.2.4_3 website port Simple program to split or join files
lzip 1.23 website port Lossless data compressor based on the LZMA algorithm
lzlib 1.13 website port In-memory LZMA compression and decompression library
lzma 19.00 website port High-ratio LZMA compressor
lzmalib 0.0.1_1 website port Thin wrapper library of LZMA
m17n-db 1.8.0 website port Data files for the m17n library
m17n-docs 1.5.5 website port m17n library documentation
m2vrequantiser 1.1 website port Requantize MPEG-2 streams without recompressing
m4 1.4.19,1 website port GNU M4
mac website port Monkey's Audio lossless codec
mac-robber 1.02 website port Tool for listing Modify, Access, Create timestamps from files
mad_fcl 1.7 website port File Delivery over Unidirectional Transport implementation
madfufw 1.0_1 website port M-Audio DFU Firmware for Transit, Ozone, Sonica, MobilePre
mafft 7.267 website port Multiple alignment program for amino acid or nucleotide sequences
magicrescue 1.1.10 website port File recovery tool which recovers deleted files from a block device
mail2nntp 1.0 website port Simple mail to news gateway
mail2sms 1.3.5 website port Mail to SMS converter
make++ 2.0 website port Drop-in replacement for GNU make
makedepend 1.0.6,1 website port Dependency generator for makefiles
makeindex 3.0.8_1 website port General purpose, formatter-independent index processor
makepasswd 1.10_7 website port Random password generator
makepatch 2.05_1 website port Perl scripts to assist in the generation and application of patches
malint 0.2 website port MPEG Audio stream validator
man2html 3.0.1_2 website port Convert nroff(1) man pages to HTML
man2web 0.88_2 website port Convert man pages to HTML
manck 1.2_1 website port Manual page consistency checker
manipulate_data 1.3_1 website port Search/extract/write raw data
mapchan 3.2_2 website port Transform the input and output of a terminal (SCO Unix alike)
mar 0.5 website port Simple binary file format for storing arbitrary meta and user data
markdown 1.0.1_2 website port Text-to-HTML conversion tool for web writers
massadmin 2.3_1 website port Send system commands to a group of remote servers simultaneously
masscan 1.3.2 website port Very fast port scanner
masterserver 0.4.1 website port Masterserver for IdSoftware games (D3, EF, H2, Q2, Q3, QW)
match 1.0 website port Program for matching star lists
mate-common 1.26.0 website port Common automake macros for MATE
mate-icon-theme-faenza 1.20.0 website port Collection of Faenza and Faience icons for the MATE desktop
mate-pam-helper 1.3 website port MATE authenticate applications requiring PAM services
mathomatic 16.0.5_2 website port Highly portable, general purpose CAS (Computer Algebra System)
mathopd 1.5p8_1 website port Small, yet fast HTTP server
matrixssl 3.3_1 website port Small alternative SSL implementation
mattermost-webapp 6.4.2 website port Webapp of Mattermost server
maven-wrapper 1_2 website port Wrapper script for the various installations of Maven
mb2md 3.20_1 website port Converts mbox mailboxes to Maildir
mbedtls 2.28.0 website port SSL/TLS and cryptography library
mblaze 1.1 website port Unix utilities to deal with Maildir
mbox2mdir 1.4 website port Mbox to qmail's Maildir converter written in C++
mboxgrep 0.7.9_5 website port Utility to scan mailboxes for messages matching a regular expression
mboxstats 3.1 website port Creates top-10 lists of the messages in a mailbox
mbx2mbox 0.34_1 website port MS Outlook Express .mbx to mbox file converter
mcpp 2.7.2_3 website port Alternative C/C++ preprocessor
mctoolame-decoder 0.1.a_2 website port MPEG Layer II audio decoder with multi-channel support
mctoolame-encoder 0.1.a_1 website port MPEG Layer II audio encoder with multi-channel support
mcweject 1.1 website port Removable media eject
mdcached 1.0.9_1 website port High performance cache server similar to memcached
mdds 2.0.2 website port Multi-dimensional data index algorithm
mdf2iso 0.3.1 website port Alcohol 120% to ISO converter
mdns-repeater 1.11 website port Multicast DNS repeater to re-broadcast mDNS packets across interfaces
mdp 1.0.15_1 website port Command-line based markdown presentation tool
mdpop3d 0.97 website port Simple and small POP3 daemon implementation with Maildir support
medusa 2.2_1 website port Speedy, massively parallel, modular, login brute-forcer
megaglest-data 3.13.0 website port MegaGlest data files
memdump 1.01 website port Forensic utility for memory dumping
memfetch 0.05b website port Utility to dump memory of a running process
memtest86 4.3.7 website port Stand-alone memory test for x86 architecture computers
mencal 3.0 website port Simple variation of the unix command cal
meqcc 1.4 website port MrElusive's QuakeC compiler with precompiler support
mercator 0.3.3_10 website port Procedural terrain library
mergelog 4.5_2 website port Tool to merge and sort by date http log files
mergify g20180512_1 website port Merge changes from a branch one commit at a time
meshdev 0.5 website port Mesh comparison software
metacam 1.2 website port Digital camera EXIF meta-information reader
metacity-aluminumalloy-cryogenic-theme 2004.01.04_5 website port Port of Mac OS X theme Aluminum Alloy (cryogenic flavor)
metacity-aluminumalloy-smog-theme 2004.01.04_5 website port Port of Mac OS X theme Aluminum Alloy (smog flavor)
metacity-aluminumalloy-toxic-theme 2004.01.04_5 website port Port of Mac OS X theme Aluminum Alloy (toxic flavor)
metacity-aluminumalloy-volcanic-theme 2004.01.04_8 website port Port of Mac OS X theme Aluminum Alloy (volcanic flavor)
metacity-aquaextremesunken-theme 1.0_8 website port Port of AquaExtreme Sunken theme
metacity-digital-cream-theme 1.0_8 website port Neat and clean theme for GNOME desktop
metacity-digital-harmony-theme 1.1_8 website port Another popular theme for GNOME desktop
metacity-longhorninspirat-theme 1.0_9 website port Port of Windows XP theme Longhorn Inspirat
metacity-milk-theme 2.1_8 website port Port of Milk, Mac OS X theme
metacity-theme-microgui 1.0_3 website port MicroGUI Sawfish theme for Metacity
metacity-themes 20040306_5 website port Meta-port for Gnome Metacity themes
metalog 3_1,1 website port Modern syslogd replacement with PCRE support
metamail 2.7_16 website port Implementation of MIME, the Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions
mfid 0.03_1 website port Monitoring daemon for mfi RAID controllers
mg 7.0,1 website port Small, fast Emacs-like editor
mg-static 7.0,1 website port Small, fast Emacs-like editor (rescue(8) version)
mgeupsd 0.3_1 website port Monitor a state of MGE Pulsar UPS connected to RS-232 port
mhash website port Easy-to-use library for strong hashes such as MD5 and SHA1
mhonarc 2.6.24 website port WWW front end for mail archives
miau 0.6.6_3 website port Fully featured easy to use IRC-bouncer
micro_proxy 20140814 website port Really small HTTP/HTTPS proxy
microdc2 0.15.6_8 website port Command-line based Direct Connect client
microsocks 1.0.3 website port Multithreaded, small, efficient SOCKS5 server
middleman 1.9.1_2 website port Robust proxy server
milter-regex 2.7_2 website port Milter plugin to sendmail for regular expression filtering
mime-construct 1.11_2 website port Construct and optionally send MIME messages from command line
mime-support 3.62 website port MIME Media Types list
mimelib 1.1.2_2 website port C++ class library for manipulating messages in MIME format
mimetex 20120331.1.74 website port CGI script that lets you embed LaTeX math in your HTML pages
mimir 2.15_1 website port Data-structure library used by the Elan Programming Environment
min12xxw 0.0.9 website port Print driver for the Minolta PagePro 1(2/3/4)xxW printers
minder 2.0.2_1 website port Small network application for automatic maintenance of peer lists
mindterm-binary 1.2.1_1 website port Full vt220 compatible Java SSH-1 client (not only for websites)
mingw32-bin-msvcrt r4.0.3.1.a4.0.3.1 website port Headers and Libraries for Windows cross-development
mini_httpd 1.30_3 website port Small HTTP server with support for GET, HEAD, POST, CGI, SSL, IPv6
mini_sendmail 1.3.9 website port Tiny MTA with only smart relay capability
miniaudio 0.10.42 website port C single header audio playback and capture library
minicom 2.8 website port MS-DOS Telix serial communication program "workalike"
minimalist 2.5.3 website port Minimalistic mailing list manager
minimp3 g20210801,1 website port C++ single-header, minimalistic library for decoding MP3
minimunin 0.5 website port Tiny munin-node implementation written in pure bourne shell
minirsyslogd 1.02_1 website port Minimal, fast and secure syslog receiver
minisapserver 0.3.8_1 website port SAP and SLP announcement for the VLC Media Player
minisat 2.2.1_2 website port Minimalistic, open-source SAT solver
minisatip 1.1.84 website port Multi-threaded SATIP server that supports DVB cards
minised 1.15 website port Smaller, cheaper, faster sed implementation
minissdpd 1.5.20211105 website port UPnP IGD discovery speed enhancer
miniupnpc 2.2.3 website port UPnP IGD client lightweight library
miniupnpd 2.1.20200510,1 website port UPnP IGD implementation which uses pf/ipf
mint-themes 0.0.41cf70d website port Themes for the cinnamon desktop
mirmon 2.11_1 website port Monitor the status of mirrors
mirror 2.9_2 website port Mirror packages on remote sites
miruo 0.9.6b website port Pretty-print TCP session monitor/analyzer
miscom 1.0 website port Atari "Missile Command" clone
missey 1.2.0_1 website port Secure small and high performance POP3 server
mixal 1.11 website port Assembler and interpreter for Donald Knuth's mythical MIX computer
mixer 1.0 website port Startup/shutdown script to preserve mixer settings across reboots
mkbold 1.0_2 website port Perl script to make BDF font bold
mkbold-mkitalic 0.11_1 website port Programs to make BDF font bold/italic
mkcatalog 1.1 website port Maintenance utility for sgml catalog files
mkcue 1 website port Generates CUE sheets from a CD TOC (Table Of Contents)
mkdesktop 5.0 website port Set up any desktop under FreeBSD with ease
mkfwimage r1_1 website port Ubiquiti Embedded Board Image Generator
mkitalic 1.0_2 website port Perl script to make BDF font italic
mkjail 0.0.3 website port Fat jail creation script
mkntpwd 1.0 website port Utility to create Samba password hashes
mkreadmes 1.3 website port Speedy substitute for "make readmes"
mktorrent 1.1_1 website port Command-line utility for creating BitTorrent metainfo files
mkvalidator 0.5.0 website port Command line tool to verify Matroska and WebM files
ml1 4.12_1 website port Original general purpose macro processor
mle 1.4.3 website port Small, flexible, terminal-based text editor
mm-common 0.9.12 website port Common build infrastructure for the GNOME C++ binding libraries
mmail 0.52 website port Offline BBS mail packet reader supporting QWK/OMEN/SOUP/OPX/BLUEWAVE
mmdb2 2.0.20 website port C++ toolkit for working with macromolecular coordinate files
mmencode 2.7 website port Translate to and from mail-oriented encoding formats
mmh 0.4 website port CLI mail user agent, fork from nmh
mmix 20160804_1 website port RISC computer designed by Donald E. Knuth
mmr 1.6.0_1 website port Curses based MIME Mail Reader
mmsrip 0.7.0 website port MMS ripper - a client for the proprietary protocol mms://
mmv 1.01b.19_1 website port Move/Copy/Append/Link multiple files
mohawk 2.0.21 website port Simple and lightweight HTTP daemon
moinmoincli 4.6.0 website port Edit existing MoinMoin wiki pages from a command line
mongoose 5.6 website port Small, fast, embeddable web server with CGI, SSL, Authorization
monitord 0.4.1_7 website port Service that restarts other standalone services
monitoring-plugins 2.3.1 website port Monitoring Plugins for Nagios
moo 1.5_1 website port Calculator that accepts C-like syntax as input
moon-buggy 1.0.51_4 website port Drive a buggy across the moons surface
moreutils 0.67 website port Additional Unix utilities
moria 5.5.2 website port Dungeon exploration game
morse 2.5 website port Morse Code Trainer
most 5.1.0 website port Pager (like less) which has support for windows and binary files
motsognir 1.0.13 website port Full-featured gopher server without dependencies
mp 5.57 website port Programming text editor
mp-a4 3.0.1 website port PostScript printing util for ASCII files
mp-letter 3.0.1 website port PostScript printing util for ASCII files
mp3-archive-tools 0.9_2 website port Set of tools to ease organising a collection of audio files
mp3_check 1.98_1 website port Verifies the integrity of mp3 audio files
mp3asm website port MP3 frame level editor
mp3check 1.6 website port Tool for checking and fixing MP3 archive inconsistencies
mp3ck 0.04 website port Consistency check utility for MPEG Layer 2 or 3 files or streams
mp3gain 1.6.2 website port Tool to normalize the gain of MP3 files
mp3guessenc 0.27.5 website port Utility for guessing which encoder was used to encode an mp3 file
mp3info 0.8.5a website port MP3 technical info viewer and ID3 1.x tag editor
mp3lint 0.9_1 website port Configurable tool to check collections of audio files
mp3mover 2.1.1_1 website port Rename mp3s and manipulate them
mp3rename 0.6 website port Renaming program for MP3 files based on their ID3 tag
mp3riot 1.3_1 website port Mp3riot creates mp3 playlists, HTML files, etc
mp3val 0.1.8 website port Program for MPEG audio stream validation
mp3wrap 0.5 website port Merge mp3 files (and other formats)
mp4v2 2.0.0 website port Library and tools to read, create, and modify mp4 files
mp_doccer 1.2.2 website port C source code documentation generator
mpack 1.6_3 website port External MIME packer/unpacker
mpage 2.5.7 website port Print multiple pages per sheet of paper
mpd5 5.9_7 website port Multi-link PPP daemon based on netgraph(4)
mpdecimal 2.5.1 website port C/C++ arbitrary precision decimal floating point libraries
mpeg_encode 1.5b website port UCB's MPEG-I video stream encoder
mpeg_stat 2.2b website port MPEG-I statistics gatherer
mpexpr 1.2_1 website port Multiple precision math for Tcl
mpg123 1.29.3 website port Command-line player for MPEG Layer 1, 2, and 3 audio files
mpg123.el 1.60_1 website port Front-end to mpg123/ogg123 audio player for Emacsen
mpgtx 1.3.1_2 website port Command line MPEG audio/video/system file toolbox
mph 1.2 website port Minimal perfect hashing code generator
mping 2.01 website port Mping network statistics collector
mping-fraubsd 0.1.4 website port Ping multiple hosts
mplayer-skins 1.1.5 website port Skins for MPlayer's Graphical User Interface (GUI)
mplex 1.1 website port Multiplexes MPEG component streams into system layers
mptd 0.01_1 website port Monitoring daemon for mpt RAID controllers
mrbayes 3.2.7_2 website port Bayesian inference of phylogeny
mrouted 3.9.8_1 website port Multicast routing daemon providing DVMRP for IPv4
mscompress 0.3 website port Microsoft "compress.exe/expand.exe" compatible (de)compressor
msdl 1.2.7r2 website port Streaming multimedia files downloader
msglint 1.04 website port RFC 822/MIME/DSN/MDN/Tracking-Status message validator
mtf 0.2.1_1 website port Unix reader for the Microsoft Tape Format used by NT Backup
mtm 1.2.1 website port Terminal multiplexer focused on simplicity, compatibility and stability
mtrace 5.2_1 website port Multicast traceroute program for IPv4
mtrxmath 1.0.2 website port Small tool for matrix mathematics
mtx 1.3.12_1 website port Control SCSI media changer devices
mtxorbd 1.0.2 website port Control Daemon for Matrix Orbital LCD screens
mujs 1.2.0 website port Embeddable Javascript interpreter in C
multican 0.0.5_3 website port Remote control utility for Canon DSLR cameras
multicat 2.3 website port Simple and efficient multicast and transport stream manipulation
multisort 1.1 website port Small program to take multiple httpd logfiles into one
multitail 6.5.0 website port Tail multiple files on console with ncurses
munin-common 2.0.67 website port Common components between a munin node and server
muscle 3.8.1551 website port MUltiple Sequence Comparison by Log-Expectation
mutt_vc_query 002 website port vCard query utility for mutt
mvdsv 0.34,2 website port Enhanced QuakeWorld server with multi-view demos capability
mxflib 1.0.1 website port C++ library for MXF file I/O
mxml 3.1 website port Small XML parsing library
myrescue 0.9.4 website port Rescue still-readable data from a damaged harddisk
mysql2pgsql 1.2,1 website port Convert a MySQL dump to a PostgreSQL dump
mysqlphp2postgres 0.95 website port Convert MySQL calls in a PHP page into PostgreSQL calls
mysqlsla 2.03_3 website port Mysqlsla analyzes general, slow, and raw MySQL statement logs
mysqltuner 1.8.3 website port Assist you with MySQL Configuration
naev-data 0.7.0 website port Naev game data file
nagios-certexp-plugin 1.9 website port Nagios plugin for checking SSL server certificate expiration
nagios-check_cpu_usage 1.0_1 website port Nagios plug-in to check CPU usage 0.1 website port Check the availability of a DHCP server using unicast delivery
nagios-check_email_delivery 0.7.1b_4 website port Nagios Plugin to monitor your mail environment
nagios-check_hdd_health 1.1 website port Nagios plug-in to check HDD health from S.M.A.R.T
nagios-check_hp_bladechassis 1.0.1 website port Nagios Plugin to monitor your HP Blade Enclosure
nagios-check_netsnmp 1.0_2 website port Nagios plug-in to get some common NetSNMP-exported information
nagios-check_ports 0.7.4 website port Monitor FreeBSD ports for updates or vulnerabilities
nagios-check_postgres 2.25.0 website port Monitor various attributes of your PostgreSQL database
nagios-check_puppet 1.3 website port Nagios plugin for checking Puppet daemon availability
nagios-check_redis 0.1_1 website port Nagios plugin to check redis server
nagios-geom 1.3 website port Nagios plug-in to get geom(8) components status
nagios-openldap-plugins 0.5_1 website port Nagios Plugins to monitor OpenLDAP
nagios-plugins 2.3.3_2,1 website port Plugins for Nagios
nagios-snmp-plugins-extras 1.1.2_1 website port Set of Nagios plugins written in Perl to check devices with SNMP
nagtail 0.0.31 website port Tail for the nagios status.dat file
najitool 0.8.4_2 website port Generates, converts, and filters files
nakenchat 3.00.b1 website port Small (under 50k) chat server with many features
naludump 0.1.1_1 website port Delete NALU fill data from h.264 TS files
namesilo_ddns 2.2 website port Updates DNS records with Namesilo for dynamic IP addresses
nano 6.0 website port Nano's ANOther editor, an enhanced free Pico clone
nanort g20201207 website port C++ single header modern ray tracing kernel
nanosvg g20210903 website port Simple C++ header-only SVG parser
nasawash 0.50 website port Amateur Radio keplerian file cleanup program
nasm 2.15.05,1 website port General-purpose multi-platform x86 and amd64 assembler
naturaldocs 1.52_2,1 website port Extensible, multi-language source code documentation generator
nawk 20121220_1 website port Brian Kernighan's pattern scanning and processing language
nbench 2.2.3 website port BYTE Magazine's native benchmarks
nbsdgames 5 website port 17 text-based modern games
nc 1.0.1_1 website port Network aware cat
ncdu 1.16 website port Ncurses du(1)
ncftp 3.2.6_2 website port FTP client with advanced user interface
ncrack 0.7 website port High-speed network authentication cracking tool
ndiff 2.00_4 website port Compare files, ignoring numeric differences
ndisc6 1.0.5 website port IPv6 network diagnostic tools
ndpmon 1.4.0_6 website port On-link icmpv6 message monitoring and reporting daemon
nec2c .9_3 website port Used to calculate antenna patterns useful to ham radio
nenscript 1.13.3 website port Clone of the proprietary enscript program from Adobe Systems
neon 0.32.2 website port HTTP and WebDAV client library for Unix systems
nesasm 20040314_1 website port 6502 assembler with specific NES support
netcat 1.10_3 website port Simple utility which reads and writes data across network connections
netdisco-mibs 4.010 website port MIBs for use with ports-mgmt/netdisco (and SNMP)
netdumpd 20191031 website port UDP server capable of handling netdump transfers
nethack33-nox11 3.3.1_11 website port Dungeon explorin', slashin', hackin' game
nethack34-nox11 3.4.3_9 website port Dungeon explorin', slashin', hackin' game
nethack36-nox11 3.6.6_1 website port Dungeon explorin', slashin', hackin' game
nethogs 0.8.5_1 website port Small net top tool
netio 1.33 website port Network benchmark
netleak 0.1a_2 website port Tool to detect connectivity between network segments
netmask 2.4_2 website port Tool for generating terse netmasks in several common formats
netpipes 4.2 website port Group of shell utilities to connect programs to sockets
netrek-BRMH 2.2.2_2 website port 16-player network space battle/conquest game with a Star Trek theme
netscript 1.7.1_4 website port Portable/multi-platform lightweight TCP socket scripting
netsed 1.3 website port Alters the contents of network packets in real time
netselect 0.4 website port Ultrafast implementation of ping
netspoc 3.2_1 website port Network Security Policy Compiler
netstrain 3.0 website port Tool to measure practical TCP throughput between two machines
nettoe 1.5.1_1 website port Tic tac toe game playable over the network
newmat 1.1_1 website port C++ matrix library
newsfish 1.2.6 website port Batch USENET news reader with filter capabilities
newsgrab 0.4.0_1 website port Download and uudecode binary files from USENET using regexps
newspost 2.1.1_1 website port Full-featured Usenet binary autoposter
nfsshell 20130510_4 website port Userland NFS command tool
nget 0.27.1_7 website port Auto-resuming command line NNTP file grabber
ngircd 26.1,1 website port Free open source daemon for Internet Relay Chat (IRC)
nickle 2.90 website port Numeric-oriented programming language
nifmon 1.4 website port Curses based network interface monitoring tool
nifticlib 2.0.0_1 website port Neuroimaging Informatics Technology Initiative data format
nikto 2.1.6,1 website port Web and CGI vulnerability scanner with SSL support
nist-kat 0.0.2015.02.23_1 website port Collection of NIST's Known Answer Test Vectors
nl-hunspell 2.10 website port Dutch hunspell dictionaries
nl-hyphen 2005.10.16_1 website port Dutch hyphenation rules
nl-mythes 2015.12.10 website port Dutch thesaurus
nload 0.7.4_1 website port Console application which monitors network traffic in real time
nmealib 0.5.3 website port Library for working with the NMEA protocol
nmrpflash 0.9.15 website port Unofficial flash tool for Netgear network devices
nms 0.3.3,1 website port Recreate decrypting text effect from the Sneakers movie
nnap 1.1 website port Lightweight NNTP authentication proxy
noffle 1.1.5_3 website port News server for low speed dial-up connections
noip 2.1.9_4 website port's dynamic DNS update client
nologin 1.0_1 website port Refuse a login to a user, and make a note of it in syslog
nologinmsg 1.0_1 website port More functional native binary replacement for /sbin/nologin
nomarch 1.4 website port Extracts files from the old '.arc' archive format
nomyso 4.3 website port Convert MASM/TASM files to NASM compatible sources
nonsense 0.6_2 website port Nonsense text generator
normalizemime 1.19_1 website port Mime normalizer to be used as a preprocessor for email classification
nosefart 1.92f_1 website port Player for NES Sound Format (NSF)
nostromo 1.9.6 website port Fast, secure HTTP/1.1 CGI/1.1 SSL IPv4/IPv6 webserver
novnc 1.3.0 website port HTML5 VNC client
npadmin 0.8.7_1 website port SNMP based command line network printer management tool
npc 0.83 website port Animated web counter
npth 1.6 website port New GNU Portable Threads
npush 0.7 website port Curses-based logic game similar to Sokoban and Boulder Dash
nq 0.4 website port Unix command line queue utility
nqc 3.1.r6_1 website port Compiler for writing programs for the Lego RCX
nqueens 1.0 website port N-queens benchmark
nrg2iso 0.4 website port Convert Nero .nrg CD-Image format to ISO
nrpe3 3.2.1 website port Nagios Remote Plugin Executor
nsd 4.4.0 website port Authoritative only non-recursive name server
nsf 1.0 website port NAKAMURA's Shell Form input
nslint 3.1 website port Perform consistency checks on DNS zone files
nsnake 2.2.0 website port Snake game written in C and ncurses
nsping 0.8_2 website port DNS "ping"
nspr 4.33 website port Platform-neutral API for system level and libc like functions
nss_ndb 1.0.24 website port BerkeleyDB-based nsswitch backend for passwd & groups
nss_resinit 20060412 website port Resolver re-initialization NSS module
nstat 1.0_4 website port Replacement for bw/netstat/vmstat/pcm-memory.x
ntimed 0.0.2015.01.30_1 website port Network time synchronization client
ntraceroute 6.4.2_3 website port Ubiquitous network routing analysis tool
nttcp 1.47_3 website port Client/server program for testing network performance
nuklear 4.9.6 website port Minimal-state, immediate-mode graphical user interface toolkit
nullmailer 2.2,1 website port MTA for hosts which relay to a fixed set of smart relays
numchar 1.0 website port Converts phone numbers between digits and characters
numix-icon-theme 21.10.31 website port Official base icon theme from the Numix Project
numix-icon-theme-circle 21.11.29 website port Icon theme from the Numix project
nuttcp 8.2.2 website port TCP/UDP network testing tool
nvi-m17n 1.79.20040608_5,1 website port Clone of vi/ex, with multilingual patch, no default settings
nvidia-xconfig 470.86 website port Tool to manipulate X configuration files for the NVidia driver
nwchem-data 7.0.2 website port Data for NWChem, the computational chemistry software
nwreckdum 0.0.6_2 website port Utility for manipulating of Quake packed data files
nyancat 1.5.2,1 website port Animated telnet server that renders a loop of the nyan cat animation
nylon 1.21_10 website port Unix SOCKS 4 and 5 proxy server
nzbperl 0.6.8_1 website port Perl script for downloading nzb files
o3read 0.0.4 website port Standalone converter for the writer and scalc formats
oak 1.5.0 website port System Log Reporting Tool
objconv 2.52 website port Agner Fog's object file converter
ocaml-autoconf 1.1 website port Autoconf module for ocaml
ocaml-camomile-examples 0.4.1 website port Example programs for Camomile library
ocrad 0.28 website port OCR program implemented as filter
ode 0.13_4,1 website port Articulated rigid body dynamics library
odo 0.2.2 website port Atomic odometer for the command line
ods2 1.3_1 website port Utility for manipulating ODS-2 filesystems
ods2reader 19930601_1 website port Copies files from VMS Files-11 (ODS2) file systems
odt2txt 0.5 website port Simple converter from OpenDocument Text to plain text
oftpd 0.3.7 website port Threaded, anonymous only FTP server designed for security
okc321 1.1 website port PPDs for the Oki C321dn, C331dn, and C531dn printers
oksh 7.0,1 website port Portable OpenBSD Korn shell
oksh-static 7.0,1 website port Portable OpenBSD Korn shell (rescue(8) version)
oldrunner 20120131 website port Textmode remake of Broderbund's LodeRunner
oleo 1.99.16_15 website port GNU spreadsheet for X11 and terminals
omega 0.90.4_1 website port Complex rogue-style game of dungeon exploration
omi 20030719 website port "mirror" subtrees of FTP servers
omnitty 0.3.0_4 website port Curses-based SSH multiplexer
omping 0.0.4 website port Tool to test IP multicast functionality
ondir 0.2.4_1 website port Automatically executes scripts as you traverse directories
onenetd 12 website port Single-server inetd
onis 0.8.2 website port Script that converts IRC logfiles into an HTML statistics page
op 1.34_2 website port Controlled privilege escalation tool
open 1.4 website port Open opens a new vt and runs a command on it
openarena-data 0.8.8 website port OpenArena game data files
openbgpd 5.2.20121209_4,1 website port Free implementation of the Border Gateway Protocol, Version 4
opencl 3.0.8 website port Open Computing Language (OpenCL) specifications V3.0 (header files)
opencore-amr 0.1.5 website port OpenCORE implementation of AMR Narrowband & Wideband speech codec
openct 0.6.20_2 website port Middleware framework for smart card terminals
opencvs 20151230 website port BSD-licensed CVS implementation
opendchub 0.8.3 website port Unofficial Unix version of the Direct Connect Hub software
opendircolors 0.0.2 website port BSD-licensed replacement for dircolors
opengfx 0.6.0 website port Free alternative graphics for OpenTTD game engine
opengl-man 657.2 website port Section 3 manpages for OpenGL: gl, glx, glu, gle, glut
openh264 2.2.0,2 website port Cisco implementation of H.264 codec
openlldp 0.4.a_2 website port Link Layer Discovery Protocol daemon
openmdns 0.7_3 website port Multicast DNS and Service Discovery daemon
openntpd 6.8p1_4,2 website port Network Time Protocol (NTP) daemon
openradius 0.9.12c_3 website port RADIUS server with some actual documentation
openresolv 3.12.0 website port Resolvconf compatible framework for managing resolv.conf
openseachest 21.06.21 website port Utilities for managing storage devices
opensfx 0.2.3_2 website port Free alternative sounds for OpenTTD game engine
openssl-devel 3.0.2 website port TLSv1.3 capable SSL and crypto library
openssl-quictls 3.0.2 website port QUIC capable fork of OpenSSL
openssl-unsafe website port Unsafe SSL and crypto library
openttd-openmsx 0.3.1_3 website port Free alternative music for OpenTTD game engine
openupsd 0.3.1_1 website port UPS daemon for some Belkin UPS's
openvanilla-framework website port Development header files for OpenVanilla
openwince-include 0.4.2 website port Collection of the useful include files for embedded developers
optipng 0.7.7 website port Optimizer for PNG files
opus 1.3.1 website port IETF audio codec
orville-write 2.55_1 website port Advanced replacement for write/mesg
osm2mp r475_2 website port OpenStreetMap data into Polish map format (MP) converter
osrtspproxy 2.0_1 website port Reference implementation kit of an RTSP proxy
ossp-xds 0.9.3_1 website port Generic and extensible framework for serialization
otter 3.3f_4 website port Theorem prover and finite model searcher
outguess 0.2 website port Steganographic tool
owamp 3.3 website port Implementation of the One-Way Active Measurement Protocol
owrep 1.2 website port Weather reporting program using
oysttyer 2.10.0 website port Interactive console text-based command-line Twitter client
p5-AI-DecisionTree 0.11_1 website port Perl module for Automatically Learning Decision Trees
p5-AI-Genetic 0.05_1 website port Pure Perl genetic algorithm implementation
p5-AI-NeuralNet-BackProp 0.89_1 website port Perl module implementing back-propagation feed-forward neural network
p5-AI-Pathfinding-AStar 0.10_1 website port Perl implementation of the A* pathfinding algorithm
p5-AI-Perceptron 1.0_1 website port Perl module for introducing to internal operations of neural networks
p5-AI-Prolog 0.741_1 website port Perl extension for logic programming
p5-AMF-Perl 0.15_3 website port Flash Remoting in Perl
p5-ARGV-Struct 0.06 website port Perl extension to parse complex data structures passed in ARGV
p5-AWS-Signature4 1.02 website port Create a version4 signature for Amazon Web Services
p5-Acme-6502 0.77_2 website port Pure Perl 65C02 simulator
p5-Acme-ButFirst 1.00_1 website port Do something, but first do something else
p5-Acme-Comment 1.04_1 website port Allow multi-line comments which are filtered out
p5-Acme-Damn 0.06 website port Unblessing perl objects
p5-Acme-GuessNumber 0.05 website port Automatic number guessing game robot
p5-Acme-HTTP 0.10 website port High-level access to Net::HTTP::NB and Net::HTTPS::NB
p5-Acme-MetaSyntactic 1.015 website port Themed metasyntactic variables names
p5-Acme-Monta 0.01_1 website port Monta Method reproduced in web
p5-Adapter-Async 0.019 website port Provide a way to link a data source with a view
p5-AddressBook 0.16_1 website port Perl5 module providing an LDAP addressbook interface
p5-Agent 3.20_1 website port Perl module that provides a foundation for software agent developers
p5-Algorithm-Annotate 0.10_1 website port Represent a series of changes in annotate form
p5-Algorithm-BinPack 0.5_1 website port Efficiently pack items into bins
p5-Algorithm-Bucketizer 0.13_1 website port Distribute sized items to buckets with limited size
p5-Algorithm-C3 0.11 website port Module for merging hierarchies using the C3 algorithm
p5-Algorithm-CheckDigits 1.3.6 website port Perl extension to generate and test check digits
p5-Algorithm-ChooseSubsets 0.02_1 website port Perl algorithm to iterate through subsets of a list
p5-Algorithm-Cluster 1.59 website port Perl interface to C clustering library
p5-Algorithm-Combinatorics 0.27_1 website port Efficient generation of combinatorial sequences
p5-Algorithm-Cron 0.10 website port Abstract implementation of the cron(8) scheduling algorithm
p5-Algorithm-CurveFit 1.05_2 website port Nonlinear Least Squares Fitting
p5-Algorithm-Dependency 1.112 website port Base class for implementing various dependency trees
p5-Algorithm-Dependency-Objects 0.04_3 website port Implementation of an Object Dependency Algorithm
p5-Algorithm-Diff 1.1903 website port Perl interface to compute differences between two objects
p5-Algorithm-FloodControl 2.001000_2 website port Robot protection
p5-Algorithm-IncludeExclude 0.01_1 website port Build and evaluate include/exclude lists
p5-Algorithm-Interval2Prefix 0.02_1 website port Generate prefixes from intervals
p5-Algorithm-LCS 1.04_1 website port Fast (XS) implementation of the Longest Common Subsequence Algorithm
p5-Algorithm-LUHN 1.02 website port Calculate the Modulus 10 Double Add Double checksum
p5-Algorithm-Line-Bresenham 0.11 website port Simple pixellated line-drawing algorithm
p5-Algorithm-MarkovChain 0.06_2 website port Perl class capable of creating Markov chains and output based on them
p5-Algorithm-Merge 0.08_1 website port Three-way merge and diff
p5-Algorithm-MinMax 0.01_1 website port Perl modules to find the minimum and maximum of an array
p5-Algorithm-Munkres 0.08_1 website port Perl Extension for Munkres' Solution to Classical Assignment Problem
p5-Algorithm-NaiveBayes 0.04_1 website port Perl class performing Bayesian prediction of categories
p5-Algorithm-Networksort 2.02 website port Perl module that will create sorting networks
p5-Algorithm-Numerical-Shuffle 2009110301_1 website port Shuffle a list
p5-Algorithm-Pair-Best2 2.040 website port Select tournament pairings
p5-Algorithm-Pair-Swiss 0.14_1 website port Generate unique pairings for tournaments
p5-Algorithm-Permute 0.16 website port Perl interface to handy and fast permutation
p5-Algorithm-RabinKarp 0.41_2 website port Rabin-Karp streaming hash
p5-Alias 2.32_3 website port Perl module that performs aliasing services
p5-Alien-Base-ModuleBuild 1.15 website port Module::Build subclass for building Alien:: modules and libraries
p5-Alien-Build 2.45 website port Build external dependencies for use in CPAN
p5-Alien-GSL 1.07_1 website port Detect and get configuration setting for GSL
p5-Alzabo 0.92_1 website port Data modelling tool and RDBMS-OO mapper
p5-Amazon-SQS-Simple 1.06_1 website port OO API for accessing the Amazon Simple Queue Service
p5-Amazon-SimpleDB 0.03_1 website port Low-level perlish interface for working with Amazon SimpleDB service
p5-Amon2-DBI 0.33 website port Perl extension of simple DBI wrapper
p5-Any-Daemon 0.96,1 website port Provides basic needs for a daemon
p5-Any-Moose 0.27 website port Perl extension for/to use Moose or Mouse modules
p5-Any-Moose-Convert 0.004_2 website port Convert Moose libraries to Mouse ones, or vice versa
p5-Any-Template 1.015_1 website port Provide a consistent interface to a wide array of templating languages
p5-Any-URI-Escape 0.01_1 website port Load URI::Escape::XS preferentially over URI::Escape
p5-AnyData 0.12 website port Easy access to data in many formats
p5-AnyEvent 7.17,1 website port Provide framework for multiple event loops
p5-AnyEvent-AIO 1.1_1 website port Asynchronous file and directory I/O with AnyEvent
p5-AnyEvent-CacheDNS 0.08 website port Simple DNS resolver with caching
p5-AnyEvent-Connection 0.06_1 website port Base class for TCP connectful clients
p5-AnyEvent-CouchDB 1.31_4 website port Non-blocking CouchDB client based on jquery.couch.js
p5-AnyEvent-DBD-Pg 0.03_3 website port Perl extension for AnyEvent interface to DBD::Pg async interface
p5-AnyEvent-DBI 3.04 website port Asynchronous DBI access
p5-AnyEvent-DBI-Abstract 0.01_2 website port AnyEvent::DBI + SQL::Abstract
p5-AnyEvent-DNS-EtcHosts 0.0103_1 website port Use /etc/hosts before DNS in Perl
p5-AnyEvent-Filesys-Notify 1.23 website port Perl extension for AnyEvent compat to monitor file/dir changes
p5-AnyEvent-Fork 1.32 website port Create new worker processes like fork()
p5-AnyEvent-Gearman 0.10_1 website port Asynchronous Gearman client/worker module for AnyEvent applications
p5-AnyEvent-Graphite 0.08_1 website port Non-blocking Graphite client
p5-AnyEvent-HTTP 2.22,2 website port Simple but non-blocking HTTP/HTTPS client
p5-AnyEvent-HTTP-LWP-UserAgent 0.10_1 website port Perl extension for LWP::UserAgent interface using AnyEvent::HTTP
p5-AnyEvent-HTTPD 0.93_1 website port Simple lightweight event based web server
p5-AnyEvent-I3 0.17 website port Communicate with the i3 window manager
p5-AnyEvent-IRC 0.97_1 website port Event system independent IRC protocol module
p5-AnyEvent-MQTT 1.142640_1 website port AnyEvent Perl module for MQTT client
p5-AnyEvent-Memcached 0.08 website port AnyEvent memcached client
p5-AnyEvent-RPC 0.05_1 website port Abstract framework for RPC clients
p5-AnyEvent-RabbitMQ 1.22 website port Asynchronous and multi channel Perl AMQP client
p5-AnyEvent-Redis 0.24_3 website port Non-blocking Redis client written in Perl
p5-AnyEvent-ReverseHTTP 0.05_1 website port Perl extension of reversehttp for AnyEvent
p5-AnyEvent-Run 0.01_1 website port Run a process or coderef asynchronously
p5-AnyEvent-SCGI 1.1_1 website port Perl extension for Event based SCGI server
p5-AnyEvent-SNMP 6.0_1 website port Adaptor to integrate Net::SNMP into AnyEvent
p5-AnyEvent-Subprocess 1.102912_1 website port Flexible, OO, asynchronous process spawning and management
p5-AnyEvent-Task 0.801_1 website port Client/server-based asynchronous worker pool
p5-AnyEvent-Twitter 0.64_1 website port Implementation of the Twitter API for AnyEvent
p5-AnyEvent-Twitter-Stream 0.28 website port Perl module to receive Twitter streaming API in an event loop
p5-AnyEvent-WebSocket-Client 0.44_1 website port WebSocket client for AnyEvent
p5-AnyEvent-Worker 0.06_2 website port Manage blocking task in external process
p5-AnyMQ 0.35_1 website port Non-blocking message queue system based on AnyEvent
p5-AnyMQ-AMQP 0.30_1 website port AMQP binding for AnyMQ
p5-Apache-Admin-Config 0.95_1 website port Perl module to manipulate Apache configuration files
p5-Apache-Config-Preproc 1.07 website port Preprocess Apache server configuration files
p5-Apache-ConfigFile 1.23_1 website port Parse Apache style httpd.conf configuration files
p5-Apache-ConfigParser 1.02 website port Load Apache configuration files
p5-Apache-Defaults 1.03 website port Get default settings for Apache httpd daemon
p5-Apache-Htgroup 1.23_1 website port Manage Apache authentication group files
p5-Apache-Htpasswd 1.9_2 website port Manage Unix crypt-style password file
p5-Apache-LogFormat-Compiler 0.36 website port Compile a log format string to perl-code
p5-Apache-ParseLog 1.02_1 website port Perl5 module to parse Apache log files
p5-Apache-Session 1.94 website port Persistence framework for session data
p5-Apache-Session-PHP 0.05_1 website port Glue Apache::Session with PHP::Session
p5-Apache-Session-SQLite3 0.03_1 website port Use DBD::SQLite 1.x for Apache::Session storage
p5-Apache-Session-SharedMem 0.6_1 website port Apache::Session extension that store session in shared memory
p5-Apache-Session-Wrapper 0.34_1 website port Simple wrapper around Apache::Session
p5-Apache-SessionX 2.01_1 website port Extented persistence framework for session data
p5-Apache-Singleton 0.17 website port Singleton class for mod_perl
p5-Apache-Solr 1.05 website port High level interface to the Solr server
p5-ApacheBench 0.73_1 website port Perl module for HTTP benchmarking
p5-App-Build 0.74_1 website port Build and install Perl applications
p5-App-CLI 0.500 website port Dispatcher Perl module for command-line programs
p5-App-CLI-Extension 1.421 website port Extension for App::CLI extension module
p5-App-Cache 0.37_1 website port Easy application-level caching
p5-App-Cmd 0.334 website port Write command-line programs with less suffering
p5-App-Control 1.02_1 website port Apachectl style control of another script or executable
p5-App-DSC-DataTool 0.03 website port Tool for converting, exporting, merging and transforming DSC data
p5-App-FatPacker 0.010005 website port Perl extension to pack your dependencies onto your script file
p5-App-Genpass 2.401 website port Quickly and easily create secure passwords
p5-App-GitGot 1.339 website port Tool to make it easier to manage multiple git repositories
p5-App-GitHub 1.0.1_1 website port GitHub Command Tools
p5-App-Info 0.57_1 website port Interface for providing metadata about installed software packages
p5-App-Options 1.12_2 website port Combine command line options, environment vars, and option file values
p5-App-Rad 1.05_1 website port Rapid creation of command line applications
p5-App-Regather 0.81.03 website port Script to perform actions on LDAP syncrepl events
p5-App-RunCron 0.08 website port Making wrapper scripts for cron tasks
p5-App-Sqitch 0.9994_1 website port Sane database change management
p5-App-TLSMe 0.110000_1 website port Perl extension for TLS/SSL tunnel
p5-App-Trace 0.50_2 website port Embedded debug statements, including call/return tracing
p5-App-ZFSCurses 1.212 website port Curses UI to query/modify a ZFS dataset/snapshot properties
p5-App-cpanminus 1.7044 website port Get, unpack, build and install modules from CPAN
p5-App-cpanminus-reporter 0.17 website port Perl extension to send cpanm output to CPAN Testers database
p5-App-cpanoutdated 0.24_1 website port Detect outdated CPAN modules
p5-App-gist 0.16_1 website port GitHub Gist creator
p5-App-local-lib-helper 0.07 website port Make it easy to run code against a local-lib
p5-App-perlbrew 0.94 website port Perl Environment manager
p5-App-scan_prereqs_cpanfile 1.03 website port Perl extension for scanning prerequisite modules to generate cpanfile
p5-AppConfig 1.71 website port Perl module for reading configuration files
p5-AppConfig-Std 1.10 website port Subclass of AppConfig that provides standard options
p5-Archive-Any 0.0946 website port Single interface to deal with file archives
p5-Archive-Any-Lite 0.11 website port Simple CPAN package extractor
p5-Archive-Extract 0.88 website port Generic archive extracting mechanism
p5-Archive-Peek 0.35_2 website port Peek into archives without extracting them
p5-Archive-Tar 2.40 website port Perl module for creation and manipulation of tar files
p5-Archive-Tar-Wrapper 0.38 website port API wrapper around the 'tar' utility
p5-Archive-Zip 1.68 website port Create, manipulate, read, and write Zip archive files
p5-Ark 0.1.r1_2 website port Perl web application framework
p5-Array-Compare 3.0.8 website port Perl extension for comparing arrays
p5-Array-Diff 0.09 website port Diff two arrays
p5-Array-FileReader 0.03_2 website port Lazily tie files to arrays for reading
p5-Array-Group 4.2 website port Convert an array into array of arrayrefs of uniform size N
p5-Array-Heap 3.22 website port Perl module implementing fast binary heaps/priority queues
p5-Array-IntSpan 2.004 website port Module for handling arrays using IntSpan techniques
p5-Array-Iterator 0.131 website port Set of array iterators
p5-Array-LineReader 1.01_2 website port Access lines of a file via an array
p5-Array-PrintCols 2.6_1 website port Perl5 module to print arrays of elements in sorted columns
p5-Array-RefElem 1.00_1 website port Set up array elements as aliases
p5-Array-Unique 0.08_1 website port Tie-able array that allows only unique values
p5-Array-Utils 0.5 website port Collection of list manipulation routines
p5-Array-Window 1.02_1 website port Calculate windows/subsets/pages of arrays
p5-AsciiDB-TagFile 1.06_1 website port Perl tie class for a simple ASCII database
p5-Asm-Preproc 1.03 website port Preprocessor to be called from an assembler
p5-Asterisk-FastAGI 0.02_2 website port Perl module for FastAGI handling
p5-Astro 0.78 website port Collection of useful astronomical routines in Perl
p5-Astro-ADS 1.26_1 website port OO Perl interface to the ADS abstract service
p5-Astro-App-Satpass2 0.049 website port Forecast satellite visibility
p5-Astro-Constants 0.1400 website port Physical constants for use in astronomy
p5-Astro-Coords 0.20 website port Class for handling astronomical coordinates
p5-Astro-DSS 1.6.1_1 website port OO interface to the 1st and 2nd Digital Sky Surveys
p5-Astro-FITS-Header 3.08 website port Object Orientated interface to FITS HDUs
p5-Astro-Flux 0.01_1 website port Class for handling astronomical flux quantities
p5-Astro-Hipparcos 0.09_3 website port Perl extension for reading the Hipparcos star catalog
p5-Astro-MoonPhase 0.60_1 website port Perl interface to calculate information about the phase of the moon
p5-Astro-PAL 1.09 website port Perl interface to Starlink PAL positional astronomy library
p5-Astro-SIMBAD 2.0.0_2 website port OO Perl interface to the SIMBAD astronomical database
p5-Astro-SIMBAD-Client 0.046 website port OO interface to SIMBAD4
p5-Astro-SpaceTrack 0.151 website port Retrieve orbital data from
p5-Astro-SunTime 0.06 website port Perl interface to calculate sunrise/sunset times
p5-Astro-Sunrise 0.99 website port Perl extension for computing the sunrise/sunset on a given day
p5-Astro-Telescope 0.71_1 website port Class for obtaining telescope information
p5-Astro-WaveBand 0.09_1 website port Transparently work in waveband, wavelength, or filter
p5-Astro-satpass 0.122 website port Classes and app to compute satellite visibility
p5-Async-Interrupt 1.26 website port Allow C/XS libraries to interrupt perl asynchronously
p5-Async-MergePoint 0.04_1 website port Perl modules that resynchronise diverged control flow
p5-AtExit 2.05 website port Perform exit processing for a program or object
p5-Attribute-Handlers 0.99 website port Simpler definition of attribute handlers
p5-Attribute-Handlers-Prospective 0.01_2 website port Richer semantics for attribute handlers
p5-Attribute-Persistent 1.1_1 website port Abstract away persistence of arrays and hashes
p5-Audio-CD 0.04_3 website port Perl interface to libcdaudio (cd + cddb)
p5-Audio-FLAC-Header 2.4_3 website port Interface to FLAC header metadata
p5-Audio-M4P 0.57 website port M4P / MP4 / m4a Quicktime audio and video tools
p5-Audio-MPD 2.004_2 website port Class to talk to MPD (Music Player Daemon) servers
p5-Audio-MPD-Common 2.003 website port Bunch of common helper classes for mpd
p5-Audio-Mixer 0.7_3 website port Perl extension for Sound Mixer control
p5-Audio-Musepack 1.0.1_1 website port Interface to Musepack file information and APE tag fields
p5-Audio-Scan 1.01 website port Scanner for audio file metadata and tag information
p5-Audio-Scrobbler 0.01_3 website port Perl interface to and AudioScrobbler
p5-Audio-WMA 1.3_1 website port Fetch info from WMA audio files
p5-Audio-Wav 0.14_2 website port Perl modules for reading and writing Microsoft WAV files
p5-Auth-YubikeyDecrypter 0.07_1 website port Decrypting the output from the yubikey token
p5-AuthCAS 1.6_2 website port Perl API to Yale's Central Authentication System (CAS)
p5-Authen-Bitcard 0.90_1 website port Bitcard authentication verification
p5-Authen-CyrusSASL 0.01_1 website port Perl5 module for accessing the SASL authentication daemon
p5-Authen-DecHpwd 2.007 website port Perl module for DEC VMS password hashing
p5-Authen-Htpasswd 0.171_1 website port Perl interface to read and modify Apache .htpasswd files
p5-Authen-Krb5 1.9_2 website port Perl extension for Kerberos 5
p5-Authen-Krb5-Simple 0.43 website port User/password authentication using Kerberose 5
p5-Authen-Libwrap 0.23 website port Perl interface to TCP Wrappers library
p5-Authen-NTLM 1.09_1 website port Perl5 NTLM authentication module
p5-Authen-OATH 1.0.0_1 website port OATH one time passwords implementation
p5-Authen-PAAS 1.1.1_1 website port Perl Authentication & Authorization Service
p5-Authen-PAM 0.16_2 website port Perl interface to the PAM library
p5-Authen-Passphrase 0.008_1 website port Perl module for handling hashed passwords/passphrases as objects
p5-Authen-PluggableCaptcha 0.05_3 website port Pluggable Captcha framework for Perl
p5-Authen-Radius 0.32 website port Perl5 module to provide simple Radius client facilities
p5-Authen-SASL 2.16_1 website port Perl5 module for SASL authentication
p5-Authen-SASL-Cyrus 0.13_1 website port XS SASL Authentication
p5-Authen-SASL-SASLprep 1.100 website port Stringprep Profile for User Names and Passwords (RFC 4013)
p5-Authen-SCRAM 0.011 website port Salted Challenge Response Authentication Mechanism (RFC 5802)
p5-Authen-Simple 0.5_1 website port Simple authentication framework
p5-Authen-Simple-DBI 0.2_1 website port Simple DBI authentication
p5-Authen-Simple-DBM 0.2_1 website port Simple DBM authentication
p5-Authen-Simple-HTTP 0.2_1 website port Simple HTTP authentication
p5-Authen-Simple-Kerberos 0.1 website port Simple Kerberos authentication
p5-Authen-Simple-LDAP 0.3_1 website port Simple LDAP authentication
p5-Authen-Simple-Net 0.2_2 website port Simple authentication via FTP, POP3, or SMTP
p5-Authen-Simple-PAM 0.2_1 website port Simple PAM authentication
p5-Authen-Simple-Passwd 0.6_1 website port Simple Passwd authentication
p5-Authen-Simple-RADIUS 0.1_1 website port Simple RADIUS authentication
p5-Authen-TacacsPlus 0.28 website port Perl module that provides authentication using a tacacs+ server
p5-Authen-Ticket 0.02_1 website port Perl module providing the framework for implementing a ticketing system
p5-Authen-TypeKey 0.05_3 website port TypeKey authentication verification
p5-AutoLoader 5.74 website port Load subroutines only on demand
p5-AutoXS-Header 1.02_1 website port Container for the AutoXS header files
p5-B-C 1.57 website port Perl compiler's C backend
p5-B-COW 0.004 website port Additional B helpers to check COW status
p5-B-Compiling 0.06 website port Perl extension to expose PL_compiling to perl
p5-B-Debug 1.26 website port Walk Perl syntax tree, printing debug info about ops
p5-B-Deobfuscate 0.20_1 website port Extension to B::Deparse for use in de-obfuscating source code
p5-B-Flags 0.17 website port Friendlier flags for B
p5-B-Generate 1.56 website port Create your own Perl op trees
p5-B-Graph 0.51_1 website port Perl Compiler backend to diagram OP trees
p5-B-Hooks-EndOfScope 0.25 website port Execute code after a scope finished compilation
p5-B-Hooks-OP-Annotation 0.44_2 website port Annotate and delegate hooked OPs
p5-B-Hooks-OP-Check 0.22 website port Wrap OP check callbacks
p5-B-Hooks-OP-Check-EntersubForCV 0.10 website port Perl extension to invoke callback on construction of entersub OPs
p5-B-Hooks-OP-PPAddr 0.06 website port Hook into opcode execution
p5-B-Hooks-Parser 0.21 website port Interface to perls parser variables
p5-B-Keywords 1.23 website port Lists of reserved barewords and symbol names
p5-B-OPCheck 0.32 website port PL_check hacks using Perl callbacks
p5-B-Size2 2.07_1 website port Perl extension to measure size of Perl OPs and SVs
p5-B-Utils 0.27 website port Helper functions for op tree manipulation
p5-BBS-Client 0.03_1 website port Client Module For BBS Systems
p5-BBS-UserInfo 0.01_1 website port Base class of BBS::UserInfo::XXX
p5-BBS-UserInfo-Maple3 0.01_1 website port Get user information of Maple3-style BBS
p5-BBS-UserInfo-Maple3itoc 0.01_1 website port Get user information of Maple3itoc-style BBS
p5-BBS-UserInfo-Ptt 0.06_1 website port Get user information of PTT-style BBS
p5-BBS-UserInfo-SOB 0.01_1 website port Get user information of SOB-style BBS
p5-BBS-UserInfo-Wretch 0.03_1 website port Get user information of Wretch-style BBS
p5-BFD 0.31_1 website port Impromptu dumping of data structures for debugging purposes
p5-BIND-Conf_Parser 0.95_1 website port Perl5 module to parse BIND 8 configuration files
p5-BIND-Config-Parser 0.01_1 website port Parse BIND Config files
p5-BS-Event 0.3_2 website port Class that provides an event callback interface
p5-BSD-Jail-Object 0.02_4 website port Object oriented perl interface to jail(2)
p5-BSD-Process 0.07_2 website port Information about running processes on BSD platforms
p5-BSD-Sysctl 0.12.2 website port Fetch sysctl values from BSD-like systems
p5-BSD-devstat 0.02_2 website port Perl extension of devstat(3) API
p5-BSD-getloadavg 0.03 website port Perl Interface to getloadavg(3)
p5-BSD-stat 1.35_1 website port Stat() with BSD 4.4 extensions
p5-BSON 1.12.2 website port Pure Perl implementation of MongoDB BSON serialization
p5-BZ-Client 1.04_3 website port Client for the Bugzilla web services API
p5-BackupPC-XS 0.62 website port Perl extension for BackupPC libraries
p5-Badger 0.13 website port Perl Application Programming Toolkit
p5-Baseball-Sabermetrics 0.03_1 website port Baseball Statistics Module
p5-Bash-Completion 0.008_2 website port Extensible system to provide bash completion
p5-Beanstalk-Client 1.06_1 website port Perl API for beanstalkd, a distributed queue daemon
p5-Benchmark-Forking 1.01_2 website port Run benchmarks in separate processes
p5-Benchmark-Stopwatch 0.05_1 website port Simple timing of stages of your code
p5-Benchmark-Timer 0.7112 website port Code benchmarking tool
p5-Bencode 1.500 website port BitTorrent bencode serialisation format
p5-Best 0.15_1 website port Fallbackable module loader
p5-BibTeX-Parser 1.03 website port Pure perl BibTeX parser
p5-BigIP-ParseConfig 1.1.9 website port F5 BigIP configuration parser
p5-BigIP-iControl 0.095_2 website port Perl interface to the F5 iControl API
p5-Bigtop 0.38_3 website port Web application data language processor
p5-Bio-ASN1-EntrezGene 1.73_2,1 website port Regular expression-based Perl Parser for NCBI Entrez Gene
p5-Bio-Cluster 1.7.3_1 website port BioPerl cluster modules
p5-Bio-Coordinate 1.007001 website port Modules for working with biological coordinates
p5-Bio-DB-EMBL 1.7.4 website port Database object interface for EMBL entry retrieval
p5-Bio-DB-NCBIHelper 1.7.7 website port Collection of routines useful for queries to NCBI databases
p5-Bio-Das 1.17_4 website port Client-side library for Distributed Genome Annotation System
p5-Bio-Das-Lite 2.11_1 website port Perl extension for the DAS (HTTP+XML) Protocol
p5-Bio-FeatureIO 1.6.905 website port Handler for FeatureIO
p5-Bio-GFF3 2.0_2 website port Fast low-level functions for parsing and formatting GFF3
p5-Bio-Glite 0.10_2 website port Perl Interface to G-language
p5-Bio-MAGETAB 1.31_2 website port Data model and utility API for the MAGE-TAB format
p5-Bio-NEXUS 0.78_1 website port Object-oriented Perl API for the NEXUS file format
p5-Bio-Variation 1.7.5 website port BioPerl variation-related functionality
p5-BioPerl 1.007007_1 website port Collection of Perl modules for bioinformatics
p5-BioPerl-Run 1.007003 website port Wrapper modules for common bioinformatics tools
p5-Bit-ShiftReg 2.0_1 website port Perl module implementing various bit shifting operations
p5-Bit-Vector 7.4 website port Library of advanced math functions that includes a Perl OO module
p5-Bit-Vector-Minimal 1.3_1 website port Object-oriented wrapper around Perl's vec()
p5-Blog-Spam 1.0.2_2 website port Blog & Forum SPAM Detection
p5-Bloom-Filter 1.2 website port Probabilistic algorithm for doing existence tests
p5-Border-Style 0.01 website port Border style structure
p5-BorderStyle 3.0.2 website port Border styles
p5-BorderStyleBase 0.011 website port Suitable base class for most BorderStyle::* modules
p5-BorderStyles-Standard 0.014 website port Standard collection of border styles
p5-Bot-BasicBot 0.93 website port Simple irc bot baseclass
p5-Bot-Training 0.07 website port Plain text training material for bots like Hailo and MegaHAL
p5-Bot-Training-MegaHAL 0.03 website port Provide megahal.trn via Bot::Training
p5-Bot-Training-StarCraft 0.03 website port Provide starcraft.trn via Bot::Training
p5-Boulder 1.30_1 website port API for hierarchical tag/value structures
p5-Brannigan 1.1.00001 website port Comprehensive, flexible system for validating and parsing input
p5-Bread-Board 0.37 website port Solderless way to wire up your application components
p5-Bread-Board-Declare 0.16_1 website port Create Bread::Board containers as normal Moose objects
p5-Browser-Open 0.04_1 website port Open a browser in a given URL
p5-Bucardo 5.6.0 website port Asynchronous PostgreSQL replication system
p5-Bundle-Perl6 0.12_1 website port Bundle to install Perl6-related modules
p5-Business-CreditCard 0.36 website port Perl5 module to validate/generate credit card checksums/names
p5-Business-EDI 0.05_1 website port Class for generating EDI objects and subobjects
p5-Business-Hours 0.13 website port Calculate business hours during a time period
p5-Business-IS-PIN 0.06 website port Validate Icelandic ID numbers
p5-Business-ISBN 3.006 website port Work with International Standard Book Numbers
p5-Business-ISBN-Data 20210112.006 website port Data pack for Business::ISBN
p5-Business-ISIN 0.20_1 website port Validate International Securities Identification Numbers
p5-Business-ISMN 1.13 website port Work with International Standard Music Numbers
p5-Business-ISSN 1.005 website port Perl extension for International Standard Serial Numbers
p5-Business-MaxMind-CreditCardFraudDetection 1.57_1 website port Interface to MaxMind minFraud service
p5-Business-OCV 0.1_1 website port Interface to the Ingenico OCV Server
p5-Business-OnlinePayment 3.05 website port Generic interface for processing online credit card payments
p5-Business-OnlinePayment-2CheckOut 0.02_2 website port Business::OnlinePayment backend module for 2CheckOut authorization service
p5-Business-OnlinePayment-AuthorizeNet 3.23 website port Business::OnlinePayment backend module for Authorize.Net
p5-Business-OnlinePayment-BankOfAmerica 1.02_2 website port Business::OnlinePayment backend module for Bank of America eStores
p5-Business-OnlinePayment-Beanstream 0.02_1 website port Business::OnlinePayment backend module for Beanstream
p5-Business-OnlinePayment-Cardstream 1.0_3 website port Business::OnlinePayment backend module for Cardstream
p5-Business-OnlinePayment-Jettis 0.02_1 website port Business::OnlinePayment backend module for Jettis
p5-Business-OnlinePayment-LinkPoint 0.10_1 website port Business::OnlinePayment backend module for LinkPoint
p5-Business-OnlinePayment-MerchantCommerce 0.01_2 website port Business::OnlinePayment backend module for MerchantCommerce authorization service
p5-Business-OnlinePayment-Network1Financial 0.02_3 website port Business::OnlinePayment backend module for Network1 Financial
p5-Business-OnlinePayment-OCV 0.01_2 website port Business::OnlinePayment backend module for OCV
p5-Business-OnlinePayment-PayConnect 0.02_3 website port Business::OnlinePayment backend module for PaymentOne PayConnect
p5-Business-OnlinePayment-PaymenTech 2.07 website port PaymenTech backend for Business::OnlinePayment
p5-Business-OnlinePayment-PaymentsGateway 0.02_2 website port Business::OnlinePayment backend module for ACH Direct
p5-Business-OnlinePayment-SurePay 0.01_1 website port Business::OnlinePayment backend module for SurePay authorization service
p5-Business-OnlinePayment-TCLink 1.03_2 website port Business::OnlinePayment backend module for TrustCommerce
p5-Business-OnlinePayment-VirtualNet 0.02_3 website port Business::OnlinePayment backend module for Vital VirtualNet
p5-Business-OnlinePayment-eSec 0.02_3 website port Business::OnlinePayment backend module for eSec
p5-Business-OnlinePayment-iAuthorizer 0.2.1_3 website port Business::OnlinePayment backend module for iAuthorizer
p5-Business-PayPal 0.19 website port Perl extension for automating PayPal transactions
p5-Business-PayPal-EWP 1.03_1 website port Perl extension for PayPal Encrypted Website Payments
p5-Business-PayPal-IPN 1.94_1 website port Perl extension that implements PayPal IPN v1.5
p5-Business-Stripe 0.07 website port Perl5 module interface for the payment system
p5-Business-TW-Invoice-U420 0.01_1 website port Print Taiwan Unified Invoice with U420 printer
p5-Business-TW-TSIB-CStorePayment 0.04_1 website port Module for Taishin Bank Convenient Store Payment Management
p5-Business-TW-TSIB-VirtualAccount 0.04b_2 website port Module for Taishin Bank Virtual Account Management
p5-Business-UPS 2.02 website port UPS Interface Module
p5-Business-WorldPay-Junior 1.07_1 website port Perl module to handle WorldPay Junior for payment services
p5-Bytes-Random-Secure 0.29 website port Generate cryptographically-secure random bytes
p5-Bytes-Random-Secure-Tiny 1.008 website port Generate cryptographically-secure random bytes
p5-C-Scan 0.74_1 website port Perl5 module to scan C language files for easily recognized constructs
p5-CACertOrg-CA 20210114.001 website port CA root certificate in PEM format
p5-CAD-Calc 0.27_2 website port Generic cad-related geometry calculations
p5-CAM-PDF 1.60_1 website port PDF manipulation library
p5-CBOR-XS 1.30 website port Perl does Concise Binary Object Representation (CBOR, RFC7049)
p5-CDB_File 1.02 website port Perl5 interface to the CDB package
p5-CDDB 1.222_1 website port High-level interface to the Compact Disc Database
p5-CDDB-File 1.05_2 website port Parse a CDDB/freedb data file
p5-CDDB_get 2.28_3,1 website port High-level interface to the Compact Disc Database
p5-CGI 4.54 website port Handle Common Gateway Interface requests and responses
p5-CGI-Ajax 0.707_1 website port Module for writing AJAX/DHTML-based web apps
p5-CGI-Application 4.61 website port Perl module intended to make it easier to create reusable web apps
p5-CGI-Application-Dispatch 3.12_2 website port Dispatch requests to CGI::Application based objects
p5-CGI-Application-Dispatch-Server 0.53_1 website port Simple HTTP server for developing with CGI::Application::Dispatch
p5-CGI-Application-PSGI 1.00_1 website port Perl extension of PSGI Adapter for CGI::Application
p5-CGI-Application-Plugin-AnyTemplate 0.18_2 website port Use any templating system in CGI::Application
p5-CGI-Application-Plugin-Authentication 0.23 website port Support for authenticating requests in CGI::Application
p5-CGI-Application-Plugin-Authorization 0.07_2 website port Support for authorization of requests in CGI::Application
p5-CGI-Application-Plugin-AutoRunmode 0.18_1 website port CGI::App plugin to automatically register runmodes
p5-CGI-Application-Plugin-Config-YAML 0.01_1 website port Add Config::YAML support to CGI::Application
p5-CGI-Application-Plugin-ConfigAuto 1.33_1 website port Plugin that adds Config::Auto support to CGI::Application
p5-CGI-Application-Plugin-DBH 4.04 website port Easy DBI access from CGI::Application
p5-CGI-Application-Plugin-DebugScreen 1.00_1 website port DebugScreen support for CGI::Application
p5-CGI-Application-Plugin-DevPopup 1.08_2 website port Runtime cgiapp info in a popup window
p5-CGI-Application-Plugin-Forward 1.06_1 website port Support for forwarding requests in CGI::Application
p5-CGI-Application-Plugin-HTDot 0.07_1 website port Enable "magic dot" notation in CGI::Application-derived applications
p5-CGI-Application-Plugin-HTMLPrototype 0.20_1 website port Access to the prototype JavaScript library using HTML::Prototype
p5-CGI-Application-Plugin-JSON 1.02_1 website port Easy manipulation of JSON headers for CGI::Application
p5-CGI-Application-Plugin-LinkIntegrity 0.06_2 website port Make tamper-resistent links in CGI::Application
p5-CGI-Application-Plugin-LogDispatch 1.02_1 website port Plugin that adds Log::Dispatch support to CGI::Application
p5-CGI-Application-Plugin-MessageStack 0.34_1 website port Message stack for your CGI::Application
p5-CGI-Application-Plugin-Redirect 1.00_1 website port Easy external redirects in CGI::Application
p5-CGI-Application-Plugin-Session 1.05_1 website port Plugin that adds session support to CGI::Application
p5-CGI-Application-Plugin-Stream 2.12 website port Plugin that adds file streaming support to CGI::Application
p5-CGI-Application-Plugin-TT 1.05_2 website port Add Template Toolkit support to CGI::Application
p5-CGI-Application-Plugin-ValidateRM 2.5_1 website port Help validate forms with the CGI::Application framework
p5-CGI-Application-Plugin-ViewCode 1.02_1 website port View the source of the running application
p5-CGI-Application-Server 0.063_1 website port Simple HTTP server for developing with CGI::Application
p5-CGI-ArgChecker 0.02_1 website port Perl module implementing a cgi interface to String::Checker
p5-CGI-Builder 1.36_1 website port Perl module intended to make it easier to create reusable web apps
p5-CGI-Builder-TT2 0.03_1 website port CGI::Builder and Template Toolkit 2 integration
p5-CGI-Cache 1.4214 website port Perl extension to cache output of time-intensive CGI scripts
p5-CGI-Compile 0.19 website port Perl extension to compile .cgi scripts to a code reference
p5-CGI-Compress-Gzip 1.03_4 website port CGI in Perl with automatically compressed output
p5-CGI-Cookie-Splitter 0.05 website port Split big cookies into smaller ones
p5-CGI-Cookie-XS 0.18_1 website port HTTP Cookie parser in C
p5-CGI-Deurl-XS 0.08 website port Fast decoder for URL parameter strings
p5-CGI-Emulate-PSGI 0.20_1 website port Perl extension of PSGI adapter for CGI
p5-CGI-EncryptForm 1.02_2 website port Implement trusted stateful CGI Form Data using cryptography
p5-CGI-Enurl 1.07_2 website port Perl module for URL-encoding strings and hashes
p5-CGI-Ex 2.50 website port CGI utility suite - makes powerful application writing fun and easy
p5-CGI-Expand 2.05_1 website port Convert flat hash to nested data using TT2 dot convention
p5-CGI-ExtDirect 3.24 website port Perl extension for creating Ext.Direct remoting in CGI applications
p5-CGI-FCKeditor 0.02_1 website port This's FCKeditor Controller for Perl OOP
p5-CGI-Fast 2.16 website port Perl CGI Interface for FastCGI
p5-CGI-FastTemplate 1.09_1 website port Perl module for manage templates and parses templates
p5-CGI-FormBuilder 3.1000 website port FormBuilder for CGI
p5-CGI-Framework 0.23_2 website port Simple-to-use, lightweight web CGI framework
p5-CGI-Kwiki 0.18_4 website port Quickie Wiki Package that's not too Tricky
p5-CGI-Minimal 1.30 website port Extremely lightweight CGI processing package
p5-CGI-PSGI 0.15_1 website port Perl extension to enable applications to adapt PSGI
p5-CGI-Pager 1.01_1 website port Perl extension to generate HTML pagination linkage easily
p5-CGI-Prototype 0.9054_1 website port Create a CGI application by subclassing
p5-CGI-Response 0.03_1 website port Perl module allowing response construction for CGI applications
p5-CGI-SSI 0.92_2 website port Use SSI from CGI scripts
p5-CGI-Session 4.48_1 website port Perl extension for persistent session management
p5-CGI-Session-Driver-memcached 0.04_1 website port Perl extension for persistent session data in CGI applications
p5-CGI-Session-ExpireSessions 1.12_1 website port Perl module to delete expired CGI::Session-type sessions
p5-CGI-Simple 1.280 website port Simple totally OO CGI interface that is compliant
p5-CGI-Struct 1.21_1 website port Build data structures from CGI request parameters
p5-CGI-Thin 0.52_1 website port Lightweight Parser for CGI Forms
p5-CGI-Tiny 1.002 website port Common Gateway Interface, with no frills
p5-CGI-Untaint 1.26_2 website port Process CGI input parameters
p5-CGI-Untaint-date 1.00_1 website port Validate a date
p5-CGI-Untaint-email 0.03_1 website port Validate an email address in a CGI form
p5-CGI-Upload 1.11_2 website port CGI class for handling browser file uploads
p5-CGI-Utils 0.12_1 website port Utilities for retrieving information through the CGI
p5-CGP-CLI 2.7.5_1 website port CommunigatePro Command Line Interface perl module
p5-CHI 0.600 website port Perl extension for unified cache interface
p5-CHI-Driver-DBI 1.27_1 website port Use DBI for CHI unified cache interface storage
p5-CHI-Driver-Memcached 0.16 website port Memcached Driver to use with the Cache Handling Interface CHI
p5-CHI-Driver-Redis 0.10 website port Redis driver for CHI
p5-CHI-Driver-TokyoTyrant 0.02 website port TokyoTyrant Driver to use with the Cache Handling Interface CHI
p5-CIF-Client 0.21_3 website port Extends REST::Client for use with the CI-Framework REST interface
p5-CLASS 1.00_1 website port Alias for __PACKAGE__
p5-CLI-Osprey 0.08 website port MooX::Options + MooX::Cmd + Sanity
p5-CPAN-Changes 0.400002 website port Read and write CPAN Changes files
p5-CPAN-DistnameInfo 0.12_1 website port Extract distribution name and version from a CPAN filename
p5-CPAN-Meta 2.150010 website port Distribution metadata for a CPAN dist
p5-CPAN-Meta-Check 0.014 website port Verify requirements in a CPAN::Meta object
p5-CPAN-Meta-Requirements 2.140 website port Set of version requirements for a CPAN distribution
p5-CPAN-Meta-YAML 0.018 website port Read and write a subset of YAML for CPAN Meta files
p5-CPAN-Mini 1.111016 website port Create a minimal mirror of CPAN
p5-CPAN-Perl-Releases 5.20220220 website port Map Perl releases to the location of the tarballs
p5-CPAN-Recent-Uploads 0.16 website port Find the distributions recently uploaded to CPAN
p5-CPAN-Reporter 1.2018 website port Adds CPAN Testers reporting to
p5-CPAN-Reporter-Smoker 0.29 website port Turnkey CPAN Testers smoking
p5-CPAN-SQLite 0.199_2 website port Search CPAN using a SQLite database
p5-CPAN-Testers-Common-Client 0.14 website port Common class for CPAN::Testers clients
p5-CPAN-Testers-Report 1.999003 website port CPAN Testers report object
p5-CPAN-Uploader 0.103013_1 website port Upload things to the CPAN
p5-CPAN-YACSmoke 0.03_2 website port Yet Another CPAN Smoke Tester
p5-CPS 0.19 website port Manage flow of control in Continuation-Passing Style
p5-CPU-Z80-Assembler 2.18 website port Z80 assembler written in Perl
p5-CQL-Parser 1.13_1 website port Compiles CQL strings into parse trees of Node subtypes
p5-CSP 0.34_1 website port Perl tool for managing Certificate Authorities
p5-CSS 1.09_1 website port Object oriented access to Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
p5-CSS-Compressor 0.05 website port Perl extension for CSS minification
p5-CSS-DOM 0.17 website port Document Object Model for Cascading Style Sheets
p5-CSS-Inliner 4003 website port Library for converting CSS blocks and files to inline styles
p5-CSS-Minifier 0.01_1 website port Perl extension for minifying CSS
p5-CSS-Minifier-XS 0.13 website port XS based CSS minifier
p5-CSS-Packer 2.08 website port Another CSS minifier
p5-CSS-SAC 0.08_2 website port SAC CSS (Simple API for CSS) parser
p5-CSS-Sass 3.6.4 website port Compile .scss and .sass files using LibSass
p5-CSS-Simple 3220 website port Interface through which to read/write/manipulate CSS files
p5-CSS-Squish 0.10_1 website port Compact many CSS files into one big file
p5-CSS-Tiny 1.20 website port Read/Write .css files with as little code as possible
p5-Cache 2.11 website port Perl Cache interface
p5-Cache-AgainstFile 1.016_2 website port Cache data structures parsed from files, watching for updates
p5-Cache-Cache 1.08 website port Perl Cache interface
p5-Cache-FastMmap 1.57 website port Uses an mmap'ed file to act as a shared memory interprocess cache
p5-Cache-LRU 0.04_1 website port Simple, fast implementation of an in-memory LRU cache
p5-Cache-Memcached 1.30_1 website port Perl API for memcached, a distributed memory cache daemon
p5-Cache-Memcached-Fast 0.27 website port Fast Perl client for memcached, a distributed memory cache daemon
p5-Cache-Memcached-Managed 0.26 website port Provide API for managing cached information
p5-Cache-Memcached-Tie 0.09_1 website port Use Cache::Memcached::Fast like hash
p5-Cache-Mmap 0.11_1,1 website port Shared data cache using memory mapped files
p5-Cache-Simple-TimedExpiry 0.27_1 website port Lightweight cache with timed expiration
p5-Calendar-Simple 2.0.1 website port Perl extension to create simple calendars
p5-Call-Context 0.02 website port Sanity-check calling context
p5-Callback-Frame 1.100_1 website port Preserve error handlers and "local" variables across callbacks
p5-Canary-Stability 2013_1 website port Stub for ancient system-checking module
p5-Captcha-reCAPTCHA 0.99 website port Perl implementation of the reCAPTCHA API
p5-Captcha-reCAPTCHA-Mailhide 0.94_1 website port Perl implementation of the reCAPTCHA Mailhide API
p5-Capture-Tiny 0.48 website port Capture STDOUT and STDERR from Perl, XS, or external programs
p5-Capture-Tiny-Extended 0.114 website port Capture output from external programs (with some extras)
p5-Carp 1.50 website port Alternative warn and die for modules
p5-Carp-Always 0.16 website port Warns and dies noisily with stack backtraces
p5-Carp-Always-Color 0.08 website port Carp::Always, but with color
p5-Carp-Assert 0.21_2 website port Executable comments like the ANSI C library assert.h
p5-Carp-Assert-More 2.0.1 website port Convenience wrappers around Carp::Assert
p5-Carp-Clan 6.08 website port Report errors from perspective of caller of a "clan" of modules
p5-Carp-Clan-Share 0.013_1 website port Share your Carp::Clan settings with your whole Clan
p5-Carp-Datum 0.1.3_1 website port Debugging And Tracing Ultimate Module
p5-Catalyst-Action-REST 1.21 website port Automated REST Method Dispatching for Catalyst
p5-Catalyst-Action-RenderView 0.16_1 website port Sensible default end action for Catalyst
p5-Catalyst-Action-Serialize-XML-Hash-LX 0.06_1 website port XML::Hash::LX serializer for Catalyst::Action::Serialize
p5-Catalyst-ActionRole-ACL 0.07_1 website port User role-based authorization action class
p5-Catalyst-Authentication-Credential-HTTP 1.018 website port HTTP plain and digest authentication plugin for Catalyst
p5-Catalyst-Authentication-Store-DBIx-Class 0.1506_1 website port Storage class for Catalyst Authentication using DBIx::Class
p5-Catalyst-Authentication-Store-LDAP 1.017 website port Authentication from an LDAP Directory for Catalyst
p5-Catalyst-Component-ACCEPT_CONTEXT 0.07_2 website port Make the Catalyst request context available in Models and Views
p5-Catalyst-Component-InstancePerContext 0.001001_1 website port Return a new instance a component on each request
p5-Catalyst-Controller-ActionRole 0.15_1 website port Apply roles to action instances
p5-Catalyst-Controller-BindLex 0.03_2 website port Stash your lexical goodness
p5-Catalyst-Controller-FormBuilder 0.06_2 website port Catalyst FormBuilder Base Controller
p5-Catalyst-Controller-HTML-FormFu 2.04_1 website port Catalyst FormFu Base Controller
p5-Catalyst-Controller-RateLimit 0.28_2 website port Protect your site from robots
p5-Catalyst-Controller-RequestToken 0.07_1 website port Generate and validate unique tokens across HTTP requests (anti-CSRF)
p5-Catalyst-Controller-SOAP 1.25_1 website port Catalyst SOAP Controller
p5-Catalyst-Devel 1.42 website port Catalyst Development Tools
p5-Catalyst-DispatchType-Regex 5.90035_1 website port Regex DispatchType
p5-Catalyst-Engine-Apache 1.16_1 website port Catalyst Apache Engines
p5-Catalyst-Engine-HTTP-Prefork 0.51_1 website port High-performance pre-forking Catalyst engine
p5-Catalyst-Engine-PSGI 0.14 website port Perl extension of PSGI engine for Catalyst
p5-Catalyst-Helper-Controller-Scaffold 0.04_1 website port Catalyst helper for Scaffolding
p5-Catalyst-Manual 5.9011,1 website port Catalyst developer's manual
p5-Catalyst-Model-Adaptor 0.10_1 website port Use a plain class as a Catalyst model
p5-Catalyst-Model-CDBI 0.12_1 website port CDBI model class for Catalyst
p5-Catalyst-Model-CDBI-Plain 0.03_1 website port Catalyst plain base class for Class::DBI models
p5-Catalyst-Model-CDBI-Sweet 0.06_1 website port CDBI model class for Catalyst that makes things sweeter
p5-Catalyst-Model-DBIC-Plain 0.03_1 website port DBIx::Class model class for Catalyst, without loader
p5-Catalyst-Model-DBIC-Schema 0.65_1 website port DBIx::Class::Schema Model Class
p5-Catalyst-Model-DynamicAdaptor 0.02_2 website port Dynamically load adaptor modules
p5-Catalyst-Model-LDAP 0.21 website port LDAP model class for Catalyst
p5-Catalyst-Model-Memcached 0.02_1 website port Wrapper for memcached imitating Catalyst models
p5-Catalyst-Model-Oryx 0.01_1 website port Oryx model component for Catalyst
p5-Catalyst-Model-Tarantool 0.02 website port Tarantool interface for Catalyst based application
p5-Catalyst-Model-XML-Feed 0.04_1 website port Use RSS/Atom feeds as a Catalyst Model
p5-Catalyst-Plugin-AtomServer 0.04_1 website port Atom API server for Catalyst applications
p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Authentication 0.10023_2,3 website port Infrastructure plugin for the Catalyst authentication framework
p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Authentication-CDBI 0.10_1 website port CDBI Authentication for Catalyst
p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Authentication-Store-Htpasswd 0.020_2 website port Use .htpasswd with Catalyst
p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Authorization-ACL 0.16 website port ACL support for Catalyst applications
p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Authorization-Roles 0.09_1 website port Role based authorization for Catalyst
p5-Catalyst-Plugin-AutoCRUD 2.200002 website port Instant AJAX web front-end for DBIx::Class
p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Browser 0.08_1 website port Browser Detection for Catalyst
p5-Catalyst-Plugin-C3 0.03_1 website port Catalyst Plugin to subvert NEXT to use Class::C3
p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Cache 0.12_1 website port Flexible caching support for Catalyst
p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Cache-FastMmap 0.9_2 website port Mmap cache for Catalyst
p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Cache-Memcached 0.8_2 website port Distributed cache for Catalyst
p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Cache-Memcached-Fast 0.14_1 website port Catalyst Plugin for Cache::Memcached::Fast
p5-Catalyst-Plugin-ConfigLoader 0.34_1 website port Load config files of various types
p5-Catalyst-Plugin-ConfigLoader-Environment 0.07_1 website port Configure your application with environment variables
p5-Catalyst-Plugin-CookiedSession 0.35_2 website port Catalyst Plugin for storing sessions in a browser cookie
p5-Catalyst-Plugin-DateTime 0.03_1 website port DateTime support for Catalyst
p5-Catalyst-Plugin-DefaultEnd 0.08_1 website port Sensible default end action
p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Email 0.09 website port Send emails with Catalyst
p5-Catalyst-Plugin-ErrorCatcher website port Catch application errors and emit them somewhere
p5-Catalyst-Plugin-FillInForm 0.12_1 website port Automatically fill in forms in Catalyst using HTML::FillInForms
p5-Catalyst-Plugin-FormBuilder 1.07_2 website port FormBuilder for Catalyst
p5-Catalyst-Plugin-FormValidator 0.094_1 website port FormValidator for Catalyst
p5-Catalyst-Plugin-I18N 0.10_2 website port I18N for Catalyst
p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Log-Dispatch 0.121_1 website port Log module of Catalyst that uses Log::Dispatch
p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Log-Handler 0.08_1 website port Catalyst log handler
p5-Catalyst-Plugin-LogWarnings 0.03_2 website port Log perl warnings to your Catalyst log object
p5-Catalyst-Plugin-PageCache 0.32 website port Cache the output of entire pages
p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Params-Nested 0.05_1 website port Nested params (ala Ruby on Rails or PHP-style param arrays)
p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Pluggable 0.04_1 website port Plugin for pluggable Catalyst applications
p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Prototype 1.33_1 website port Catalyst plugin for Prototype
p5-Catalyst-Plugin-RunAfterRequest 0.04_1 website port Run code after the response has been sent
p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Scheduler 0.10_2 website port Schedule events to run in a cron-like manner
p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Server 0.28_4 website port Catalyst Server Plugin: Base & XMLRPC
p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Session 0.41 website port Generic Catalyst Session plugin
p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Session-FastMmap 0.13_1 website port FastMmap sessions for Catalyst
p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Session-PerUser 0.05_1 website port Per user sessions (instead of per browser sessions)
p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Session-State-Cookie 0.17_1 website port Stores a Catalyst Session in a Cookie
p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Session-State-URI 0.15_1 website port Saves Catalyst Session IDs by rewriting URIs
p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Session-Store-Cache 0.01_1 website port Store sessions using a Catalyst::Plugin::Cache
p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Session-Store-DBI 0.16_1 website port Store your sessions in a database
p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Session-Store-DBIC 0.14_1 website port Store your sessions via DBIx::Class
p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Session-Store-Delegate 0.06_1 website port Delegate session storage to an application model object
p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Session-Store-FastMmap 0.16_1 website port FastMmap session storage backend
p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Session-Store-File 0.18_1 website port File storage backend for session data
p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Session-Store-Memcached 0.05_1 website port Memcached storage backend for session data
p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Session-Store-Memcached-Fast 0.02_2 website port Memcached storage backend for session data
p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Setenv 0.03_1 website port Set up the environment from Catalyst's config file
p5-Catalyst-Plugin-SmartURI 0.041 website port Configurable URIs for Catalyst
p5-Catalyst-Plugin-StackTrace 0.12_1 website port Display a stack trace on the debug screen
p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Static-Simple 0.37 website port Make serving static pages painless
p5-Catalyst-Plugin-StatusMessage 1.002000_1 website port Handle passing of status (success and error) messages
p5-Catalyst-Plugin-SubRequest 0.21 website port Make subrequests to actions in Catalyst
p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Textile 0.01_2 website port Textile for Catalyst
p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Unicode 0.93_2 website port Unicode aware Catalyst
p5-Catalyst-Plugin-XMLRPC 2.01_2 website port Dispatch XMLRPC methods with Catalyst
p5-Catalyst-Runtime 5.90128 website port Elegant MVC Web Application Framework (Runtime)
p5-Catalyst-TraitFor-Controller-DBIC-DoesPaging 1.001000_1 website port Helps you paginate, search, sort, and more easily using DBIx::Class
p5-Catalyst-TraitFor-Request-BrowserDetect 0.02_1 website port Browser detection for Catalyst::Requests
p5-Catalyst-View-ClearSilver 0.02_1 website port ClearSilver view class for Catalyst
p5-Catalyst-View-Email 0.36 website port Catalyst View for Email
p5-Catalyst-View-HTML-Template 0.03_1 website port HTML::Template view class for Catalyst
p5-Catalyst-View-HTML-Template-Compiled 0.16_1 website port HTML::Template::Compiled View Class
p5-Catalyst-View-JSON 0.36 website port Catalyst View handler that returns stash data in JSON format
p5-Catalyst-View-Jemplate 0.06_1 website port Jemplate files server
p5-Catalyst-View-Mason 0.19 website port Mason view class for Catalyst
p5-Catalyst-View-REST-XML 0.02_1 website port Perl extension for Catalyst XML View Class
p5-Catalyst-View-TT 0.45 website port Template Toolkit view class for Catalyst
p5-Catalyst-View-TT-Alloy 0.00007_1 website port Template::Alloy views for Catalyst
p5-Catalyst-View-TT-ControllerLocal 0.02_2 website port Catalyst TT View with template names relative to the Controller
p5-Catalyst-View-Template-Declare 0.04_1 website port Perl module to use Template::Declare with Catalyst
p5-Catalyst-View-Templated 0.02_1 website port Generic base class for template-based views
p5-Catalyst-View-XML-Feed 0.09 website port Perl extension for Catalyst view for RSS, Atom, or other XML feeds
p5-Catalyst-View-XML-Simple 0.01_2 website port (Japanese) Perl extension for Catalyst XML View Class
p5-Catalyst-View-vCard 0.04 website port vCard view class for Catalyst
p5-CatalystX-AppBuilder 0.00011_1 website port Programatically build your Catalyst app
p5-CatalystX-Component-Traits 0.19 website port Automatic Trait Loading and Resolution for Catalyst Components
p5-CatalystX-InjectComponent 0.025_1 website port Inject components into your Catalyst application
p5-CatalystX-LeakChecker 0.06_1 website port Debug memory leaks in Catalyst applications
p5-CatalystX-Profile 0.02 website port Profile your Catalyst application with Devel::NYTProf
p5-CatalystX-RoleApplicator 0.005_1 website port Apply roles to your Catalyst application-related classes
p5-CatalystX-SimpleLogin 0.21 website port Provide a simple Login controller which can be reused
p5-CatalystX-VirtualComponents 0.00004_1 website port Setup virtual Catalyst components
p5-Chart-Math-Axis 1.06_1 website port Implements an algorithm to find good values for chart axis
p5-Chatbot-Eliza 1.08 website port Clone of the classic Eliza program
p5-Check-ISA 0.09 website port DWIM, correct checking of an object's class
p5-Chemistry-3DBuilder 0.10_1 website port Generate 3D coordinates from a connection table
p5-Chemistry-Bond-Find 0.23_1 website port Detect bonds in a molecule and assign formal bond orders
p5-Chemistry-Canonicalize 0.11_1 website port Number the atoms in a molecule in a unique way
p5-Chemistry-Elements 1.075 website port Perl extension for working with Chemical Elements
p5-Chemistry-File-MDLMol 0.21_1 website port MDL molfile reader/write
p5-Chemistry-File-Mopac 0.15_1 website port MOPAC 6 input file reader/writer
p5-Chemistry-File-PDB 0.23_1 website port Perl module to read and write PDB files
p5-Chemistry-File-SLN 0.11_1 website port SLN linear notation parser/writer
p5-Chemistry-File-SMARTS 0.22_1 website port SMARTS chemical substructure pattern linear notation parser
p5-Chemistry-File-SMILES 0.47_2 website port SMILES linear notation parser/writer
p5-Chemistry-File-VRML 0.10_1 website port Generate VRML models for molecules
p5-Chemistry-File-XYZ 0.11_1 website port XYZ molecule format reader/writer
p5-Chemistry-FormulaPattern 0.10_1 website port Match molecule by formula
p5-Chemistry-InternalCoords 0.18_1 website port Represent the position of an atom using internal coordinates
p5-Chemistry-Isotope 0.11_1 website port Table of the isotopes exact mass data
p5-Chemistry-MacroMol 0.06_1 website port Perl toolkit to describe macromolecules
p5-Chemistry-MidasPattern 0.11_1 website port Select atoms in macromolecules
p5-Chemistry-Mok 0.25_1 website port Molecular awk interpreter
p5-Chemistry-Mol 0.38 website port Perl toolkit to describe molecules
p5-Chemistry-Pattern 0.27_1 website port Chemical substructure pattern matching
p5-Chemistry-Reaction 0.02_1 website port Represent a ring as a substructure of a molecule
p5-Chemistry-Ring 0.20_1 website port Represent a ring as a substructure of a molecule
p5-Chess-PGN-Parse 0.20 website port Reads and parses PGN (Portable Game Notation) Chess files
p5-Child 0.009_1 website port Object oriented simple interface to fork()
p5-Chooser 2.0.0_2 website port Takes a string composed of various tests, arguments, etc and returns a value
p5-Cisco-CopyConfig 1.4 website port Cisco IOS running-config manipulation
p5-Cisco-Hash 0.02_1 website port De- and encrypts Cisco type 7 hashes
p5-Cisco-IPPhone 0.05_1 website port Package for creating Cisco IPPhone XML objects
p5-Cisco-Reconfig 0.912 website port Parse and generate Cisco configuration files
p5-Cisco-UCS 0.51_1,1 website port Perl interface to the Cisco UCS XML API
p5-Class-Accessor 0.51 website port Automated accessor generation
p5-Class-Accessor-Chained 0.01_2 website port Make chained accessors
p5-Class-Accessor-Children 0.02_1 website port Automated child-class/accessor generation
p5-Class-Accessor-Complex 1.100880_2 website port Arrays, hashes, booleans, integers, sets, and more
p5-Class-Accessor-Constructor 1.111590_1 website port Perl extension for constructor generator
p5-Class-Accessor-Fast-Contained 1.01_1 website port Fast accessors with data containment
p5-Class-Accessor-Fast-XS 0.04_1 website port XS replacement for Class::Accessor::Fast
p5-Class-Accessor-Grouped 0.10014 website port Lets you build groups of accessors
p5-Class-Accessor-Installer 1.100880_1 website port Install an accessor subroutine
p5-Class-Accessor-Lite 0.08 website port Minimalistic variant of p5-Class-Accessor
p5-Class-Accessor-Lvalue 0.11_1 website port Create Lvalue accessors
p5-Class-Accessor-Named 0.009_1 website port Better profiling output for Class::Accessor
p5-Class-Adapter 1.08_1 website port Perl implementation of the "Adapter" Design Pattern
p5-Class-AlzaboWrapper 0.14_1 website port Higher level wrapper around Alzabo Row and Table objects
p5-Class-ArrayObjects 1.03_1 website port Utility class for array based objects
p5-Class-AutoClass 1.56_2 website port Create get and set methods and simplify object initialization
p5-Class-Autouse 2.01_1 website port Defer loading of one or more classes
p5-Class-Base 0.09 website port Useful base class for deriving other modules
p5-Class-BlackHole 0.04_1 website port Base class to treat unhandled method calls as no-ops
p5-Class-C3 0.35 website port Pragma to use the C3 method resolution order algorithm
p5-Class-C3-Adopt-NEXT 0.14 website port Make NEXT suck less
p5-Class-C3-Componentised 1.001002 website port Load mix-ins or components to your C3-based class
p5-Class-C3-XS 0.15 website port XS speedups for Class::C3
p5-Class-CSV 1.03_1 website port Class based CSV parser/writer
p5-Class-Closure 0.302 website port Encapsulated, declarative classes in Perl
p5-Class-CodeStyler 0.27_1 website port Perl extension for code generation program formatting and execution
p5-Class-Component 0.17_1 website port Pluggable component framework
p5-Class-Constant 0.07 website port Build constant classes
p5-Class-Container 0.13 website port Glues object frameworks together transparently
p5-Class-Contract 1.14_1 website port Design-by-Contract OO in Perl
p5-Class-DBI 3.0.17_3 website port Simple Database Abstraction
p5-Class-DBI-AbstractSearch 0.07_1 website port Abstract Class::DBI SQL with SQL::Abstract
p5-Class-DBI-AsForm 2.42_1 website port Produce HTML form elements for database columns
p5-Class-DBI-AutoLoader 0.12_1 website port Generates Class::DBI subclasses dynamically
p5-Class-DBI-BaseDSN 1.22_2 website port DSN sensitive base class
p5-Class-DBI-DATA-Schema 1.00_1 website port Execute Class::DBI SQL from DATA sections
p5-Class-DBI-DDL 1.02_1 website port DDL for Class-DBI
p5-Class-DBI-FromCGI 1.00_2 website port Update Class::DBI data using CGI::Untaint
p5-Class-DBI-FromForm 0.04_1 website port Update Class::DBI using Data::FormValidator or HTML::Widget
p5-Class-DBI-LazyInflate 0.06_1 website port Defer inflating of columns until they are used
p5-Class-DBI-Loader 0.34_2 website port Dynamic definition of Class::DBI sub classes
p5-Class-DBI-Loader-Relationship 1.3_1 website port Easier relationship specification in CDBI::L
p5-Class-DBI-Oracle 0.51_1 website port Extensions to Class::DBI for Oracle
p5-Class-DBI-Pager 0.08_1 website port Pager utility for Class::DBI
p5-Class-DBI-Pg 0.09_4 website port Extensions to Class::DBI for PostgreSQL
p5-Class-DBI-Plugin 0.03_1 website port Abstract base class for Class::DBI plugins
p5-Class-DBI-Plugin-AbstractCount 0.08_1 website port Get COUNT(*) results with abstract SQL
p5-Class-DBI-Plugin-DeepAbstractSearch 0.08_1 website port Provides deep_search_where() for Class::DBI
p5-Class-DBI-Plugin-Iterator 0.13_1 website port New iterator for p5-Class-DBI
p5-Class-DBI-Plugin-Pager 0.566_1 website port Perl extension to paged queries for CDBI
p5-Class-DBI-Plugin-RetrieveAll 1.04_1 website port More complex retrieve_all() for Class::DBI
p5-Class-DBI-Plugin-Type 0.02_1 website port Determine type information for columns
p5-Class-DBI-Replication 0.01_1 website port Class::DBI for replicated database
p5-Class-DBI-SAK 1.4_1 website port Class::DBI Swiss Army Knife (SAK)
p5-Class-DBI-SQLite 0.11_2 website port Extension to Class::DBI for sqlite
p5-Class-DBI-Sweet 0.11_1 website port Extra sweet features for Class::DBI
p5-Class-DBI-ToSax 0.10_1 website port Extension to Class::DBI for sqlite
p5-Class-DBI-Untaint 1.00_1 website port Class::DBI constraints using CGI::Untaint
p5-Class-Data-ConfigHash 0.00002_1 website port Add Catalyst-Style Config To Your Class
p5-Class-Data-Inheritable 0.09 website port Inheritable, overridable class data
p5-Class-Date 1.1.17 website port Perl class for easy date and time manipulation
p5-Class-Declare 0.19 website port Perl module for declare classes
p5-Class-Default 1.51_1 website port Static calls apply to a default instantiation
p5-Class-Delegation 1.9.0 website port Object-oriented delegation
p5-Class-EHierarchy 2.01 website port Base class for hierarchically ordered objects
p5-Class-ErrorHandler 0.04 website port Base class for error handling
p5-Class-Factory 1.06_2 website port Base class for dynamic factory classes
p5-Class-Factory-Util 1.7_1 website port Utility functions for (factory) classes
p5-Class-Field 0.24 website port Class Field Accessor Generator
p5-Class-Fields 0.204 website port Functions/methods for examining data members of a class
p5-Class-Forward 0.100006_1 website port Perl extension for class dispatcher that handles namespaces like paths
p5-Class-Generate 1.18 website port Simplify the creation of class hierarchies
p5-Class-Gomor 1.03 website port Class and object builder
p5-Class-Handle 1.07_1 website port Create objects that are handles to classes
p5-Class-Hook 0.06 website port Add hooks on methods from other classes
p5-Class-ISA 0.36_1 website port Report the search path for a class's ISA tree
p5-Class-Inflate 0.07_1 website port Inflate HASH Object from Values in Database
p5-Class-Inner 0.200001_1 website port Perlish implementation of Java like inner classes
p5-Class-InsideOut 1.14 website port Safe, simple inside-out object construction kit
p5-Class-Inspector 1.36 website port Provides information about classes
p5-Class-Interfaces 0.04_1 website port Module for defining interface classes inline
p5-Class-Load 0.25 website port Working (require Class::Name) and more
p5-Class-Load-XS 0.10 website port XS implementation of parts of Class::Load
p5-Class-Loader 2.03_1 website port Load modules and create objects on demand
p5-Class-MakeMethods 1.010_1 website port Generate common types of methods
p5-Class-Measure 0.09 website port Create, compare, and convert units of measurement
p5-Class-Method-Modifiers 2.13 website port Provides Moose-like method modifiers
p5-Class-Method-Modifiers-Fast 0.041_1 website port Perl extension to provide Moose-like method modifiers
p5-Class-MethodMaker 2.24 website port Perl module for creating generic methods
p5-Class-MethodMapper 1.0_1 website port Perl module for abstract Class wrapper for AutoLoader
p5-Class-Mix 0.006 website port Perl module for dynamic class mixing
p5-Class-Mixin 1.00_1 website port API for aliasing methods to/from other classes
p5-Class-MixinFactory 0.92_1 website port Class Factory with Selection of Mixins
p5-Class-Multimethods 1.701 website port Support multimethods and function overloading in Perl
p5-Class-Multimethods-Pure 0.13_1 website port Method-ordered multimethod dispatch
p5-Class-NamedParms 1.08 website port Lightweight named parameter handling system
p5-Class-Null 2.110730_1 website port Perl module which implements the Null Class design pattern
p5-Class-OOorNO 0.011_1 website port Perl module that give your module classic AND OO interfaces
p5-Class-ObjectTemplate 0.7_1 website port Optimized template builder base class
p5-Class-ObjectTemplate-DB 0.27_1 website port Optimized template builder base class with lookup capability
p5-Class-Observable 2.000 website port Allow other classes and objects to respond to events in yours
p5-Class-ParmList 1.06 website port Module for processing named parameter lists for method calls
p5-Class-Prototyped 1.13_1 website port Fast prototype-based OO programming in Perl
p5-Class-ReturnValue 0.55_1 website port Return-value object that can be treated as a boolean, array, or object
p5-Class-Roles 0.30_2 website port Provides a role-based system of OOP (emulates Perl6)
p5-Class-STL-Containers 0.37 website port Perl extension for STL-like object management
p5-Class-Singleton 1.6 website port Perl module that describes a singular object class
p5-Class-Spiffy 0.15_2 website port Spiffy Perl Interface Framework For You
p5-Class-StateMachine 0.24_1 website port Define classes for state machines
p5-Class-Std 0.013 website port Support for creating standard "inside-out" classes
p5-Class-Std-Fast 0.0.8_2 website port Faster but less secure than Class::Std
p5-Class-Std-Utils 0.0.3_1 website port Utility subroutines for building "inside-out" objects
p5-Class-StrongSingleton 0.02_1 website port Stronger and more secure Singleton base class
p5-Class-Tangram 1.57_1 website port Create constructors, accessor, update methods for objects from Tangram
p5-Class-Throwable 0.13 website port Minimal lightweight exception class
p5-Class-Tiny 1.008 website port Perl extension for minimalist class construction
p5-Class-Tiny-Chained 0.004 website port Minimalist class construction, with chained attributes
p5-Class-Tom 3.02_3 website port Perl module to transport objects from one system to another
p5-Class-Trigger 0.15_1 website port Mixin to add / call inheritable triggers
p5-Class-Unload 0.11 website port Perl5 module for unloading classes
p5-Class-Virtual 0.08 website port Base class for virtual base classes in Perl
p5-Class-WhiteHole 0.04_1 website port Base class to treat unhandled method calls as errors
p5-Class-Workflow 0.11_1 website port Lightweight workflow system
p5-Class-XPath 1.4_1 website port Base class to add xpath matching to object trees
p5-Class-XSAccessor 1.19_2,1 website port Generate fast XS accessors without runtime compilation
p5-ClearSilver 0.10.5_2 website port Perl bindings for fast and powerful template system
p5-Clone 0.45 website port Recursively copy Perl datatypes
p5-Clone-Choose 0.010 website port Choose appropriate clone utility
p5-Clone-Fast 0.97_1 website port Natively copying Perl data structures
p5-Clone-More 0.90.2_2 website port Perl module for natively copying Perl data structures
p5-Clone-PP 1.08 website port Recursively copy Perl datatypes
p5-Code-Perl 0.03_2 website port Produce Perl code from a tree
p5-Color-ANSI-Util 0.164 website port Routines for dealing with ANSI colors
p5-Color-Calc 1.074_1 website port Simple calculations with RGB colors
p5-Color-Library 0.021_1 website port Easy-to-use and comprehensive named-color library
p5-Color-Palette 0.100003 website port Handle sets of named colors in Perl
p5-Color-RGB-Util 0.606 website port Utilities related to RGB colors
p5-Color-Rgb 1.4_1 website port Simple rgb.txt parsing class
p5-Color-Scheme 1.07 website port Generate pleasant color schemes
p5-Color-Theme-Role 0.020 website port Role for class wanting to support color themes
p5-ColorThemeBase-Static 0.008 website port Base class for color theme modules with static list of items
p5-ColorThemeUtil-ANSI 0.002 website port Utility routines related to color themes and ANSI code
p5-ColorThemes-Standard 0.003 website port Standard collection of generic color themes
p5-Commandable 0.06 website port Utilities for commandline-based programs
p5-Commands-Guarded 1.01_1 website port Deterministic guarded commands for Perl
p5-CommitBit 0.02_3 website port Project administration tool
p5-Compiler-Lexer 0.23 website port Perl extension for lexical analyzer
p5-Complete-Common 0.22 website port Common stuff for completion Perl routines
p5-Complete-Path 0.251 website port Perl routine for completing anything path-like
p5-Complete-Sah 0.008 website port Sah-related completion Perl routines
p5-Complete-Sequence 0.002 website port Complete string from a sequence of choices
p5-Complete-Util 0.611 website port General completion Perl routines
p5-Compress-Bzip2 2.24 website port Perl5 interface to bzip2 compression library
p5-Compress-LZF 3.80 website port Extremely lightweight Lempel-Ziv-Free compression
p5-Compress-LZW 0.04 website port Pure perl implementation of LZW
p5-Compress-LeadingBlankSpaces 0.06_1 website port Perl class to compress leading blank spaces in web content
p5-Compress-Raw-Bzip2 2.101 website port Low-Level Interface to bzip2 compression library
p5-Compress-Raw-Lzma 2.101 website port Low-Level Interface to lzma compression library
p5-Compress-Raw-Zlib 2.101 website port Low-Level Interface to zlib compression library
p5-Compress-Snappy 0.24_1 website port Perl interface to Google Snappy (de)compressor
p5-Compress-Zstd 0.20 website port Perl interface to the Zstd (Zstandard) (de)compressor
p5-Config-AST 1.07 website port Abstract syntax tree for configuration files
p5-Config-Any 0.32 website port Load class configuration data from a number of file formats
p5-Config-ApacheFormat 1.2_2 website port Parse a configuration file in the same syntax as the Apache web server
p5-Config-Auto 0.44_1 website port Magical config file parser
p5-Config-AutoConf 0.320 website port Perl module to implement some of AutoConf macros
p5-Config-Fast 1.07_1 website port Extremely fast configuration file parser
p5-Config-General 2.63 website port Perl5 module for handling Apache-style configuration files
p5-Config-GitLike 1.18 website port Simple git-compatible config file parser for Perl
p5-Config-Grammar 1.10_1 website port Grammar-based, user-friendly config parser
p5-Config-INI 0.027 website port Simple .ini files emitter and parser for Perl
p5-Config-INI-Reader-Ordered 0.021 website port INI-file parser that returns sections in order
p5-Config-INI-Simple 1.00 website port Simple reading and writing from an INI file
p5-Config-Identity 0.0019 website port Load (and optionally decrypt via GnuPG) user/pass identity information
p5-Config-IniFiles 3.000003_1 website port Read .ini-style configuration files
p5-Config-IniHash 3.01.01_2 website port Perl extension for reading and writing INI files
p5-Config-IniRegEx 0.01_1 website port Ini workaround, regex search for parameters and sections
p5-Config-JFDI 0.065_1 website port Catalyst::Plugin::ConfigLoader-style layer over Config::Any
p5-Config-JSON 1.5202 website port JSON based config file system
p5-Config-MVP 2.200012 website port Multivalue-property package-oriented configuration
p5-Config-MVP-Reader-INI 2.101463 website port MVP config reader for .ini files
p5-Config-Merge 1.04_1 website port Load a configuration directory tree in a number of languages
p5-Config-Model 2.149 website port Model to create configuration validation tool
p5-Config-Model-Backend-Yaml 2.134 website port Read and write config as a YAML data structure
p5-Config-Model-Tester 4.007 website port Test framework for Config::Model
p5-Config-MySQL 0.02_1 website port Perl extension to read/write MySQL-style configuration files
p5-Config-Objective 0.9.1_3 website port Configuration data as perl objects
p5-Config-Options 0.08_1 website port Provide a configuration hash with options
p5-Config-Parser 1.05 website port Base class for configuration file parsers
p5-Config-Parser-ldap 1.02 website port Configuration file parser for ldap.conf
p5-Config-Perl-V 0.33 website port Structured data retrieval of perl -V output
p5-Config-Properties 1.80 website port Read and write property files
p5-Config-Record 1.1.2_1 website port Configuration file access
p5-Config-Setting 0.04_2 website port Class that provides an easy interface to use config files
p5-Config-Simple 4.59_1 website port Simple configuration file class
p5-Config-Std 0.903 website port Load and save configuration files in a standard format
p5-Config-Tiny 2.28 website port Read/Write .ini style files with as little code as possible
p5-Config-Validator 1.4 website port Schema based configuration validation
p5-Config-Versioned 1.01_1 website port Simple, versioned access to configuration data
p5-Config-Wrest 1.036_2 website port Perl module for reading and writing configuration data
p5-Config-YAML 1.42_1 website port Simple configuration automation
p5-ConfigReader 0.5_2 website port Perl5 module to read directives from a configuration file
p5-ConfigReader-Simple 1.295 website port Simple configuration file parser
p5-Const-Exporter 1.2.1 website port Declare constants for export
p5-Const-Fast 0.014_2 website port Facility for creating read-only scalars, arrays, and hashes
p5-Context-Preserve 0.03 website port Run code after a subroutine call, preserving the context the subroutine
p5-Contextual-Return 0.004014 website port Create context-sensitive return values
p5-Convert-ASCII-Armour 1.4_3 website port Convert binary octets into ASCII armoured messages
p5-Convert-ASN1 0.33 website port Perl5 module to encode and decode ASN.1 data structures
p5-Convert-BER 1.32_1 website port Perl5 module to encode and decode objects using Basic Encoding Rules (BER)
p5-Convert-Base32 0.06 website port Encoding and decoding of base32 strings
p5-Convert-Bencode 1.03_2 website port Encode and decode bencoded strings
p5-Convert-Bencode_XS 0.06_2 website port Faster conversions to/from Bencode format
p5-Convert-BinHex 1.125 website port Perl module to extract data from Macintosh BinHex files
p5-Convert-Color 0.11_2 website port Perl extension for color space conversions and named lookups
p5-Convert-Color-XTerm 0.06 website port Indexed colors used by XTerm
p5-Convert-Cyrillic 1.05_1 website port Routines for converting from one Cyrillic charset to another
p5-Convert-IBM390 0.30 website port Functions for manipulating mainframe data